6 Tips You Should Follow to Pass a Drug Test

pass a drug test tips

As more and more states are embracing legalization of marijuana, it’s no surprise that people might smoke it occasionally. However, any recreational use shouldn’t interfere with your work.

Unfortunately, employers can still fire you based on cannabis use. So, as a precaution, you might face a drug test in various screening situations.

There are many different things you can do in such a case. In this article, we will present a few tips for you to pass a drug test without any hassle.

1. Commercial Urine Cleansers are a Waste of Time

These are popular on the internet as ‘magical potions’ for clearing your urine. But unfortunately, experts are not so sure. These cleaners have little scientific evidence backing up their effectiveness.

Why spend around $30 on herbal products that have little to no benefits?

You can even find the ingredients used in these products in your local drug stores. And at a much cheaper rate too! So, don’t risk your money on a chance, look for an alternative.

2. Drinking Water is a Must

We highly recommend you to drink a lot of water in the time before the test. Drinking adequate water will facilitate urine production and is your best bet to flush your system in the most effective way possible. So, drink water – gallons of it!

3. Midols can Come in Handy

Diuretics like Midols are effective in increasing your urine flow. Midols are used for treating a bloated stomach. Widely available and a safe diuretic, Midols can help in flushing your system.

It’s best not to take prescription drugs. Often, they can produce negative side effects. And it’s not so easy to get your hand on one. Stay with safer and easier options.

4. Get yourself B-complex Multivitamin and Aspirin

B-Complex Multivitamin is very effective in bringing back that yellow color to your urine. After consuming lots of fluids and diuretics, your urine will be suspiciously clear.

To avoid any trouble from the people in the lab, take 100 milligrams of the multivitamin a couple of hours before the test.

Also, aspirin has been shown to help you pass a drug test. According to multiple studies, Aspirin can interfere with EMIT screening. You can take four aspirins at least 4 hours before your drug test. It can make the presence of some drugs in your urine undetectable.

5. Use Special Shampoos and Mouthwashes

Sometimes you can face a hair follicle test instead of the standard urine test. It’s the second most popular method to find if you smoked a joint a few days back. There are special detox shampoos that can cleanse your hair of any drug residues.

If you are planning to take a hair test, be sure to check out our full article on The Macujo Method — the best way to pass a hair test.

It will take around a week to fully cleanse your hair with these shampoos. Just increase the frequency just in case you don’t have much time before the test. Use natural ingredient-based products like aloe-based shampoos.

Mouthwashes can be used if you are facing an oral drug test. These washes can cleanse the toxins in your gum, teeth, and tongue. Mouthwashes are convenient to use and portable.

A gulp or two will be to adequate to cleanse your mouth.

6. Some Extra Tips

Here are some more tips to maximize your in chance in passing that drug test. This comprehensive guide might be able to help you too!’

Exercises can Help in Cleansing Too!

Drugs like marijuana are fat-soluble substance. If your body fat percentage is high, more amounts of marijuana will be stored in your body. If so, it’ll take a longer period of time to flush your system.

By regularly exercising and lowering your body fat, you can detox your body at a faster rate. So, increase your metabolism by using a combination of both strength-based and cardiovascular training methods.

Vitamin C

Lemons and oranges are good sources of vitamin C. This electrolyte is very effective in detoxifying your blood. Buy fresh, organic lemons and oranges. Consuming these foods regularly will speed up the detox process.

You can also consume Vitamin C tablets if that’s more convenient.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk food usually contains high levels of fat and sugar. Consume too much junk food and your metabolism will slow down. The excess sodium in these foods also increases water retention. This, in turn, lengthens the detox process.

Consume Lots of Fibers

Healthy fibers are crucial in keeping your body healthy. Consuming adequate fibers regularly will ensure a healthy digestive system. Healthy digestion facilitates a speedy cleanse. So, consume enough grains and beans. These foods are good sources of healthy fibers.


There are various types of tea that are rich in detox ingredients. For example, Green tea is rich in Vitamin C. As mentioned before, this electrolyte is useful in cleansing your blood.

Besides, the antioxidants in green tea also speed up the cleansing process.

Dandelion tea can also help your liver clean up the toxins from your body. You can also try tea with some added caffeine. Caffeine is a natural metabolism booster.

The higher your metabolism, the lower your body fat. This helps speed up the detox process.

Abstain from Drugs before the Test

We know that this might be a tough step to take for some regular users. But you should know that all your cleansing will be undone the moment you take marijuana again.

It’s best to practice some patience and avoid any type of drug before the test.

Be cautious about taking medicines too. Some medicines contain certain compounds which can show up in the tests. For example, amphetamine in diet pills.


Hopefully, these tips will help you get through the detox process and pass the drug test. However, there is no absolute guarantee as the detox requires time, patience and caution. Finally, we would like to tell you that drugs like marijuana are still illegal in most states. Federal law still bans its use. So before using drugs, know its risks and the concerned law of your state.

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