How to Take Marijuana without Getting Noticed

cannabis without notice

Being high is not illegal—especially if the law of the land permits you. However, being seen to be high is not something people really want. To others, it’s seen to be a shame. Things like red eyes, marijuana smell, etc. can make you uncomfortable before people. However, there are those who don’t really care. If you care, here is some good news: you can still hide it. You can mask your highness. This article is going to show you how you can beat those week signs and remain high without people noticing.

Don’t Smell Like Weed

Weed smells. And that’s a fact. So, people will definitely smell it and know what is driving you high. But look, you can still beat this smell. Here is the deal, use cologne, perfume, as well as spray-on deodorant. Remember, don’t overdo it.

People might start being suspicious with excessive spray. So, do it in a moderate way.

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Open Your Eyes

Cannabis tends to make the inner eye drop in terms of pressure. As a consequence, the blood vessels expand, which makes the eye to look red. Of course, this is a common effect for those suffering from glaucoma. However, those who want to get high and hate being hassled will be keen to do away with the red eyes.

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The good news is that you can tame the red eyes. Here is how to do it: Purchase some Visine. You can also get any eye whitening drops. These are products that contain special chemicals that play an important role in the reduction of the size of blood vessels. However, take caution because continual use of these products can lead to tolerance and lead to hyperemia. It can also lead to chronic red-eye.

red eyes can help people know you've been skmoking weed.

You have now dealt with the red eyes, good. It’s time to kick squinting from your eyes. Squinting is brought about when marijuana dilates the pupils—which makes the eyes to become sensitive to light. To deal with it, wear sunglasses. Alternatively, consider mindfully not squinting after smoking your weed.

Laughing Uncontrollably

Marijuana can make you a temporary comedian. You will find yourself laughing uncontrollably. This will make people suspect you. So, if you don’t want to be suspected and you are in a public place, keep those giggles of yours to a minimum, unless you are somewhere private.

Forgetting Easily

Taking weed makes you forget things easily—something most people are keen to avoid. Normally, people use the hippocampus to remember important things. However, when THC interacts with your hippocampus, you tend to forget things easily. The best way to avoid this is to play memory games. From here, you can visualize the thought process.

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The Bottom-Line

Don’t let that weed smell ruin your day. You have taken your thing and you only want to remain high—not to broadcast your highness. Use the above tips and deal that that weed smell. From knowing how to cure red eyes to killing that weed smell—these tips are all you need to enjoy your weed without any worries. 

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