Vaping Temperature: The Best For Each Cannabinoid, Terpene, Effect

Vaping Temperature

With vaping becoming ever more popular it’s important to understand how it works to be able to get the most from your vaping device, starting with vaping temperature. Not all vaporizers have the ability to regulate heat, however, for those of you who do own a vaporizer with this functionality, it might be in your best interest to continue to read this article or consider getting one.

Today we’re going to be talking about Temperature Control Vaping and why it’s the superior way of consuming cannabis and vape juice. On top of all of this juicy information we’ll be dispensing today, we’re also going to be focusing on when you’re applying too much heat and why it’s inefficient and wasting.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what happens when you smoke cannabis using the old combustion method.

Why Smoking Weed is a waste of THC

According to Honest Marijuana, THC evaporates at roughly 315º F meaning that if you can maintain the heat of your device at those temperatures, you’d be getting the most THC per drag.

vaping temperatures are better than combustion
When smoking marijuana, you reach between 1,977 º F – 3,590 º F, meaning that the vast majority of the THC and other cannabinoids are destroyed before you even inhale them.

Different Vaping Temperature for Different Cannabinoids/Terpenes

If you truly want to have a controlled toke, the best way would be to get your hands-on vaporizers with Temperature Control. Essentially, this allows you to set the temperature to a specific setting allowing you to hone in on specific cannabinoids/terpenes.

According to 420VapeZone, you need to shoot for the following vaping temperature settings to activate certain cannabinoids/terpenes.

  • 311° Pinene (155°C)
  • 315° THC (157° C)
  • 320° Caryophyllene (160° C)
  • 334° Myrcene (168° C)
  • 349° Limonene (176° C)
  • 356° CBD (180° C)
  • 365° CBN (185° C)
  • 388° Linalool (198° C)
  • 428° THCv (220° C)

vaping temperature depends on which cannabinoids and terpenes you want to activate

Combustion starts at about 451º F, so if you go over this threshold you’ll start burning the weed as opposed to vaporizing it. Thus, always try to keep your vape settings under 420º F to make sure you’re not burning the plant matter.

You’ll instantly know whether or not you are burning plant matter the moment the “vapor” starts turning smoky. You’ll also immediately notice a difference in taste. Apart from simply burning off other cannabinoids/terpenes, you could also be placing unnecessary strain on your vaping device, lowering its lifespan.

Below, we’ll talk a bit more about what the ideal temperatures are for specific effects.

Best Temperature Practices

Now that we have the general specifics out of the way, let’s take a look at the desired effects.

Best Settings for a Mental High

If you’re looking to get high but not baked, then your ideal vaping temperature setting will be between 350º-360º F. At this temperature you’ll get the most THC, CBD, Mycrene, limonene and β-caryophyllene per toke. This won’t get your body too high and will mostly focus on the mental aspects of cannabis. Additionally, within these temperature ranges, you’re also getting the most flavor profile per toke.

Best Settings for Body High

Let’s say that you’re in the mood to chill and watch Netflix all weekend. In this case, getting couch locked is probably your best bet. To achieve this with your vaporizer, you’ll want to level out your temperature settings at about 390ºF and higher.

Best Temperature for Medical Relief

If you’re looking for the highest medical value per toke, then you’re going want to set your device to 410º F – 430º F. At this vaping temperature you’ll be getting the most cannabinoids/terpenoids as possible. It also, for some reason, enhances the entourage effect.

best vaping temperature depending on intended effects

Now that we’ve covered cannabis, let’s focus on temperature settings related to vaping non-cannabis e-juice. When is it too hot? What happens? Let’s find out!

Vaping Regular E-juice – What’s the right Temperature

Unlike with cannabis, the median range for vaping quality e-juices sits comfortably at 450º F. However, it’s important to understand what happens to the E-Juice when you go over the recommended temperature settings.

Firstly, the recommended temperature settings range from 200º F to 600º F. This is important because if you go too cold or too hot, you’ll start immediately noticing that the vape consistency, flow, and taste is affected.

When you vape too cold [below 200º F] you won’t be able to evaporate all of the liquid in your cartridge. This means that the vape will start “spitting”. You’ll immediately notice droplets of vape juice being shot in your mouth.

Vape too hot and you’ll get a harsh vape entering in your lungs. This will “burn” your throat and will most probably initiate a coughing spree. Furthermore, the vapor will taste horrible, and this is an understatement, your throat and lungs will also suffer with your taste buds to enhance the effect of burning.

vaping temperature for ecigs are similar to cannabis

Along with a strong, unpleasant taste, there are other risks when vaping at too high temperatures. According to a study, using too high voltage, and by overheating your e-juice, you are also increasing the amount of formaldehyde produced, which is one of the suspected carcinogens.

Thus, we recommend that you vape between the recommended 200º F – 600ºF and in most cases hit the sweet spot of 450º F.


The Sticky Bottom Line

Vaporizing is a smart choice when it comes to consuming nicotine and marijuana mainly because you can control what cannabinoids you wish to focus on. With combustion, you don’t really have a choice. If you’re not vaporizing cannabis, we recommend that adhere to the advice we gave above.

If you’re interested in diving into the field of Temperature Controlled Vaping, we recommend Vaporizers such as Divinci, Pax [2 or 3] or even bigger ones like Volcanoes and the likes. These all have temperature settings which will allow you to experiment.

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