Are online headshops legal? Here’s why you should consider ordering your next piece online.

online head shop legal

Are you 18 years and above? Are you a hardcore smoker? Then, you are aware of the different legality of cannabis by various states. Sure, there are states with an active ban on cannabis,  but ordering from an online headshop is perfectly legal. The loophole is that they are intended for “tobacco use only”– the oldest trick in the book. Dab rigs, grinders, water pipes, and other cannabis-related devices are multipurpose items, right? You can always grind some oregano with your grinder! People also use waterpipes for aromatherapy. Just because they can be used for criminal activity (smoking cannabis in some regions), doesn’t mean that the device itself is illegal. Buying any of the devices doesn’t indicate you are breaking the law.

Now that you know headshops are legal, here are some reasons why you should buy from an online headshop.

  1. Privacy

Online headshops offer credit card confidentiality. They know the need to maintain their client’s privacy away from nosy neighbors and friends. They don’t have access to a client’s credit card beyond the last four numbers. They take great care in maintaining the client’s discretion in their packaging. The company details are hidden and no one has an idea of what a person has received.

  1. The right price

bongs & dab rigs owners make sure they offer lucrative prizes to clients. They work out deals with manufacturers and distributors to get their devices at a wholesale price. Thus passing a drastic save to consumers. Online shopping is personal and effective as it comes with an added bonus of being private, cheap and hassle-free. It makes the online experience easier.

  1. A large selection

Selection in an online headshop is wide compared to a local headshop. Online headshops offer different styles of devices with size, color, and glass option. However, with a local headshop, you may find one selling one line of products such as glass pipes, vaporizers or water pipes. Don’t limit yourself, as online headshops update their stock with new, high-quality products that complement existing stock. This is progressive as it provides a superior smoking experience that lacks local headshops.

online headshop legal

  1. Knowledgeable service

Online headshops are in the business of making sure the clients come first. They offer detailed information about smoking paraphernalia which influences the purchasing decision of a customer. They aren’t just after the extra money. They are enthusiastic about their products and state difference between various devices such as water pipe and a dab rig. If a person is curious about the role of ash catcher in water pipe maintenance. Customer service cares to answer questions in a professional way.

  1. Detailed product information

Everybody loves to read about different potential alternatives that one may use. At a local headshop, this is not possible. Online headshops provide detailed information on the product description. They offer information on the material used to make a device thus you can make a choice on a durable product. Other product information includes height thus you’ll know storage space it will occupy, learn how different features that a product offers and design description.


To have premium products one has to search for various online headshop, bongs & dab rigs suppliers. One can look at the various accessories and pick their best choice. If you are of legal age, worry not. You can enjoy your online shopping. Online headshops are legal and some have taken the extra mile. Some have featured on Forbes, Leafy and Weedmaps. They have become winners of the cannabis best glass awards among others.

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