Rappers That Don’t Smoke Weed : 5 Of The Most Shocking

rappers that don't smoke weed

Rappers that don’t smoke weed? Wasn’t lighting up a prerequisite to get into the rap game? Sure, not every rap song includes a reference to cannabis use – but a lot do. Many rappers have made a career out of pumping out 420-Friendly bangers boasting the benefits of weed. But, that doesn’t mean every rapper is getting high on the daily – or ever. Whether it’s for religious reasons, past addictions or even former traumatic experiences – these rappers have made the choice to not partake in the wonderful world of marijuana.

We were sincerely shocked by this list of rappers that don’t smoke weed. It’s a shame, WoahStork could have found them the right strain to up their cypher game. Anyhow, see if you could have guessed that these legends don’t throw any green in the air.

5 Rappers That Don’t Smoke Weed

5. Kendrick Lamar

rappers that don't smoke weed Kendrick Lamar

One of the biggest rappers in the game right now, Kendrick Lamar has dropped a few songs that are weed-related – which is not surprising. What is surprising, though, is his stance on marijuana. In an interview with Mr. Peter Parker, Lamar opened up: “I used to smoke. Smoking weed wasn’t ever a dependency for me. A lot of people use it as a dependency, they wake up in the morning angry and smoke. It never was a dependency for me, so it never was a crutch, really.” Whatever works, Kendrick – just keep dropping those hits.

4. Tyler the Creator

rappers that don't smoke weed Tyler the Creator

As the leader of Odd Future, Tyler the Creator is doing his best to change the hip-hop landscape. As a rapper and lyricist, he strives for mental sobriety, using his music as personal therapy. His thoughts on cannabis? Well, he’s not into it. In “Domo 23”, Tyler the Creator tells everyone that “…while y’all rollin’ doobies, I’ll be in my bedroom scoring movies.” Tyler, who says you can’t do both?

3. J. Cole

rappers that don't smoke weed j cole

A lot of rappers give up marijuana as a way to focus more on their music, but J. Cole just isn’t into the lifestyle. In an interview with Hip-Hop-N-More, the “Crooked Smile” rapper said that although he was into the cannabis world in college, he stopped smoking in 2011. But that didn’t stop him from rapping about it. Knowing the popularity and love for all things marijuana in the genre, J. Cole admitted that he kept rapping about weed to keep his fans interested. Gotta keep the fans happy, J. Cole, but maybe the fans know best?

2. Andre 3000

rappers that don't smoke weed andre 3000

Andre Benjamin, one half of the all-time duo Outkast, partied hard when he was a young’n. But these days, he’s sworn off nearly everything in search of a clean lifestyle. Alcohol, hard drugs, meat, dairy, and yes…marijuana. Admittedly, Andre Benjamin has said that he replaced weed with fashion, which may or may not be working for him. No hard feelings, Andre, you can keep the fashion.

1. Kid Cudi

rappers that don't smoke weed kid cud

This one comes as a total shock. Kid Cudi has been rapping about weed, and its role in his lifestyle, since he began. With songs like “Hyyerr”, “I Be High”, and “Pursuit of Happiness”, Kid Cudi seems to be all about the dank. However, lyrics can be deceiving. “The Lonely Stoner” quit weed in 2011, working to focus on his music, his daughter, and his business. Though he’s taken a break from smoking, Kid Cudi remains a big fan of the benefits of cannabis. Keep on that Solo Dolo, homie.

Personally, we prefer to click the “Chill” category and turn on any one of these fine artists. It’s a shame we can’t pass it to them.

Smoking weed is not something to be ashamed of. If you are looking to buy weed online, just make sure to do enough research before making your decision.