3 Negative Side Effects of Consuming Marijuana & Natural Remedies To Lessen Them

negatives of cannabis

There are many positive effects that people receive when consuming cannabis, not to mention its usefulness in helping with hundreds of disorders.

However, not every high is perfect and many people suffer from the plant’s negative side effects. While not everyone will have the same side effects, the three negative effects below seem to be the most common negative effects of “being high”.

Laziness & Decreased Interest In Performing Tasks

For some people, there is nothing worse than lighting up when you have a full list of things to accomplish. Being “high” can quickly result in a reorganization of priorities, typically with “chill” ending up at the top of the list. The obvious solution to this is: not smoking when it’s time to do work. I like to treat smoking cannabis as a reward for my daily accomplishments. However, not everyone has the luxury of choosing when they need to smoke. For many, cannabis is a medicine that needs to be administered at inconvenient time periods.

Thus, the next best solution is to choose the right strains! At WoahStork, we have placed strains in the “Create” category. These will keep you energetic and inspired so that your work-flow is enhanced, not hindered.

If you can’t get your hands on the right strain, we suggest the following remedies to curb your post smoke sesh lethargy. If you’re suffering from a lack of sleep or decrease in productivity, then smoking will likely make this worse. Regular exercise and good eating habits can help you stay energized and keep your brain more alert.

Keeping a high fiber diet, picking meals high in Omega-3 (e.g. fish, avocados), and taking B-12 and L-Theanine on a daily basis can assist with baseline energy levels. Additionally, some say that smoking through a vaporizer also reduces laziness and lethargy.

negative of cannabis
Eating fish and avocados or taking L-Theanine and B12 can help combat post-smoking lethargy.

Paranoia & Anxiety

Paranoia and anxiety are symptoms that any pot smoker has suffered from at one point or another. As you know, when this happens, it takes a turn for the worse. As it turns out there may be a simple solution to this problem, black peppercorn. Simply chewing or smelling the peppercorns can help mitigate and even negate the negative effects.

Scientists believe this occurs because the THC from cannabis, and the terpenoids from black pepper bind to the same cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The two together result in a calming effect. While there have been mixed results, a common theme seems to be the longer you smell, or the more you eat, the better it works. Five or six peppercorns seems to work the best. Keep this in mind when trying at home. We are curious as to the results you receive, so please let us know!

negatives of cannabis peppercorn
Eating a tablespoon of blackpepper can help curb the height of your high.

Impaired Memory

Some marijuana users suffer from temporary or long-term memory loss. Anyone who regularly consumes cannabis is familiar with the phrase “what were we just talking about?”. Often time, this is due to living so “in the moment” that our brains don’t have the capacity for any further processing like encoding memories.

Be sure to read our full article on fighting memory loss while under the influence of cannabis.

While marijuana affects everyone differently, some users suffer a great deal from this. Reading, constant learning, and mindfulness training can help keep your mind fresh and attentive. Furthermore, exercise has been known to promote BDNF, which is a growth factor that helps you make new neural connections — crucial for memory formation. As far as diet goes, artichokes, eggs, seaweed, okra, and pistachios are all memory-enhancing foods. If eaten regularly, your memory mechanisms should be more robust and unaffected by regular cannabis use.

negatives of cannabis seaweed
Seaweed, okra, and eggs are all memory-promoting foods.

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