Vaping Vs Smoking: Top 10 Reasons To Choose Vaping

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Are you searching for a healthier alternative to smoking? If your answer is yes, you have certainly reached the right place. Vaping is a healthier and safer alternative that can replace cigarettes. Today, smoking is on the decline due to its well-documented health risks. Switching to vaping would, therefore, be the ideal choice.

What is Vaping?

A vaporizer, referred to as a vape, is an electronic device that allows users to inhale vape e-liquids without involving the process of combustion. One can use it to vape formulated liquids and oils for the device, which come in a wide variety of flavors. You can also choose to vape cannabis, among other dry herbs. Other methods to consume Cannabidiol would be through capsules, edibles, or Lazarus CBD.

Vaping has become extremely popular, especially among youngsters. It’s a multi-million dollar industry and is rapidly growing. Read on to learn about the benefits that vaping provides as compared to smoking.

Reasons to Choose Vaping Over Smoking

1)   It is Safer Than Smoking

Is nicotine consumption taking a toll on your body? Are you looking for a healthier alternative to replace your regular cigarettes? You will be enlightened to know that vaping is, in fact, a safer alternative as compared to smoking. Tobacco smoke from cigarettes contains at least 70 known carcinogens that can harm your overall well being. It may lead to cancer, losing a sense of taste, eye cataracts, increased risk of stroke, and a lot more.

On the other hand, vaping does not include the process of combustion; the vapors are free of toxic substances as compared to cigarettes, which makes it a healthier alternative. One can check out MWI CBD & Smoke Shop Supplies At Wholesale Prices!

2)   Vaping Doesn’t Harm Those Around You

While you are probably well-aware of how smoking harms you, it is crucial to realize that it is also unsafe for those around you. Second-hand smoke may lead to numerous health issues, especially among infants and pregnant women. This includes asthma attacks, ear infections, and others. On the other hand, the second-hand vapor produced by vaping does not harm those around you.

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3)    Available in a Wide Variety of Flavors

Cigarette manufacturers have been trying to incorporate e-liquid flavors into traditional cigarettes for a very long time. However, it can never come close to the abundance of interesting flavors for vaping. Classified into a few primary categories, such as beverages, breakfast, fruits, and desserts, this wide selection caters to the tastes of all. Moreover, if you prefer something a bit more traditional, there are even some classic tobacco or menthol flavors.

So whether you want something fruity or creamy, there is no chance of running out of flavors to tickle your taste buds.

4)   Eco-Friendly

According to a study, the core of the butt can take anywhere from 18 months to 10 years to decompose. During this period, different cigarette contents such as tar, nicotine, and other dangerous substances can seep into the ground, potentially compromising the health of organisms that they come in contact with.

E-cigarettes may reduce this toxic burden significantly as they are reusable. Powered by reusable batteries, vapes don’t produce smoke and hence, do not affect the air quality substantially.

5)   Avoid Bad Breath

Smoking tends to leave an unpleasant stench on your breath, which may be embarrassing for many. Vaping doesn’t contain any combustible particles as there is no combustion involved. Vaporizers heat the e-liquid to a definite temperature, which produces an odorless vapor. Hence, the most significant advantage of vaping is there is no intolerable odor. This makes the experience more enjoyable and pleasant. A lot of this can be due to the dry mouth caused by smoking.

6)   Eliminates Harmful Physical Symptoms

When you transition from smoking to vaping, it is possible to manage your nicotine cravings, allowing you to reap several health benefits. Some of them include relaxed breathing, decreased mood swings and nauseousness plus higher energy levels. Therefore, most smokers consider vaping as a life-changing transition.

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7)   Possibility of Customizing Your Experience

Vapes come in various sizes, shapes, and forms. A few of them are portable, whereas, for the other handheld vapes, you need to plug it into an outlet for use. Hence, you can customize your experience to match your unique taste and style.

8)    Doesn’t Affect Your Looks

One of the common ways of identifying a smoker is their damaged, stained nails and fingers, and darkened lips and teeth. This is because of the exposure to tar, nicotine, and other chemicals that leads to reduced blood flow. It thereby results in uneven pigmentation as well as other skin changes such as the appearance of wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. This tends to make you look older. Since a vape does not contain tobacco, you do not need to worry about any changes in your appearance.

9)   Cost-Effective

From sophisticated vape mods to disposable electronic cigarettes, there are countless vapes available at different prices. Hence, no matter what your budget is, it is likely that you will find a suitable product in your price range. This cost-effectiveness makes it accessible to more people.

Spending money on a quality vape is a one-time worthwhile investment that can last for a long period. Moreover, it is extremely convenient as it does not require any maintenance

10) Engage in the Vaping Culture

A vibrant vaping culture is getting popular across the world where you can discover this healthier and dynamic alternative. There are multiple local as well as national vape clubs that hold conventions yearly where vape enthusiasts try new and interesting vape flavors, devices, and a lot more.

Additionally, a subculture, popularly known as the ‘cloud chasers’ is also gaining popularity. Competitions are held where different vape artists participate and challenge each other by exhaling vast amounts of vapor clouds.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see from the many reasons highlighted above, vaping is a better option than smoking. From improving your health to being eco-friendly, it is superior in all ways. It might be the perfect option for you, especially if you’re trying to quit smoking.

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