7 Ways to Reinvent Your Vape Pens

vape pens reinvented and colorful

One of the best things about vaping is that you can completely customize your entire vaping experience. Play around with the flavors, adjust your cloud thickness and throat hit, personalize almost every aspect of vaping.

And if you don’t like any varieties of vape pens, e-liquids, and other vaping equipment in stores, you can easily do something about it by modifying your vaporizers.

Now, it’s really in your best interest not to go ahead and start making homemade vape pens, e-liquids, and devices – that’s how bad things such as popcorn lung happen.

But, you can still play around a little and reinvent your vape pen for a completely different experience.

Get a Glass Tank

uwell for a vape pen

Most cheaper vape pens and beginner’s kits come with low quality, plastic tanks. While the tank material doesn’t seem like it would have much of an impact on your vaping experience, it’s actually quite important, especially if you like stronger e-juice flavors.

Citrusy and mint flavors can be too harsh on the plastic tank and even eat away at its coloring, which will seriously impact the end flavor and throat hit you get.

Besides, plastic tanks are much more difficult to clean, and you’ll find yourself scrubbing away at them much longer than you’d like.

So, get a high-quality glass tank, and notice the difference that it makes.

Upgrade the Coils

Coils make all the difference. They affect the taste of your e-liquid, the strength of the throat hit, and even your vape pen’s longevity. So, if you want to reinvent your vape pen, upgrading the coils is a must.

When choosing the coils, what you should pay very close attention to is their resistance. Resistance is measured in Ohms. Regular (above 1 Ohm) coils don’t produce a lot of heat, so the vapor you get is cooler and less thick. Above Ohm coils are also great for prolonging your vape pen’s battery and making your e-liquid last longer.

Sub-ohm vaping is becoming increasingly popular, so coils explicitly designed for this are widely available. They have a lower resistance (below 1 Ohm), which means they heat up faster. The e-liquids are vaporized much quicker – resulting in thicker clouds – so you’ll go through your e-liquid bottles more quickly.

Your vape pen’s battery will need more frequent recharges, and you’ll need to replace your coils more often.

Whether you prefer sub-Ohm vaping or not, upgrading your coils will always improve your vape sessions.

Adjust the Airflow

You don’t have to do much to reinvent your vape pens. Sometimes it’s enough to adjust the airflow a bit to get a completely different feeling and make your vape pen appear as if it’s brand new.

With a higher airflow, you’ll get quite a lot of clouds, but they won’t be very dense. With a reduced airflow, however, you’ll get much thicker clouds and a much fuller e-liquid flavor.

Get High-Quality Rechargeable Batteries

One of the essential elements of your vape pen is the battery. It’s what provides the power you need to vaporize e-liquids and experience a great vaping sesh.

Cheap batteries will lose power quickly and can even be dangerous. So, be very careful.

You must invest in high-quality rechargeable batteries. If possible, find 18650 batteries that can digitally adjust the power output.

Play Around with Your E-Liquids

At times, you don’t even have to customize your vape pen to reinvent it; you could change up your e-liquids. When getting your new e-liquid, make sure that you get it from a reliable source. You can check out the best vape juice brands at Ecigclick.

Be sure to learn how to make your own CBD E-juice and THC E-Juice

Like to experiment? You can mix pre made e juice flavors in the actual tank. Don’t be afraid to play around with them.

Frequent Cleaning Can Be a Game-Changer

If you’re starting to feel that your vape pen isn’t as great as it used to be, you might just want to clean it a bit instead of modifying it. The tank, coils, and mouthpiece can get pretty gross after a while, and you’ll start to experience more dry hits and bad e-liquid flavor.

So don’t forget to clean your vaporizer frequently; it’s well worth it.

Go Crazy with the Colors

The great thing about vape pens is that they’re available in many different colors and designs. And you don’t have to buy new vape pens if you get tired of the old design. Just get new vape skins. It’s the best way to customize your vape pen.

And don’t forget to switch out the mouthpiece as well – it doesn’t have to be a boring black or white one. Besides, it’s a great idea to have a few different mouthpieces with openings of varying sizes as it can impact the throat hit and flavor of the e-liquid.

The Bottom Line

Reinventing your vape pens is easy and affordable, and you can play around as much as you’d like. So, don’t be afraid to adjust a few elements. Just stay on the safe side and buy the coils, batteries, and other gear, don’t fiddle around and try to make everything yourself.

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