Allen Wrench Strain : An Uplifting and Versatile Sativa

allen wrench strain

The Allen Wrench Strain is the Featured Strain of the Week for good reason. Any sativa lover looking for a creative and motivating strain should give it a try. The high associated with Allen Wrench will clear your mind and put you in a blissful state. With THC levels around 20%, this strain is certainly potent, but I would not describe it as too overwhelming unless you are a first-time smoker. The high THC content certainly elevates the mood and will help with stress, anxiety, and headaches. Allen Wrench is certainly a top-shelf sativa, most likely around 75% sativa and 25% indica. As a sativa, Allen Wrench is certainly more of a head high and can be a bit invigorating and energetic.

The WoahStork Strain Genie placed the Allen Wrench strain in the “Create” activity group. This means that after ingesting the Allen Wrench strain, you can expect a greater appreciation for aesthetics and you should have enough energy to go out and find more!

allen wrench strain

The head high provided is certainly not as energetic as a strain like Green Crack, but more of a mellow and uplifting high. The energy provided is more of a calm, blissful energy, which makes it great for various activities. As many do, the Allen Wrench strain will most likely give you the munchies, so have the food prepared.   This strain is great for almost any time of the day, except right before bed. We at WoahStork could imagine starting off a morning outdoor  adventure with this strain, as the uplifting cerebral energy would put us in a great mood for the day.

This strain would also be great for staying inside the house and cleaning up. Alternatively, this strain could be used for unwinding after a long day of work, since it is so good at relieving stress. Perhaps the perfect time for this strain would be right before dinner. It’s truly a versatile strain! The Allen Wrench strain has dark green leaves with zesty orange hairs and is lightly covered with white trichomes.

The aroma is earthy as well as a bit fruity and sweet. The Allen Wrench strain provides a sour, lemony, and fuel taste, reminiscent of its parents. This strain is a cross between two popular strains, Trainwreck and NYC Diesel. Therefore, if you have had good experiences with either, you should also enjoy Allen Wrench.  The Allen Wrench strain is said to be a sativa lover’s dream, so if you have not tried this strain before now is your chance to try.