Weed Etiquette: 10 Stoner Commandments You Need To Know

stoner commandments

For members of the stoner community, smoking can be a religion. With marijuana legalization sweeping the nation, an influx of first timers are making their way into more and more smoke circles. While cannabis centers around “chilling”, there are definitely some weed etiquette rules you should follow to make the experience even better.

If you’re new to cannabis, there are more important things than “fitting in”. Being sure to pick the right strain and following the classic first-timer tips are top priorities for a positive cannabis experience. After you’ve mastered the basics, you can work your way into the upper echelons of stoner culture.

Known as “Weed Etiquette”, there are a ton of unwritten rules that, if broken, make it obvious you’re new to the scene. If you don’t want to get skipped in the rotation, be sure to follow the 10 Commandments of Cannabis below.

1) Thou Shall Have No Other Substances

MMJ is not a gateway drug.
Ever since the millennial generation has been young, society has pounded into their heads that marijuana is the gateway drug. As cannabis becomes more popular, we must all actively dispel this myth with proper education.

The truth is that there are healthy ways to consume cannabis regularly without spiraling into heavier drug use. Let us not also forget that cannabis can also help people curb painful addictions to opiates and painkillers.

2) Thou Shall Not Smoke False Idols

No Spice Allowed
Depending on where you live, cannabis may only be medicinal or completely illegal. Back in the day, this sparked a lot of imitation products to come on the market, such as K2 or spice. These synthetic cannabinoids were able to get around the laws and be sold legally.

In reality, these synthetic, imposter herbs are not the same thing as cannabis. Often times, they are created with all sorts of chemicals that may be harmful or have negative side effects. It is best to stick to organically grown marijuana that came from the ground.

3) Thou Shall Not Take the Joint’s Flame in Vain

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing stories with friends over a perfectly rolled joint. Almost everyone has had that moment where the storyteller is passed the “j” right as he is starting. Inevitably, he will take his two hits and forget to pass it along to the next person in the rotation.

The story was great, everyone laughed. But now it is fifteen minutes later, and nobody is high yet. The sparked joint has already gone out, as it was sitting in the storyteller’s hand the whole time. Don’t be that guy (or girl). Don’t take the joint’s flame in vain.

4) Remember the Rotation and Keep it Holy

When smoking with friends, everyone likes to get involved in the action. One of the holiest traditions of smoking cannabis is keeping the proper rotation.  Whether you pass to your left or to your right does not matter too much. Simply pick a direction and stick to it.

Puff Puff Pass

5) Honor Thy Stoner Guests

You have the gang over for a late night smoke sesh, and the bowl is packed and ready. Excited to get going, and almost without thinking, you light the bowl and take the first hit.

Party foul! Everyone should be aware of one of the most important pieces of weed etiquette: it is common courtesy to give greens, or the first hit, to someone else.

This sacred plant is meant to be shared, so let your friends feast in your plentiful bounty. Also, don’t forget to re-up your friends’ supply if they regularly “smoke you out”.

6) Thou Shall Not Pass a Murdered Bowl

This one can be a bit tricky, as often times people have a different idea about when a bowl is truly “empty”.

Some people simply stop once there is no more green, while others seek out resin hits at the end of the bowl. If the bowl is near its final hit, simply pass it along to the next person in the rotation (see Commandment 4) and say something like, “Hey, there might be one hit left!”

7) Thou Shall Not Spread Stoner Illness

Egyptian Style
This isn’t just weed etiquette, this is just plain common sense. Nobody wants to get sick from others, so do not participate in smoking with others if you have a spreadable illness or are feeling under the weather. If you still are looking to smoke, consider using a secondary bowl just for yourself and be sure to clean it once you are feeling better.

If you are with your friends smoking a joint and still want to join in, try hitting the joint Egyptian style.

Make a fist and lightly place the end of the joint in between your middle and ring fingers. Put your mouth into the circle made by the side of your index finger, and inhale from your hand. Egyptian style allows for you to hit joints without making direct contact with your lips to the joint.

I can attest to its success, as I used this technique when I had mono for three months straight. I did not spread mono to any of my friends, thanks to the Egyptian style.

8) Thou Shall Not Steal

Never take anyone else’s herb. Nothing good will come out of it, especially if you believe in karma. Enough said.

The same applies for lighters. We know how easy it is to “pocket” a lighter. Try your best to check your pockets and return all lighters to their rightful owners.

9) Thou Shall Puff, Puff, Pass

Stoner Nuns
You shall not bear false treatment to your neighbor. Take two hits, and pass it along. There’s plenty more hits to come around.

If you are hitting a massive bong or taking dab hits, then often times one hit is plenty for a single rotation. If this is the case, then feel free to pass it along after a single hit.

10) Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods

Your friend just got that awesome new 3-foot bong, and he can roll the best joints on the block. Rather than getting jealous of your friend’s paraphernalia and smoking skills, revel in the fact that he is your friend. After all, you are lucky enough to join him in the festivities!

Did You Know?

Go forth, disciples! By complying with weed etiquette through these 10 Stoner Commandments, you’ll be able to concentrate on what matters most: good times with good people and good cannabis.

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