Durban Poison Strain Guide: A Sativa For Energy

Durban Poison Strain Guide

What is Durban Poison?

Durban Poison is a 100% pure Sativa strain. Although it originated in South Africa, it has since gained worldwide notoriety, specifically amongst the American and Dutch cannabis communities.

This variety is notably an energetic daytime smoke– with a well-deserved place in WoahStork’s Energize “Activity Group”. It has an earthy, licorice, and lemon aroma and will leave you feeling productive, energetic, and creative.

Durban Poison’s clear and focused high makes it the perfect smoke for conquering a busy day, taking a hike through nature, or working on an artistic endeavor.

In the medical community, it has a particularly loyal following amongst ADD and ADHD sufferers. The strain is known to help them balance out their overactive minds and focus on the tasks at hand.  This strain has also shown promise in helping to combat depression and pain due to inflammation.

A Little History Lesson

Durban Poison hails from South Africa. Though it was undoubtedly a popular strain in South Africa for generations, it wasn’t until the 70’s that Durban poison made its way over to the US.

In the late 70s, Sam the Skunkman took about 100 seeds from South Africa and brought them to California. When he first started experimenting with the plants, the buds weren’t quite up to the same standards they are today. He spent a few years selectively breeding the plants and eventually ended up with a Sativa strain that had all of the exact qualities he was looking for.

Sam the Skunkman finally introduced his strain in the early 80s. It was an instant hit! After introducing it in the US, he took samples to Amsterdam. The farmers in Holland went nuts for it as well. The fact that it could handle harsher weather conditions made it perfect for growing outdoors in the cooler Dutch climate.

Throughout the years, Durban Poison has maintained its spot as one of the top tier pure Sativa strains out there.


1st Place: Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference, best Sativa, 2016

3rd place: Nor-Cal Cannabis Cup, Sativa Cup 2010


Durban Poison Genetics, Grow Info and Effects

Lineage: Durban Poison is a 100% pure Sativa strain that originates from the South African port city of Durban. It is at times crossed with Skunk for stability.

Breeder Information: While the breed originates in South Africa, Sam the Skunkman was the first to bring it the US in the late 70s.

Certified Crosses of the Strain: White Durban (DP x White Fire OG), Thin Mint Cookies (OG Kush x DP), Platinum Cookies (OG Kush x DP x Cherry Pie)

Time to Flower: Between 9 to 10 weeks

Yield: A moderate yield of 1 to 3 oz. per square foot

Grower Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Height: Greater than 78 inches

Preferred Climate: This variety is a relatively hearty variety that can withstand a variety of climate conditions. That being said, for it to truly thrive, temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal.

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing: It has been grown both north and south of the hemisphere in all types of weather conditions, making it quite resilient. Though this strain can be grown indoors, it really shines outdoors where it is free to grow tall and proud, regardless of weather conditions.

Feeding Overview: As with most Sativas, Durban Poison doesn’t require a heavy feeding regiment. Silica can be used to strengthen the tall and lanky stalks. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for nitrogen burn and flush your soil if you see any problems.

Stretch: Less than 100%


Aroma / Aromatics

When opening a bag of this pungent sativa, prepare for the aroma to transport you to exotic lands in the east with a spicy and earthy blend reminiscent of a strong chai tea. Anise, vanilla, spiced orange and fennel.

Behind the sweet spice lies an earthy undertone, think dark forests and rich pine. Finishing it off is a delightful lemony citrus note, making for an overall rounded and interesting nose.

The smoke that fills the air after you take a toke leans heavy on the licorice and anise end of the spectrum, leaving a nice incense in the air.


Flavor / Taste

Like the nose on Durban Poison, the flavors are equally pleasant and complex.

This strain hits your palate with an earthy spiciness first and foremost. Rich fennel and vanilla backed by a touch of clove. Robust pine notes like a freshly cut Christmas tree follows before the spiced orange comes back to play again, dancing on your taste buds.

The lemon is there as well, but rather than the fresh lemon peel scent you get on the nose, the palate is more reminiscent of a sweet lemon candy.

Bringing it all together is a rich creaminess, filling your mouth and your senses with joy. The finish is long, lingering with you long after you’ve enjoyed a few sweet tokes.


What to Expect / How will it Affect You

Durban Poison is famous for its clear-headed, uplifting characteristics. This is a high that is completely free of any foggy stoned feelings. Think of Durban Poison as the coffee of the cannabis world. Waking you up and getting you ready to conquer the day!

Everyone’s body and brain chemistry vary slightly. So while no two people may experience exactly the same effects, most users describe the experience as one or more of the following:

  •    Uplifting and energetic high
  •    Clear headed, without any trace of brain fog
  •    An invigorated and positive mood
  •    The ability to focus on any tasks at hand
  •    A mass influx of creative energy


Medical Uses:

Durban Poison is also known for helping with a varied of medical conditions. The strong stimulant effects make it a favorite treatment or ADD or ADHD sufferers.

Those suffering from melancholic depression, the type of depression that leaves you with a lack of motivation to do even your favorite activities, can also greatly benefit from Durban Poison’s uplifting and positive energy.

In addition to the mental benefits, this variety can also help with chronic pain, specifically, pain caused by inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Duration of High / Side Effects

The average high from Durban Poison clocks in around 2 to 3 hours.

One of our favorite qualities of Durban Poison is its relatively low side effect to benefit ratio. The most commonly reported side effect is dry eyes and dry mouth. This can easily be avoided by maintaining proper hydration throughout the day. Drink plenty of water and keep some eye drops handy to ward off any discomfort.

Though pure Sativas are known for being racy, users of the strain rarely report severe paranoia or anxiety associated with the high. That being said, we recommend starting slowly  if you’re prone to anxiety as any pure Sativa is going to be more anxiety-prone than a more relaxing Indica or hybrid strain. Try it in small amounts first to see how your body and mind react.


THC Composition

Let’s dive deep into what’s really important, THC composition. Lab tests on Durban Poison show this tasty nugget at around 17% on the lower end of the spectrum and a whole whopping 26% on the higher end of the scale! Your average buds will probably be somewhere in the middle, but either way, it’s sure to get you going!

In addition to THC, Durban Poison has another unique cannabinoid called THCV. This relatively unknown cannabinoid has a variety of useful characteristics. THCV has been shown to suppress appetite, allowing you to resist the temptation to gorge yourself on junk food, regulate blood sugar levels, help with Alzheimer’s disease, increase bone growth, and reduce stress. Perhaps this is why this strain is less anxiety prone than other pure Sativas.


Flower and Bud Structure

Durban Poison is known for its chunky, dense bud structure with a long and tapered shape common in Sativa strains. The leaves are a deep and rich forest green with beautiful bright orange pistils shining through, making this a quite striking variety.

The whole plant is covered in sticky THC-rich trichomes, giving the buds a glistening sheen.

Another notable characteristic is the excessively immense resin glands, making this strain a go-to for concentrates and extracts.

Durban Poison Strain Guide Sativa


Closing Thoughts

Durban Poison has stuck around as one of the kings of sativa for a long time and for good reason. Few strains will give you such a clean and clear-headed high.

If you’re looking for a daytime bud that will wake you up and get you going without leaving you feeling jittery or anxious, Durban Poison is definitely worth a try.


Order Durban Poison Strain Online

WoahStork’s online cannabis marketplace makes it easy to search for Durban Poison, find dispensaries that carry this energetic strain, and place an order online. Get started today and you’ll see how truly easy it is to get your next delivery or pickup.

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