7 Surprisingly Fun Activities To Do When You’re High

It’s really hard to figure out what to do when you’re high. Since smoking cannabis can be so fun in and of itself, it’s easy to just sit around and stare into space. While this is good for pondering the mysteries of the universe, it prevents you from experiencing how marijuana can heighten a ton of different activities.

Wondering what to do when you’re high?

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, they say. Especially after smoking some cannabis. Finding the right activities to engage in after entering your new state of consciousness can be as difficult as finding the right strain to smoke! You probably think that you’ve found the perfect formula for getting high. A dark room, a dope playlist (check our Official WoahStork playlist!), and a little (or a lot) of the finest herb you can find… Sounds great, but maybe it’s time to try something a little different. There’s no doubt that weed makes everything better, so why not get a little creative with your smoke sesh? Next time you smoke up and wonder what to do while you’re high, try one of our curated activities to mix it up and find out what you’ve been missing. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Go For A Walk

walking through a forest - to do when you're high

We know that this one sounds a bit, well… basic. But trust us, this is one of the best things you can do while high. First off, you will notice every little piece of beauty in whatever landscape you’re strolling through. Second, people will look more interesting than you’ve ever imagined. And lastly, and maybe most importantly, you never know what you’ll get into or where you’ll find yourself. Studies show that people that exercise after consuming cannabis has levels of THC 15% higher than those that smokes and did not exercise.

2. Take A Swim

ocean swimming - to do when you're high

Whether it’s in a pool or a lake or the ocean (if you’re lucky enough), this will clear your mind of your bodily restrictions and just let you float into another dimension. Just make sure there’s a lifeguard around so you don’t float too far off.

3. Get Your Picasso (or Pollock) On

Painting - to do when you're high

Even if you’re not an artist, you’ll probably be pretty surprised by the masterpieces you can come up with while you’re high. Get a canvas, get some paint, or even just some paper or pen, and let your freed mind do the work. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new talent, or not.

4. Ride A Coaster

Roller Coaster - to do when you're high

“Knocked Up” was spot-on when it showed how amazing a rollercoaster could be when you’re already riding a killer high. Find your nearest theme park and make a day out of it. And don’t forget to get down on some serious fried grub when the munchies hit.

5. Eat, Eat, Eat

eating pho - to do when you're high

Go on a little tasting tour of your ‘hood and you’ll find that each morsel tastes better than the next. Every new bite will take you to a new high and warm your soul. Our brain’s endogenous marijuana system ordinarily modulates how good a particular food tastes to us; smoking marijuana simply enhances this natural mechanism in the brain.  Need we say more?

6. Get Random on Wikipedia

cat browsing internet - to do when you're high

Want to get weird? Try going deep on Wikipedia by clicking on “Random Article” on the left side of the page or simply pressing “ctrl-x”. You’ll learn that the world is a magical, strange, wonderland full of infinite mystery. Seriously, there’s some crazy stuff out there — you’ll never wonder again what to do when you’re high after you get lost in this rabbit hole.

7. Play “High” & Seek

hide and seek - to do when you're high

Remember the carefree days of playing in the park with your best buds as a kid? Well, why give that up? Get a good group of friends together for the most epic game of Hide & Seek that you’ve ever experienced. Want to take it to the next level? Set the game in your downtown – just don’t lose your friends.

How do you choose the best strain for your activity?

None your plans matter if you don’t pick the right strain! WoahStork’s Strain Genie provides you the best option for whatever your needs, either mood or medical needs! Perfect strain first, fun activities after. Get started today. You’ll never have to wonder what to do when you’re high again — you’ll already know what you’re doing before you get high!

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