Natural Ways To Relax and Lose Weight

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While many may be aware of different tips for relaxation and for weight loss on their own, what some may not realize is that there are many things you can do that will help you with both. In fact, losing weight and feeling less stressed often go hand in hand, due to the fact that the stress response in the body can raise cortisol, and ultimately cause you to gain weight. If you’re looking for ways to do both, here are a few things to try. 

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

What you eat can not only have an impact on your waistline, but it can affect your mood, too. In fact, many fattening foods, like sugar, for example can cause an increase or spike in stress hormones, and can have a direct impact on your nervous system. This can also be true of highly processed foods, like refined white flour, and other substances like caffeine and alcohol as well. By limiting these types of foods and eating more calming foods like leafy greens and healthy fats, you can help improve both your mood and your physical health. Additionally, trying a supplement can be beneficial for this as well, and it can be a good idea to look into thrive side effects while looking for a quality supplement.

Try CBD and Aromatherapy

Another way to both relax and lose weight is to try alternative therapies, like CBD or aromatherapy. Depending on what type of CBD you try, it can help with either curbing appetite, or relaxation, and there are some types of CBD that can help with both. While many may be aware that aromatherapy is beneficial for relaxing, they may not realize that it can have benefits when it comes to keeping appetite under control as well. Keep in mind that CBD does not get you high.

Start a Meditation Practice

When done regularly, meditation can be great for calming and soothing the nervous system, but what some may not realize is that it can help with weight management, too. This is due partly to the fact that it helps tame the stress response in your body, which is tied to weight gain. However, it is also helpful because meditation helps you to develop and strengthen the parts of your brain related to self-control, which is often necessary for making better eating choices. To get the most out of your meditation practice, it is advised to meditate for 15 to 20 minutes a day, most days of the week.

Do Calming Workouts

Another way to get in better shape and feel more calm at the same time is to do calming workouts. With exercises like yoga or tai chi, you can not only get the benefits of physical activity, but you can also help give your mental health a boost at the same time, too. These kinds of workouts can be great for relieving stress that is pent up in the body, which can not only cause you to feel physically uncomfortable, but can block weight loss efforts, too.

Wind Down an Hour Before Bed

The quality of sleep you get can have a major impact not only on your stress levels throughout your waking hours, but also on your waistline as well. Because of this, it can be a good idea to take steps to improve your sleep quality. One good way to improve your sleep hygiene is to start winding down at least an hour before bed. When you do this, it signals that it’s time for your body to rest, and allows you to fall asleep more easily when the time comes.

The Bottom Line

While some may know tips for relaxation, or things that will help them lose weight, they may not realize that there are natural things that can do that will help them with both. So whether you start eating a diet that will help you reduce your weight and improve your mental health, or focus on improving sleep hygiene, there can be many simple ways to start feeling better physically and emotionally today.

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