Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Guide: A Chill Hybrid

Gorilla Glue #4 strain Guide

What is the Gorilla Glue #4 Strain?

Gorilla Glue #4, otherwise known as “GG” or “GG4”, is an incredibly potent hybrid strain of cannabis known for its ability to, well, literally “glue” you to the couch (yeah, it’s that potent).

Officially classified as a Sativa-dominant strain, this plant delivers a hearty helping and perfect combination of both relaxation and euphoria. And due to its high THC content, this strain has quickly skyrocketed to one of the most sought-after strains in the US cannabis market to date.

A Little History Lesson

GG4, formally known as “Gorilla Glue 4” was the brainchild of Lone Watie and Joesy Whales, co-founders of the GG strains. Both experienced cultivators of all things cannabis in their own rights, two heads, in this case, were most certainly better than one, and shortly after Gorilla Glue was born.

Released to the general public in 2015, Gorilla Glue took first place in the San Bernadino Medical Cannabis Cup in 2014, later winning the High Times Cup in Michigan that same year and then again taking first place in the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

From there, as they say, the rest is history.

Early success led to raving fans and the never-ending search of stoners far and wide looking for that one true GG4 strain to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis user.

As with all products of success, a range of sister hybrids and crosses followed, yet despite their popularity, none other is more sought after than the original #4…and with good reason. When you’ve had the best, you tend to forget the rest.

Gorilla Glue Genetics, Grow Information and Effects

Lineage: Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel

Hybrid: Indica Dominant with 63% Indica and 37% Sativa

Breeder Information: Lone Watty and Joesy Whales, founders of GG Strains

Certified Crosses of the Strain: GlueChee, PurpleGlue, GG5

Time to Flower: Between 7-9 weeks

Yield: 1-3 oz per square foot (considered moderate to high yield)

Grower Difficulty Level: Moderate

Height: Greater than 70”

Preferred Climate: This strain prefers temperatures ranging between 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit, and low humidity during flowering to reduce the chances of mold taking hold. Keeping the plants at the cooler end of the spectrum will usually result in increased trichome production during late-stage flowering.

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing: Gorilla Glue generally does equally well both indoors and outdoors. Trichomes produced by this strain are naturally water repellant, which helps to keep the buds dry during flowering.

Feeding Overview:  This strain does well when fortified with potassium silicate-rich food substrates, resulting in fortifying the plant as the buds develop.

Stretch: Between 100-200%

Aroma / Aromatics

The flower of the Gorilla Glue strain gives off sweet notes with hints of sour that tend to vary slightly in intensity depending on the batch. Burnt flowers produce a pungent and strong skunky perfume odor that hangs thick in the air and leaves no doubt as to what strain you’ve lit up.

Flavor / Taste

Bred largely for its medicinal and THC properties, the flavor profile of Gorilla Glue is a bit on the “un-noteworthy” side, resembling a number of other strains.

Overall the flavor is generally tart, skunky and well-balanced. However, it lacks the sophisticated flavor profiles that some palates prefer.

Many users describe the flavor as slightly tart/sour, pungent and powerful, with undernotes of earth and pine. Some more discerning palates may be able to pick out notes of burnt mocha or burnt chocolate as well, presumably from its Chocolate Diesel parent.

What to Expect / How will it Affect You

The original Gorilla Glue #4 is a hard-hitting strain, even for seasoned cannabis users. What it lacks in a sophisticated flavor profile it more than makes up for with its powerful THC concentrations and deep, long-lasting highs. WoahStork has placed Gorilla Glue #4 in the “Chill” activity group, making it perfect for a night in on the couch while relaxing from a long day.

Given its high THC content, users often report near instantaneous onset of uplifting euphoria and a deep sense of well-being, nearing towards levels of sedation.

The high is both mind and body-centric, providing a spiritual, emotional, and physical sense of joy and euphoria.

Potential Medicinal Benefits May Include Alleviation of Symptoms Associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain / Chronic Pain
  • PTSD
  • And more…

However, due to the strain’s potency, GG4 is best suited for periods of time when you don’t have “things to do”. For example, don’t expect to get much work done after taking a hit of this stuff.

Side Effects May Include:

  • Sleepiness or drowsiness
  • Sedative relaxed state
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry itchy eyes

Care should be taken to not “overdo” it with this strain, especially for your first couple sessions with this herb. Being high is fun, getting too high can be downright scary, leading to temporary feelings of paranoia, dizziness or headaches.

THC Composition

As previously mentioned, Gorilla Glue is strong. It was bred with THC concentration as a key desired feature.

THC for this strain generally comes in at an average of 27-30%, resulting in a fast onset of a euphoric rush, followed by a gentle ease into deep relaxation.

Flower and Bud Structure

Gorilla Glue is known for its bulky, resin-covered buds. A high density of trichomes on the buds also makes them one of the stickier of the cannabis varieties. So much so that growers can often be cited complaining about how “gunked” up their pruning scissors become when tending to these plants.

Crystalline partials also abound, with leaves and small hairs popping up out in between the tightly packed trichomes. Due to the dense coat of both crystals and trichomes, buds often appear as if they are covered with the frost from a wintery morning.

Touching a few of them with your bare hands will give you a whole new definition of “sticky icky”…in a good way.

What Others Have Said about it

It’s one thing to read about it, and another to get some first-hand information direct from the horse’s mouth. Below we’ve paraphrased feedback and reviews from actual users who have given this dank herb a run for its money.

*We’ve removed names to protect the privacy of the reviewers

“The taste was meh, not anything special but not bad either. The “medicine” however, was on point. Euphoria hit hard and fast. Def couldn’t see me getting anything done on this so best to take it when you need to relax and have some time to chill and space out for a while.”

“Super sticky and got me really high. One of the best ‘sit your ass down and relax’ strains I’ve had in a long while. A definite regular in my future rotation.”

“An absolute godsend. I suffer with depression and this strain provides me with a sense of peace, joy and laughter like no other. It just gets my mind right and puts me in a positive dimension.”

    “I suffer from chronic pain and daily aches that only get worse with age. Gorilla Strain was recommended to me by a friend to help with pain management and also to aid in getting better sleep. Hands down the best decision I’ve made all year.”

Closing Thoughts

Often imitated, never duplicated, nothing comes close to the ORIGINAL Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4). When those two mad scientists Lone Watie and Joesy Whales came up with this strain, they did something truly magical.

Sure, it’s not the best tasting, but what it lacks for in unique flavor it overcompensates in the get your ass stoned as a rock category. From insomnia, to depression or just taking a mini-vacation in your mind, this strain packed one heck of a punch.

But words can only describe this sweet sticky green. GG4 isn’t something you read about, its something you MUST experience for yourself. Just take it easy the first few times, and thank us later that you did.

Order Gorilla Glue Online

WoahStork’s online cannabis marketplace features hundreds of dispensaries throughout the U.S. Dozens of them have Gorilla Glue for sale. Just head over to the Shop Page and type in Gorilla Glue to find which dispensaries carry this strain near you. Then, you can quickly add it to your cart for easy pickup or delivery.

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