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blue dream strain

WoahStork has, at long last, launched and our Los Angeles team is California Dreaming this week on some Blue Dream! We’d been working non-stop and as a result, fatigue set in quick. Looking for the right strain for us, we were able to stop by our trusted La Luna Collective and picked up our favorite sativa-dominant hybrid.

After a few exhales, our migraines were completely wiped away and we were pulled into a state of pure relaxation that would coupled with happiness and euphoria. This was perfect since the high wasn’t too sedative.

Our stress wiped away, we were in the mood to do something to continue our relaxation stride. We decided to stop by Evoke Yoga for a little bit of what’s called “hot yoga” to soothe our senses. We decided to try out their “E-Flow 2” class, which had us in a room that was heated to about 95-100 degrees. It built our strength, balance, and flexibility. It also taught us how to link our breathing to movement as we flowed through a sequence of poses designed to get our bodies moving all directions. Truly a recommendable experience for anyone!

blue dream strain
Evoke Yoga — The perfect place to warm up your Blue Dream high

Nighttime was approaching and with our bodies feeling amazing, we were in the mood to have a little fun. Wanting to get down to a bit of 80s music, we were recommended a bar called Break Room 86 down by K-Town. A very low key bar, we had to go around the corner to reach the “entrance”, where we waiting at the back of a building. Once let in, we were taken through a hallway and stopped in front of a vending machine. After a magical wave of the hand, the hostess pulled the vending machine like a door, it swung open, and we were greeted with the wondrous sounds of 80’s music! No other way to describe this place but the epitome of awesome, the bar even lowers itself to become a stage in the middle of the night! We danced the night away like it was 1986 and didn’t look back!

blue dream strain
Break Room 86 — The perfect spot to Elevate with some Blue Dream

You can find La Luna Collective on 7406 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 and order online, here.

Evoke Yoga is located at 731 S. Spring St. Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Break Room 86 is located at 630 S Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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