What Are Bongs And How Do You Use Them?


Everyone is curious about different ways to resolve health issues. After a long week of work, many employees are on the search for the best ways to treat themselves and just relax. For both medical problems and relaxation technique, cannabis is one of the best solutions that you can have.

Nowadays, there is a long debate about using cannabis as a medicine since it is available in all places and people use it at home or at parties. Smokers often use bongs to consume marijuana. Bongs are a type of smoking device or pipe to smoke cannabis.

In some places, they call bong as ‘baung’. Apart from smoking marijuana, bongs are used to smoke tobacco and other substances too, even though the “for tobacco use only” really only functions as legal protection. In the bottom, you can find water in it to make the experience even better by helping to cool the smoke and filter out the plant material.

How to Use a Bong ?

To use a bong, you have to check its water temperature and level. You want the water to be as cold as possible since the intent is to run the smoke through the water to cool and filter it.

Next, put the downstem on it– this is what brings the smoke through the water. You can put ice in the bong for ultimate cooling. Then, break-up the weed and pack a bowl. Next, light the bowl and inhale the smoke. Gradually, the smoke will fill the tube. Now, you can pull out the bowl and finish inhaling the smoke on the bong.

Bong Types

Throughout the years, as cannabis became legal in some areas, there are new types ofbongs that emerged in the market. The general shape and size of the bong will affect your overall smoking experience. Each element of the bong will offer various benefits.

The basic bong types are the straight (classic), angled (modern), and custom (creative). Meanwhile, for the bottom are the straight (classic), beaker (modern), and round base bong (creative). Finally, for the sizes, bongs are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Bongs are different from a bubbler. You can think of bongs as a luxury SUV meanwhile the bubblers are a compact automobile. Bubblers can hurt if you smoke it without water. Meanwhile, they are compact and travel-friendly because of its size. Finally, bubblers can be a quieter option versus the bongs.

Bong Materials

Over the past years, there are changes in the water pipe and bong industry. Due to the advancements in plastics, 3D printing, and silicone, there are more materials that can work fine than in the past.

The most popular and classic material that you can find are the bongs which are made of glass. Meanwhile, there are various glass types that the company uses depending on where the product is produced.

For example, bongs made in the USA are expensive since they use high-quality materials. But typically, they also use the same materials as it was manufactured elsewhere. Meanwhile, bongs that are made in China are the most popular today. You can find it almost anywhere and it is affordable.

Apart from glass, wood bongs are beginning to emerge in the market today. Indeed, smoking cannabis out of wood bongs can add a twist to the experience.

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