Helpful Steps To Reverse Dementia and Memory Loss As You Age

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Cognitive decline is, somehow, considered an imminent event to everyone. As you age, your body tends to show all of the things you’ve done and eaten for the past few years of your life. But while it has become a common event, it is found that reversing the decline is largely possible. And it will have something to do with the way you treat your health.

Cognitive Decline: Dementia and Memory Loss

As mentioned, what you do with your health in your early years will have a huge impact in the long run. So, having a healthy lifestyle while you are young will definitely benefit you as you grow old. However, as far as the brain is concerned, it will normally experience a decline from time to time. This is why many seniors today have dementia and memory loss.

Today, various assisted living communities are experiencing this concern. In fact, the number of seniors who experience cognitive decline and impairment is quite increasing. But sadly, the knowledge about cures for these conditions is pretty limited. And for many decades, the most effective way to combat these concerns is to delay the effects.

Even so, recent studies and research suggest that there are also ways to reverse cognitive decline as well as various brain conditions like dementia and memory loss.

Delaying vs Reversing Brain Conditions

The truth is – the brain responds to everything that you’ve done to and for your body. So, even if the slightest poor health practices were executed previously, the tendency is your brain will experience a decline in the future.

Delaying the effects have been the most effective response to these conditions. But studies today suggest that there is a much more effective and efficient way to combat dementia and memory loss. And that is to reverse them.

While there are also other forms of medications like medical cannabis since it has been found to produce significant results concerning the matter, reversing largely focuses on your health practices on a daily basis.

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These are the helpful steps and ways to do to reverse dementia and memory loss:

1.   Balance Your Blood Sugar

Your blood sugar has a huge impact on your overall health condition. It has been found that individuals who eat too much sugar and have high levels of blood sugar are much prone to various brain conditions and other fatal diseases.

This is why many memory care communities always watch for foods that are high sugar and omit them from their patients’ day-to-day meal consumptions. Instead, they focus on foods that are high in fiber and good fats.

2.   Exercise Daily

Exercising is one of the most essential things you must do on a daily basis. And whatever the case that you have with your health, exercise offers a lot of benefits. It would not only prevent sicknesses and diseases to overcome you, but it can also prevent them in the first place.

But as for cognitive impairments and decline, like dementia and memory loss, exercising can actually reverse them, especially when you are already in the first stage of these conditions. This is because exercises can improve blood circulation and oxygen that flow all over your body including the brain. And when the brain receives enough of them on a daily basis, it will help you improve any brain conditions that you have or starting to have.

3.   Eat Healthy Fats

As mentioned, good and healthy fats are some of the best components that your body must have in order to prevent and reverse various kinds of diseases. Whether it may be cardiovascular or brain problems, healthy fats can naturally resolve them.

These fats are always found in foods like avocado, salmon, and chia seeds. But while they are recommended for daily consumption, make sure that you watch your macros as well.

4.   Control Stress Levels

Being stressed every day is a huge factor in dementia and memory loss. It has been found that there are significant links between stress and cognitive decline. Therefore, many specialists always ask patients to control stress levels as much as possible. In fact, if they can omit stressful events and scenarios, they must do.

Keep in mind that stress can not only cause brain impairment, it can also cause various diseases.

5.   Get Rid of Mercury Through A Medical Detoxification Program

Detox programs and diets are very helpful. This is because it allows your body to heal and recover from several harmful components that can harm your overall health like mercury.

As it happens, mercury has been found to be an integral factor to dementia and memory loss. And whether you are careful and watchful of your daily consumptions or not, little amounts of mercury can always make a way to your body and brain.

Accordingly, you must get rid of them naturally by following a detox program. Although these programs and diets are widely available today, make sure that you consult first with your doctor or specialist.

6.   Take Vitamin D

People who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are found to have very low levels of vitamin D. And for some reason, individuals who do not get enough of this vitamin are much more prone to having these kinds of cognitive decline and brain conditions.

This is why almost all specialists and doctors who handle brain concerns and conditions always recommend the proper intake of vitamin D. Even so, you must ensure that you supplement wisely as there are other nutrients and vitamins that you would need in order to protect your brain health and even reverse the effects and diseases.

7.   Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Having the right amount of sleep and rest can highly provide efficient and effective results. It is worth noting that eight to ten hours of sleep helps your body and brain to heal and recover from the day’s works and activities. Hence, when you do not allow your body to get the right amount of rest that it needs, it will worsen the conditions and even develop diseases that you might suffer in the long run.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dementia and memory loss are quite challenging and difficult to battle with. While there are no direct cures and medicines that can naturally eliminate the disease itself, there are various ways today that have been found to reverse the effects of dementia. And these seven steps and ways will help you in your case. 

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