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Stoner slang can be difficult to get a grasp on. Even for veteran tokers…

Has your friend ever asked you to grab the dugout and you thought he was talking about baseball? Or maybe you are not sure what a gravity bong looks like. We’ve created our own mini stoner slang urban dictionary full of pictures and example sentences.

Check out these 25 stoner phrases below! Next time, you will know whether or not you should pass when your friend offers you a mook.

1) Kush:

While typically kush is used as slang for high-quality cannabis, it seems that it might mean a bit more. Many strains have kush in the name, which makes you wonder what makes those strains worthy of the title. The name kush comes from the Hindu Kush mountains, where landrace strains such as Hindu Kush have originated.

These landraces are typically pure indicas, which have been used to create many modern strains. For example, Master Kush is a cross between two different Hindu Kush strains. So while many people refer to kush as being any good cannabis, it technically refers to a wide variety of indicas stemming from the landraces in the Hindu Kush region.

Other popular strains with kush in their name include OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Kosher Kush.

“Yo, I just got some of that kush, let’s roll up!”

2) Tulip:

A tulip is a special type of joint that has a large bulb at the end where you would light the joint. Tulips are often saved for special occasions, and provide a powerful punch for the beginning of the smoke.


tulip is a classic stoner slang term

3) OG:

There is a lot of heated debate over the true meaning of OG. While many instantly think of the term “Original Gangster”, it seems that OGs are strains that originate from the OG Kush plant, popularized in the 90’s. OG Kush is known for having a particular taste and smell. Often when growers cross strains with OG Kush, they will find that either that distinctive smell remains or fades away.

If the smell remains, then the new strain may be dubbed an “OG”. Others state that OG stands for “Ocean Grown”, where many believe a Kush strain was mixed with Chemdawg in the 90’s on the west coast to give OG Kush. Today, there are many phenotypes of OG Kush, including SFV OG and Larry OG. OG is definitely a must-know stoner slang term.

“Come get a whiff of this bud, it’s got that OG smell.”

4) Sploof:

If you are ever nervous about leaving the smell of marijuana behind, then you should try making a sploof. Simply grab an empty paper toilet roll, stuff some dryer sheets in the tube, and put a final one over the top of one end of the toilet paper roll.

Hold the dryer sheet down with a rubber band, and exhale into the open end of the toilet paper roll. Your smoke will instantly smell like fresh laundry. It is quite surprising how well a sploof can hide the smell. This is usually one of the first stoner slang terms college students learn.


sploof is a classic stoner slang term

5) Haze:

Haze is a sativa from America that became popular in the 70’s. Its genetics are a mix of landraces from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and India. While it almost became extinct, it has survived and has influenced many popular strains today, including Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Neville’s Haze, Super Lemon Haze, Tangerine Dream, Blueberry Haze, and Silver Haze.

Haze’s are typically known for being extremely psychoactive and borderline psychedelic. These strains have a notoriously long growing cycle, so many growers look to find more profitable strains that are quicker to grow.

“When it comes to sativas, I always try to find a Haze.”

6) Pinner:

A pinner is a very skinny joint. Some might use it in a pejorative sense to say that the joint is too skinny or is skimpy on bud. Others may prefer a skinnier joint, especially if smoked by themselves.


pinner is a classic stoner slang term

7) Pre-roll:

Pre-rolls are joints that are purchased at dispensaries that are literally already “pre-rolled”. While many dispensaries claim that their pre-rolls are top shelf, often times dispensaries throw the stale leftovers into their pre-rolls, since the customer cannot actually see the quality of the flower. Unless you are in a pinch and need a lot of cheap joints, it is typically more enjoyable to roll your own.

“These prerolls are whack, I’m rolling my own next time.”

8) Dugout:

A dugout is a small wooden container that has two compartments, one for a small one-hitter (pipe or bat), and another larger compartment to store weed. These are highly portable and easy to use in a discreet manner, since the one-hitters usually look like a cigarette.


digout is a classic stoner slang term

9) Hydro (dro):

Hydro stands for hydroponics, and typically refers to marijuana that was grown indoors utilizing a modern hydroponics system. Hydro typically implies that the weed is of high quality, seeing as the growers must have been of high caliber to pull off a hydro grow . Others may even shorten hydro to simply dro.

“Let’s burn. I just got some of that hyrdo, so you know it’s gonna be good!”

10) Cone:

A cone refers to the shape of a nicely rolled joint. Often times, joints are rolled such that they are skinnier by the mouthpiece and become fatter towards the end where you would light the joint. When this is done, the joint closely resembles the shape of a cone.


cone is a classic stoner slang term

11) Crutch:

A crutch is a filter that is added at the end of a joint. While you can buy filters that are perfectly shaped, a thin piece of cardboard or thick paper can also be used instead.

“That joint hit gave me Scoobie Snacks, you should use a crutch next time!”

12) Cola:

A cola is essentially the bud site of the female cannabis plant. It is also referred to as the terminal bud. Typically, plants have a main cola, with smaller colas branching out from the center. Growers properly train and trim their plants to try to produce the largest colas possible. Cola is definitely a top-tier stoner slang term. Use it to imrpess your grow friends 😉


Cola is a classic stoner slang term

13) Bowl:

A bowl is simply a pipe, usually made of glass, used to smoke cannabis. It usually contains a small carb which helps you modulate the air/smoke ratio. If you don’t have this stoner slang term in your rolodex, don’t expect to be passed the bowl too often.

“It’s 4:20, time to pack the bowl!”

14) Cashed/kicked:

If the bowl is cashed, that means the bowl has all turned to ash and there is no more “greens” left to smoke. Time to repack! Out of bud and don’t want to leave the house? Re-up by finding a dispensary nearby that delivers to you!

“How is that bowl cashed already? I didn’t get a hit yet…”

15) Gravity Bong:

A gravity bong is a home-made bong that utilizes a plastic bottle with a hole in the bottom. With a finger blocking the bottom hole, the plastic bottle is filled with water. A bowl is situated on the lid so that when the finger is released, gravity helps to suck the air down and “pull” on the lit cannabis. It’s truly a marvel to observe.

While it is best if you have a bowl ready from a typical bong, many substitute a ratchet head made of aluminum instead. This is not ideal, since smoking hot metals may introduce health risks. However, it certainly outputs a ton of smoke. While it goes against our 10 Stoner Commandments, you might be “one and done” with this method.


gravity bong a classic stoner slang term

16) Roach:

Ever notice how often times joints or blunts get killed, but there is a little bit of bud remaining? What’s left over is called a roach. It seems that often times the bud leftover in roaches is often very potent, since it has had the flow of smoke going through it the entire smoke sesh.

Save up a bunch of roaches, break them open, and put the bud into a newly rolled blunt, and now you have a super blunt (also sometimes called a 2nd generation blunt or grandfather). Save the roaches of a 2nd gen blunt, and you can create a 3rd generation blunt or great-grandfather.

“Make sure you save that roach, I almost have enough for a grandfather blunt.”

17) Shotgun:

Shotgunning is typically performed on a blunt or joint. Grab a friend and have them put the lit end of the blunt into their mouth, with their lips wrapped around the blunt. It is easier to do when the blunt is still quite long. Once this is done, the person with the blunt in their mouth will blow — forcing smoke out from the blunt, instead of inhaling. The other party will then put their mouth up near non-lit end of the blunt and will be overwhelmed with smoke. Usually, the pair of smokers will interlock hands so that no smoke goes un-inhaled. Taking a shotgun is definitely a quick way to get high.

“Get ready, I’m about to give you a shotgun.”

18) Moon Rocks:

Moon rocks take cannabis flower, dip it in hash oil, then roll it around in kief, giving dense nugs that are quite potent. The rapper Kurupt also has his own brand of Moon rocks, which is touted as being one of the most powerful cannabis products (perhaps besides extracts) with about 50% THC.


moonrocks are a classic stoner slang term

19) Hot box:

Hot boxing refers to smoking up in a small area, typically a car, such that everyone in the car will get second hand high from the amount of smoke that accumulates in the car. There is usually no exit for the smoke, so be wary of anoxia when hotboxing. Most professional stoners like to hotbox until the blunt is gone, so make sure you feel comfortable before getting in on of these more serious sessions.


moonrocks are a classic stoner slang term
There is usually no exit for the smoke, so be wary of anoxia when hotboxing. Most professional stoners like to hotbox until the blunt is gone, so make sure you feel comfortable before getting in on of these more serious sessions.


“Don’t roll the windows down, let’s hot box this joint.”

20) Cotton Mouth:

Often times, strains of cannabis will leave your mouth feeling overly dry. They give you cotton mouth, as your mouth feels like someone stuffed cotton balls in your mouth and absorbed all of your saliva. You’ll definitely have cotton mouth as a part of your stoner slang as you begin experimenting with new strains of cannabis.

“This strain always gives me really bad cotton mouth.”

21) Cherried:

A bowl is said to be cherried when you pass it to your friend and no lighter is needed, since the bowl is still lit. If you add kief or calamus root to your bowls, then they are more likely to stay cherried. Moonrocks also will stay cherried, since they are packed with extra kief. Some people like this, as it leads to less butane usage.


Cherry is a classic stoner slang term

22) Mook:

A mook is a bong hit that has a mix of cannabis and tobacco. Mooking has become popular on many college campuses and is said to be quite addictive. Some find mooking to be too intense, as inhaling so much tobacco can be dizzying.

“That mook gave me such a head rush!”

23) Scooby Snacks:

Ever taken a hit of a bowl that was so hard, that you sucked some of the bud through the pipe into your mouth? If so, then you have accidentally gotten some Scooby snacks.

“Eww, I just got so many Scooby Snacks from that hit…”

24) Canoe:

Sometimes your noob friend will light the joint or blunt, but only gets one side. The flame continues to go down on one side, yet the other side is barely lit. As he passes the joint to you, you are left with a joint that is canoed. A popular remedy to fix this is to wet the side that is burning too fast, allowing the slower side to catch up and even out the burn.


Canoe is a classic stoner slang term

25) 710:

Flip this upside-down and backwards, and you will read oil. With waxes and concentrates becoming more popular, why not celebrate on July 10th as well? 710 is one of the newest stoner slang terms to hit the street!

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How many of these stoner slang terms did you know before reading this post? If you still are new to all of this lingo, try reading our six tips for  beginners.