Vaping: The New Era of Smoking Cannabis?

vaping cannabis

Vaping is in. Tradition is changing when it comes to the way people are consuming their cannabis products. Long past are the days when you needed some rolling papers and a lighter to get high. No more smelly bongs filled with nasty water and caked with resin and unsmoked herb.

You’ve seen it before. You’re at a music festival when someone reaches into their pocket and pulls out a small handheld device shaped similarly to a pen. They put it to their mouth, proceeding to inhale and then exhaling a very large cloud of smoke. They then pocket the device and go back to enjoying the show. It’s an alternative to smoking cigarettes, there’s no lingering scent, and it’s much more friendly indoors.

If you’ve seen something similar to this, then more than likely you witnessed someone vaporizing their cannabis. More and more people are turning to vaping these days as an alternative to lighting up or carrying around cumbersome and dirty pipe kits. If you’re thinking about vaping cannabis then there are some things you should know.

There are essentially three types of vaporizers:

Desktop Vapes: Most of us are familiar with these types of vaporizers. They are made as a tabletop or desktop appliance like unit. They can be quite powerful and bring the heat element to temperature very quickly allowing you to hold a more stable temperature throughout longer hits. The tradeoff with these types of units however, is that they are bulky and therefore not very portable. Most likely these devices come with a power cord attached and will need to be plugged into an outlet for operation.

Vaporizer Pens: These are compact, portable and inexpensive handheld vaporizers that are best used with waxes and oil concentrates. Most of these units are not designed for use vaporizing dried herbs, however there are some high end units that have recently been introduced that claim to be perfectly capable of vaporizing flower.

Portables Vapes: are compact but range in size from small to medium sized. They are slightly more expensive than vape pens but give you more bang for your buck. These units can handle dried flower and most will also accommodate waxes and concentrates as well.

There are tons of different options available in all three types.  But which of these vaporizers performs the best? Depending on the type of smoker you are there may be several factors to consider when answering that question. Some vapes give heavier hits that produce a less refined flavor while providing plenty of vapor.  Other pens deliver a lighter more refined hit for those looking to experience an optimum taste. WoahStork sets out to find and rate some of the top units on the market and this is what we found.

Desktop Vapes

vaping cannabis

Volcano Classic/Digital: Most of us have heard the name Volcano or used this iconic vaporizer. The Volcano is sold in two versions. There is a $350 “Classic” model sold with analog temperature inputs and there is a $450 “Digital” model that offers digital display with digital temperature control. The mammoth price tag is the only downside for anyone in the market for a desktop vaporizer unit.

While this is the most expensive of all the vaporizers we’ve reviewed we had to include it. No one can argue that the Volcano is the best vaporizer the world has ever seen. The bags are durable, easy to fill, and easy to use. And the vapor production is magnificent. It’s also one of the best vaporizers in terms of conserving your product with efficiency.

The volcano also rates high on our list is because it’s a well made premium vaporizer that will last. In a world of under built products you’ll find your Volcano will effortlessly stand up to the test of time. Whether it’s kept  at home like an appliance, or carefully traveled with to parties for vapor sessions with friends, the volcano will never fail to please you.

When Volcano Vaporizers were first popularized it was not unusual to have to pay $600 or more to get your hands on the digital model. Owning a volcano really displays that you are a financially stable smoker.  Because of this I would say that the brand value of this product is a large part of what you’re paying for. There are less expensive vaporizers on the market, but these guys got it right.  And they did it first, so we don’t mind paying a bit extra for this tried and true powerhouse.

vaping cannabis

Plenty Vaporizer: its temp control is very precise, better than most. It’s easy to find that sweet temperature spot and get the most out of every round. Plenty is a unique vaporizer that has tons to offer. You know this unit is built well because it’s made by the same folks who make the Volcano. Unlike the volcano which uses of bags to collect vapor, the Plenty allows you to vape dried herbs as well as liquid concentrates through a hose or “whip” attachment.

This additional capability is a key feature when you consider the recent heavy rise in the use of concentrates. It’s also the lowest priced device from the company, at around $260. Additionally, the size of the Plenty makes it almost classifiable as a portable vaporizer. Heavy duty , but with the power of a desktop.

Overall, it’s a safe buy for anyone who is willing to pay a little bit more for peace of mind. It’s built solid as a rock and will last you for years while vaporizing every type of substance out there. Still quite expensive, but overall a great option for many types of smokers.

Vaporizer Pens

vaping cannabis

Puffco Pro 2– If design aesthetics are your thing then you’ll love the Puffco Pro 2 wax pen. The outer shell sports a sleek gunmetal finish and fits extremely well in the hand. Inside is an all ceramic chamber which feeds a titanium heating element which reaches vaping temperature almost immediately. This device is designed specifically to accommodate wax which is not an easy feature to find. The chamber accommodates a decent amount of concentrate so it’s likely you won’t run out if you are on the go and unable to regularly refill.

The Puffco Pro 2 contains three heat setting. For those that like to get fuller cloudier hits they can set the heat to its higher settings. For a smoother more flavorful hit it is best to vaporize in the lowest setting. This pen also contains no adhesives or plastics to give off foul tastes or odors. Part of the reason this pen tops our list is because it is by far the pen most capable of delivering the most clean and flavorful hit.


vaping cannabis
G Pen Elite: Not as affordable as other pens, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science is definitely worth taking a look at due to its elegantly futuristic design, high power output, and ease of use.

The G Pen owes a great deal of its awesome looks to its LCD screen, which shows the current temperature and battery life of the pen. The G Pen offers great performance through a wide temperature range and a fairly short heating time of 30 seconds.  It’s very easy to use. To get vapor one needs to fill the chamber, press the button 5 times to power up, then press and hold the button while inhaling. The G Pen functions best in the 325-375 deg. F range.  We recommend taking long, slow puffs. It’s worth noting that the unit does not get overly hot to the touch with prolonged use.
G Pen Elite vaporizer gets full marks in terms of design, performance and vapor quality. It would be nicer if the unit was a bit more compact.

vaping cannabis

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen This is a great portable pen for vaping cannabis with a clean and professional look.  Great attention to detail was paid to the design and branding of this pen. There is a small engraving of the Dr. Dabber logo at the end of the battery and logo on the power button. The kit also contains a branded silicone storage container for your concentrates. There is no doubt that this pen looks great and is sized perfectly to fit discreetly in your hand.

Although the Ghost Pen looks similar to other pens, it’s different in that it contains a highly efficient heating chamber which situates the titanium heating element closer to the bottom of the chamber. This allows the concentrate to be heated to not much higher than its optimum vaporizing temperature. Because of this you are provided with a smooth hit with the flavor profile of your concentrates left in tact. None of the harsh metallic vapor given off by similar pens that heat the vapor to a higher, and uncontrolled temperature.

This pen will produce very large clouds of smoke and may run a bit hot if depressed for the full ten second heat cycle.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is a great kit to start with. It is extremely easy to load and use, and the silicone container for your concentrates makes an excellent finish to this awesome vape.

Portable Vapes


vaping cannabis

Firefly 2: The Firefly 2 is a convection vaporizer, and like its competitor the Pax 2 is an upgrade on the original offering. The Firefly 2 is lighter and smaller with  a more angular form factor.

It’s designed to hold small amounts of herb at a time. So unlike the Pax 2 you’re only going to want to put a smaller amount into the chamber per use. From there you will probably get 5-8 good draws before it will be necessary to repack your chamber. This makes this vape feel more like a personal use unit. Much like packing a single bowl for yourself. Then repacking one for your friend.

One awesome feature added to the FireFly 2 is a mobile app that connects to the vape via Bluetooth. Through the app you can quickly switch between several heating profiles. This offers a truly customized experience depending on whether you are vaping cannabis, or concentrates.

The FireFly 2 is compatible with Dry Herb as well as Waxy Concentrates and comes with a small Concentrate Mesh Pad (stainless steel) that you can place inside the bowl. Place you Dab on the little pad and close the magnetic cover. You will also need to change the settings on the mobile app to “Concentrate” in order to activate a slightly higher temp settings.

vaping cannabis

Pax 2  The Pax 2 offers several  improvements and upgrades to the original Pax vaporizer released in 2012. The same design element remain. It’s angular but sleek and very aesthetically pleasing due to its brushed anodized aluminum finish with many color options.

Some of the improvements made include a longer battery life, but the most significant upgrade would have to be the mouthpiece.  The original design made it necessary to push in a protruding mouthpiece with your lips in order to activate the vape and thus deliver a hit. Because of this mechanical action and the propensity for moving parts to get gummed up by resin, the piece frequently got stuck making the vape unusable. This has all been fixed with the Pax 2. The mouthpiece is flush, and has a small slit for the vapor. It is now activated by a small button,  making the whole process more enjoyable.

Overall if you’re the type of smoker that likes to see thick milky clouds when you exhale the Pax 2 might now be for you. There are 4 heat setting so rest assured on the highest setting you will achieve visible hits. They won’t be of the sort that you might get from a desktop unit such as the Volcano though.

Overall, vaping cannabis is a more efficient way of enjoying your cannabis, especially if on the go, at public outings, or even indoors. To sum it up our top picks are:

Desktop vaporizer: Volcano Classic or Digital

Vaporizer pen: Puffco Pro 2

Portable vaporizer: Firefly 2

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