Blue Galaxy Strain Guide: An Elevating Hybrid

Blue Galaxy Strain

What is the Blue Galaxy Strain?

The Blue Galaxy strain is a somewhat rare indica sativa blend that leans a little heavier on the indica side at 60% indica to 40% sativa.

Though the overall effects tend to be on the more relaxing end of the spectrum, this strain isn’t quite as sleepy as many indica dominated blends. While you still experience a bit of a mellow brain fog, you also get a bit of energy from the sativa, sparking creativity, conversation, and laughter. That’s why Blue Galaxy is in WoahStork’s “Elevate” Activity Group.

A great blend to enjoy in the company of good friends or a nice way to take yourself on a unique journey through the cosmos as you enjoy the ride through this blue galaxy, perhaps while working on a creative project or two.


A Little History Lesson

The exact origins of this strain are rather murky. Even the parent strains aren’t agreed upon by the cannabis community at large.

The most popular theory is that Blue Galaxy is a cross between Galaxy and Blue Dream (both of which are also hybrid strains), though some cite it as a cross between Afghani and Hashplant Haze.

The breeders are unknown, and even the seeds and grow information seem to be difficult to come by, making this a rare but tasty treat.


Blue Galaxy Genetics, Grow Information and Effects

Lineage: Likely a cross between Galaxy and Blue Dream, though some cite the parent plants as being Afghani and Hashplant Haze.

Breeder Information: Unknown

Certified Crosses of the Strain: N/A

Time to Flower: Exact flowering time unknown, but likely to be around 8 to 10 weeks.

Yield: Unknown

Grower Difficulty Level: Moderate

Height: Unknown

Preferred Climate: Unknown

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing: Possibly to grow indoors and outdoors.

Feeding Overview: Unknown


Aroma / Aromatics

Sweetly intense notes of blueberry and lemon hit your senses front and center as you first take these beautiful, colorful buds out for a spin.

As the tasty and dessert like aroma fades to the distance, you’ll notice some more earthy notes providing a strong backbone. Pine trees with a bit of a skunky note are most prominent.

The smoke itself leans more on the pine end of the spectrum, but a hint of that blueberry can still be found if you know where to look. Like blueberry muffins baking somewhere off in a distant galaxy.


Blue Galaxy Strain Flavor / Taste

The flavors that hit your taste buds when enjoying those first few puffs of smoke from these Blue Galaxy nugs are reminiscent of the nose. The lemon takes a backseat, while the blueberry, pine, and a hint of rosemary dance along your tongue. The blueberry comes more in the form of blueberry pie rather than fresh berries and the pine and rosemary compliment it surprisingly well.

There is a sweetness to the smoke and a full and rich mouthfeel. It lingers on your palate as you lift off on your journey through the cosmos.


What to Expect / How It Will Affect You

Blue Galaxy takes your mind on an intergalactic journey. As your body relaxes into the calming indica high, melting into the couch, your mind is alert and ready to explore the depths of your imagination or dive deep into an intense conversation. Creativity sparks left and right as you journey through the stars. While it’s easy to just relax and allow your mind to wander on its cosmic path, this can also be a great time to do some work on an artistic project. The 40% sativa can give you just enough energy to do just that if you feel so inclined.

In addition to sparking creativity, the high is cerebral, euphoric, and often giggly. Often followed by a serious case of the munchies. Space travel, after all, is sure to work up an appetite.

While everyone’s body and brain chemistry vary slightly, most users describe the following experiences when embarking on a journey with Blue Galaxy:

  •    Uplifting and cerebral head high
  •    Intense sparks of artistic creativity
  •    A relaxing full body high
  •    Talkative and giggly
  •    The release of anxiety and depression
  •    Relief from neck and back pain


Medical Uses:

Blue Galaxy hasn’t been explored too much by the medical community as of yet, most likely due to its relative scarcity. But that doesn’t mean the medical benefits aren’t there.

The most common medical use reported by users is this strains unique ability to almost instantly and effectively relieve neck and upper back pain. For those who are prone to carrying stress and tension in their necks and shoulders, Blue Galaxy might be just the thing to calm those areas and relieve the pain.

Headache and chronic pain sufferers have also reported promising results.

On the mental end of the spectrum, Blue Galaxy has had success with those suffering from anxiety and depression. Relieving stress and inducing a happy euphoria. This strain can also help with the loss of appetite due to its munchie inducing effects.


Duration of High / Side Effects

You can expect the average high for experienced users to last around 2 to 3 hours if smoked. Due to the fairly high THC composition, inexperienced users can expect the effects to linger on the longer end of the spectrum.

The high usually starts out with a bit of an energetic boost from the sativa, making you talkative, giggly, and creative. The full body high will hit slower, followed by the relaxing effects of the indica and a serious case of the munchies.

Reported side effects are few, with dry mouth being the most common. To combat dry mouth, be sure to bring plenty of water as you lift off on your trip to the stars.


Blue Galaxy Strain THC Composition

While not the strongest strain out there, Blue Galaxy definitely hits hard with an average of 20% THC. That combined with the intense effects of both indica and sativa qualities make this strain best enjoyed by experienced users.

For those just beginning their journeys into the world of cannabis, start slowly with Blue Galaxy to see how the strain might affect you before diving in deep. Perhaps a short trip to the moon to test the waters before taking on some deep space exploration.


Flower and Bud Structure

Like the beautiful stars above that inspire the name of this strain, the nugs themselves are equally stunning.

Blue Galaxy buds have medium sized, spade-shaped nugs in a stunningly gorgeous deep green color highlighted with rich blue and deep purple accents. Shining from the rich array of dark, space-like colors are fiery orange hairs, like rays from the sun.

On top of the visual beauty, these nugs are absolutely dripping with resin and covered in a thick and glistening layer of trichomes, making it super sticky to the touch.


blue galaxy strain guide

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a high that sparks artistic creativity and encourages conversation and laughter before taking you on a round trip ticket through the universe with a powerful cerebral head high and relaxing, pain-free body high, this strain has you covered.

This unique strain can be adjusted to several different moods and scenarios. Great for relaxing alone, creating masterpieces, or laughing with friends.

This strain can be enjoyed day or night, though it’s perhaps not the best pick with a full day of errands ahead of you, as you may easily be sidetracked as inspiration strikes.

Order Blue Galaxy Online

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