2016 Marijuana Legislation Results Summary

November 8, 2016 now marks one of the most pivotal moments in American history. In an upset that has statisticians scratching their heads, Donald J. Trump is now the first U.S president-elect who has no formal experience in regards to political affairs. While this election marks that democracy in the U.S is very much alive, it certainly leaves a large chunk of Americans feeling unsettled and anxious for impending doom.

“President Trump” isn’t the only new phrase we need to grow accustomed to. We can now legally say “I’ll take an eighth of your lab-tested Neville’s Haze please” in several more states! Pro-cannabis legislation was on the ticket in 9 states and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of legislations that push the needle forward towards ending marijuana prohibition!

California – Recreational – Prop 64 Passes

With a 56% YES on Proposition 64, California has now legalized marijuana for use by adults 21 and over. That means once the referendum goes into effect (likely sometime in late 2017) you will be able to walk into a store, without a medical card, and purchase marijuana much in the same way you’d buy a six-pack of beer.

While there were a large number of concerns that Prop 64 would dismantle Prop 215 (California’s Medical Marijuana Program),reintroduce criminalization for marijuana possession, and solely benefit large corporate interests, it’s passing does mark the end of prohibition in California. After 20 years of paving the country’s path for all things medical marijuana, it’s about time…

Maine – Recreational – Question 1 Passes

Maine is currently 91% reporting and at 50% approval (with a lead of 4,000 votes in favor) of Question 1, which legalizes marijuana for persons over 21 years old. These sales would be subject to state regulation and taxation much like California and Colorado.

Arizona – Medical – Prop 205 Loses

Arizona has allowed for medical marijuana since 2010. Prop 205 sought to legalize the private use, possession, and manufacturing of limited amounts of marijuana. However, the state chose to reject this measure with 52% voting NO on Prop 205.

Massachusetts – Recreational – Question 4 Passes

With oa 54% approval, Massachusetts has officially allowed for the possession, use, distribution, and cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana by persons age 21 and older. Having legalized medical marijuana in 2012, it appears Massachusetts is ready to up the ante and prepare for recreational marijuana.

Florida – Medical – Amendment 2 Passes

Florida, a state that has continually been trying to pass pro medical marijuana legislation for quite some time now passed Amendment 2 that allows for medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating medical conditions as determined by a doctor. While Florida has allowed for the sale of CBD and currently treats possession of under 20 grams of marijuana as a misdemeanor, this is a huge step forward for the state. Their previous attempts to legalize were supported with a majority vote, but bizarre loopholes prevented the legislation from going into effect unless the vote was over 60%. There’s no mistaking the residents’ intents this time. Amendment 2 passed with over 71%!

Arkansas – Medical – Issue 6

Arkansas just put a glimmer of hope in the deep south, alongside Louisiana, for medical marijuana. With 53% approval of Issue 6, Arkansas has now officially legalized medical marijuana for 17 medical conditions. The Medical Marijuana Commission will be in charge of all administration efforts relating to this new legislation.

Montana – Medical – Initiative 182

While Montana’s medical marijuana initiative is quite limited, it’s a strong addition to the current medical marijuana legislation in the state. Initiative 182 passed with 57% of the vote and allows medical marijuana to be prescribed for chronic pain and PTSD. The bill also repeals the three patient limit for providers, allowing for Montana to operate more efficiently in terms of distribution.

Nevada – Recreational – Question 2

The state that includes the city of sin has finally legalized marijuana for recreational use with a 54% Yes Vote! Las Vegas is expected to be a huge marijuana tourism destination once this legislation goes into effect.

North Dakota – Medical – Measure 5

North Dakota passing Measure 5 is probably the most drastic transition for any of the states listed here. Up until now, marijuana has been straight up illegal in North Dakota. Measure 5, which passed with 64% approval, allows the use of medical marijuana for defined medical conditions.

2016 marks a huge step forward for pro-cannabis legislation. Now comes the hard part: making sure everything runs smoothly as business, patients, doctors, and dispensaries prepare for the implications.

For the status of all the 50 States, check out our State of the States Page!

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