7 Reasons to Use a Non-Nicotine Vape

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Many avid vapers have started vaping as a way to quit smoking. Since you can fine-tune the strength, aka the amount of nicotine in your e-juice, you can slowly reduce it over time, reach 0mg, and go about your cigarette-free and nicotine-free life unbothered.

But, this isn’t the sole benefit of opting for a nicotine free vape liquid. There are several reasons you might want to consider switching to 0mg vape juices, so let’s check them out.

1.    0mg E-Juice Is Often More Affordable!

When you first start vaping, you might be taken aback by the initial price tag. There’s the high-quality vaping device you’ll need to invest in and its compatible charger, the back-up coil, the vape case, and, of course – e-juices.

But, while building your starter kit can be costly, it’s a one-time thing. After you get the essentials, your only recurring investments will be coils and e-juices, both of which are very affordable.

And if you want to cut your costs even further, you can get pound e liquids at even lower prices from sellers like GoSmokeFree.

2.    You Won’t Get Addicted!

Non Nicotine Vape

The primary addictive ingredient in cigarettes, and subsequently vapes, is nicotine. When inhaled, it produces a type of high, not nearly as potent as other substances, but still a high.

When you take a hit of nicotine, your central nervous system produces endorphins (the pleasure hormones), and you get a rise in the levels of dopamine (one of the feel-good hormones). Since the experience feels so rewarding, you develop an addiction to nicotine and seek it to feel better, relieve stress, and calm down.

The only addictive ingredient in e-liquids is nicotine, so by using non-nicotine vapes, you won’t develop a physical dependence.

3.    You’ll Avoid the Harmful Side-Effects of Nicotine!

While nicotine isn’t listed as a carcinogen, it does come with several harmful side-effects. Besides the typical burning sensation in the mouth and throat, it can cause nausea, abdominal pain, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and more. It’s a potent toxic agent that you’ll want to avoid consuming.

So, when you vape nic-free e-liquids, you’ll avoid all these dangerous side-effects of nicotine.

4.    You Can Enjoy Natural Remedies Such as CBD!

Since the legalization of medical marijuana, different kinds of hemp-derived products became widely available, including CBD vape pens.

CBD has many known benefits and can be a suitable treatment for conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to Alzheimer’s and MS. The easiest way to get CBD into your system is by inhaling it.

CBD vapes contain no nicotine and could be adequate remedies for various health issues with few to no side-effects.

5.    Vaping Sessions Will Be Smoother!

Non Nicotine Vape blowing smoke

When vaping, you want to get a nice throat hit, but you don’t want to feel like your throat’s burning, or start choking and coughing (especially not in the middle of a pandemic!).

It’s the nicotine that delivers such a strong, sharp throat hit that gets your eyes watery.

Without nicotine, your vaping sessions will be more enjoyable, with every draw being smoother than you’ve ever imagined.

6.    Non-Nicotine Vape Juice Flavors Are Better!

There are two ways that nicotine affects the vape juice’s flavor – one, it delivers a throat hit that can affect your taste sensation, and two, it dilutes the e-liquid a bit and reduces the amount of flavoring you get in your vape juice bottle.

So, if you want to boost your e-liquid flavor and get the most out of it, it’s better to go for a non-nicotine vape.

7.    You Can Practice Your Vape Tricks Without a Problem!

Without the possibility of developing physical dependence and exposing yourself to unnecessary toxins, you’ll find it much easier to practice your vape tricks! You could practice all day and not have to worry about experiencing a nicotine overdose.

Of course, there’s the added benefit of that smoother throat hit as well. Experienced vapers know that higher PG e-juices deliver a strong throat hit, while higher VG e-juices are all about that smooth cloud production.

However, when you’re practicing vape tricks and vape VG e-liquids that contain nicotine, you’ll still get that sharp sensation in your throat when you inhale. If you want to eliminate this feeling, you should go for high VG/ 0mg vapes.

You won’t choke up in the middle of your vape trick, so you could perfect your skills in no time and use them to impress your friends.

The Bottom Line

Using a non-nicotine vape is often much better and safer than vaping e-liquids with high nicotine content. So, if you want to enjoy your vaping experience without a worry, it’s best to go for that sweet 0mg.

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