Cannabis and Nausea: Why Cannabis Settles Your Stomach

cannabis nausea affects everyone


According to a recent study by the United Kingdom Department of Health, Almost 90% of people go to Cannabis dispensary because of nausea. Although it is not life-threatening, nausea can block you from obtaining essential nutrients you require while disrupting your daily activities. Honestly, nausea makes you uncomfortable. So, if you have nausea symptoms, then this article has come to your rescue.

Nausea and Cannabis Overview

What causes nausea? Depression, chronic pain, gallbladder, and ulcers are the most common causes of nausea. Some adverse effects of chemotherapy and some cancers can cause vomiting and nausea. Cannabis has tested and proved as a good treatment option for a nauseous stomach. While cannabis reacts differently on people, some have used it as an effective nausea medicine. This is because it does not come with adverse effects like fatigue, dry mouth, muscle spasms and reduced urination associated with other pharmaceutical drugs.

The Best Cannabis Strains to Help Reduce Nausea

Various cannabis strains help to relieve nausea as discussed below. Medical cannabis has helped many patients who experience nausea and vomiting problems. Here are the cannabis strains for nausea relief that you need to know:

Blueberry Diesel

This strain is often described as one that has an indicator end and sativa front; it contains 15% THC. Although blueberry diesel has low potency levels compared to other famous strains, it offers a relaxing experience and is crucial to relieve nausea, ease pain and increase appetite.

Blue Dream

Blue dream is often described as creative and energetic while relieving pain and giving you adequate sleep. It is suitable for reducing nausea, and also helps to fight anxiety and stress

Durban Poison

Durban poison is energizing cannabis that has been used to treat many ailments including relieving nausea and increases appetite in patients who have stomach problems.

The Science behind Cannabis and Nausea

Cannabis relieves nausea using the same techniques it employs to cure other ailments. It all boils down to endocannabinoid system. This system contains receptor sites that live on cells throughout the whole body. Once cannabinoids like cannabis and THC are ingested, the receptor sites are activated thus making biological

Interestingly enough, using cannabis too frequently or in too high quantities can sometimes cause cyclic vomiting syndrome.

changes to take place. Surprisingly, these cannabinoids affect the system perfectly because they are almost similar to endocannabinoids. They play a critical role in reducing inflammation and regulating mood.

Advantages of using Cannabis to Relieve Nausea and Other Ailments

The legalization of Cannabis for medical reasons is good news to most American medical professionals and Congress. Here are some advantages that they are going to enjoy:

Cannabis is effective in relieving vomiting and nausea. Many studies have shown that medical marijuana can reduce nausea caused by chemotherapy when treating cancer and eliminate vomiting. Cannabis is normally used to relieve chronic pain. The good news is that cannabis is safer than the pharmaceutical drugs that are used to treat the same nausea symptoms. Many researchers have found out that cannabis is crucial in the treatment of nausea which can hamper your daily activities and productivity. This article has provided information on how cannabis can treat nausea that readers wanted to know.

An important note and parting word: Do not use cannabis if you are experiencing morning sickeness. Pregnant women should not consume cannabis barring incredibly important medical conditions.

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