5 Ways to Load a Russian Salad with THC

russian salad with THC

What Is A Russian Salad?

Russian salad, also known as Olivier salad, refers to a traditional salad dish that’s usually made with diced boiled potatoes, diced boiled chicken, brined dill pickles, eggs, celeriac, green peas and onions.

As the name suggests, Russian salad is popular in Russian cuisine. Outside of Russia, you’ll also encounter this salad in many other countries, including Mongolia, Israel, Iran, and throughout Latin America.

The ingredients used in Russian salad vary slightly, depending on the country or region. However, the salad has a few defining ingredients. Examples include boiled potatoes, peas, eggs, dill pickles, carrots, and boiled chicken or beef. Each of these food items comes with a high nutritional profile. And together, they combine to form one of the world’s most dietary-rich salads.

One of the best ways to enhance the nutritional value of Russian salad is to load it with tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. Read on to find out how.  

What Is THC?

9-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant. It’s probably what comes to mind whenever you think of marijuana. THC and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two most widely studied compounds of cannabis. The plant has many variants, but the most popular ones include hemp and marijuana.

While CBD can be obtained from both hemp and marijuana, THC is almost exclusively extracted from marijuana. However, the fundamental difference between the two compounds lies in how they impact your mind. THC is associated with the famous euphoric effect. It also comes with some intoxicating effects. CBD, on the other hand, is a bit mild and doesn’t have any mind-altering properties. That explains why it’s popularly used to modulate the intoxicating effects of THC.

CBD is also a powerful analgesic, while THC is a potent sedative. These compounds can be used synergistically to deliver the Entourage Effect. Now, THC comes with a cocktail of benefits when used in cooking. Most notably, it induces appetite while also allowing the user to enjoy the other health benefits of cannabis.

cannabis prepared for a russian salad

How to Incorporate THC Into A Russian Salad

1.   Use THC Oil

You’re probably already familiar with CBD oil, and might be wondering whether  THC oil exists too. As you shall find, most cannabis oils actually contain a couple of cannabinoids, unless the oil is labelled an isolate.

If you’re specifically looking to load your Russian salad with THC, you can go for a THC isolate or choose a top LA confidential strain. But since you want to improve the overall nutritional profile of the salad, you should consider full-spectrum CBD oil instead.

2.   Use Cannabis-infused Oils

Pure THC oil may be difficult to come by, but the cannabis industry contains hundreds of cannabis-infused oils.

One of the best things about going for cannabis-infused oils is that you only spend once. Besides, you don’t have to look too hard.

Think of the organic oils that you frequently use in your Russian salad, such as olive or sunflower oil. Then, just look for a cannabis-infused version of that oil. These are easily available at stores where edibles canada is also sold.

Use A Cannabis-infused Drink

There are numerous cannabis-infused drinks, which are broadly categorized into teas, sodas, brews, and concoctions. In the case of Russian salad, you’ll unlikely need to use a soda. Many Russian salad recipes also don’t feature teas or brews.

So, you might want to consider concoctions. For instance, you could soak cannabis leaves in water, blend them, and add the extract to other drinks, such as lemon juice.

Use THC Concentrates

Another excellent way to load Russian salad with THC is to use THC concentrates. And the easiest way to go about it is to mix THC Cannabis concentrates into your favorite organic oils or fats.

You can also whisk it into butter or throw it into a blender, where it seamlessly emulsifies and mixes with your favorite Russian salad juice. Just remember that when it comes to THC concentrates, you should regulate your intake, as they carry more potency compared to THC oils and THC-infused drinks.

Cannabis Leaves

Lastly, you can add raw cannabis leaves to your Russian salad. This is a popular option for those who wish to benefit directly from the effects of THC.

The only drawback to cannabis leaves is that they come with a slightly bitter taste. Thankfully, Russian salad contains many sweet ingredients that can help to modulate the bitter taste of marijuana. Alternatively, one can buy weed online and add in salad to reap all benefits.

cannabis salad with cannabis leaves

Evidently, there are numerous ways to load Russian salad with THC. What you should pay close attention to, though, is the doses. The convention is to start small and work your way up gradually.

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