Blue Dream: WoahStork Fans Love This Hybrid

(Blue Dream Strain) — It’s no wonder that the West Coast is obsessed with Blue Dream — it’s quite the dreamy strain. The Blue Dream strain of cannabis has nearly every quality that the modern era of cannabis smokers prefer. As a hybrid, it combines the pain relief and body high of an indica, but Blue Dream also puts your mind in a sativa-buzzed, elevated and euphoric space perfect for living life to the highest. Seasoned stoners and first-time smokers will agree that Blue Dream is certainly a dream come true.

Blue Dream packs a high THC punch, ranging between 18-25%. However, users find its smoke to not be too overwhelming or anxiety inducing, due to Blue Dream’s rich terpene profile. You can find out more about the effects of the Blue Dream strain, find dispensaries nearby that carry Blue Dream, and order Blue Dream online with WoahStork! The WoahStork Strain Genie has aptly placed Blue Dream in the “Elevate” activity group– making it perfect for parties and other social gatherings.


blue dream strain


Similar to its parent Blueberry, the Blue Dream strain is rich in myrcene, as nearly all cannabis strains are. Myrcene provides a calming experience that helps tame the body and put you in a relaxing state. Furthermore, the Blueberry provides a smooth berry aroma and often a blue hue to the plant, making it an aesthetically pleasing strain to smell and look at.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which is predominantly due to it’s mental clarity provided by alpha- and beta-pinene. As the name suggests, this terpene contributes a piney aroma, which stems from Blue Dream’s parent Super Silver Haze. Pinene has many medicinal benefits, including pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.

Pinene also increases memory retention, which helps combat the memory loss often associated with marijuana. Pinene helps make Blue Dream have a clear and cerebral head high. Blue Dream also has limonene, which allows for an elevated mood. Together, these and many other terpenes combine to give an extremely pleasant and euphoric head high combined with a body calming that is not too sedative.

Many people are turned away from cannabis due to the fact that THC can produce anxiety in patients who are not in a comfortable environment. The terpenes in Blue Dream cause an entourage effect, which help reduce this anxiety and truly allow for you to enjoy the best aspects of THC, which is optimally a state of euphoria, not anxiety. Blue Dream also does not leave you feeling too hazy or slow, which makes it a great strain for first timers.

Let us not forget that the success of Blue Dream is also due to its ability to provide a plentiful yield for growers while being fairly resistant to mold. Flowering in just 8 weeks, Blue Dream grows tall and is packed full of dense nugs.

Growers and smokers both have something to love in this strain. From this perspective, Blue Dream is the quintessential marijuana strain of the past decade. Not only will nearly everyone be satisfied with the smoke of Blue Dream, but it is also a very profitable strain for growers due to its high yield and quick harvest time.

In an era where the sativa-dominant hybrids have become most popular, Blue Dream has risen to the top of the list. If there were one marijuana strain that you should try first, Blue Dream is the perfect choice.

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