Headband Strain Guide: A Hybrid to Elevate

A strain to elevate

When it comes to cannabis, we are truly living in the golden age of strains, with users (like yourself) having an absolute treasure trove of options to choose from. This specific guide will lead you down a path exploring all the wonders that the “Headband Strain” has to offer. We hope you find this piece as interesting as it was to write, and that you enjoy your favorite strains responsibly and in the company of good friends.

Why is it called ‘Headband’?

Headband, also sometimes referred to as 707 Headband or Sour Kush, is a powerful strain with high THC descending from noble parentage (most likely OG Kush x Sour Diesel). Rather than taking its name from the fashion trends of a bygone era of hippies, the name is actually a result of the effects of this unique strain. Headband is widely reported to create a halo effect or even a slight pressure around the temples, creating the sensation of wearing a headband.   

With Indica dominating the blend by 60%, you can expect the high to be relaxing without completely incapacitating you. A great strain for winding down after a busy day or as an excellent treatment for chronic pain. Coupled with a pleasant and distinct lemony citrus aroma, Headband is a sure-fire hit.

A Little History Lesson

The origins of Headband remain a little murky, with several locations and breeders laying claim to this popular strain. The two most common rumors seem to be that the strain was developed either by Reserva Privada in Colorado or it originated somewhere in Humboldt Country, California.

Another rumor claims the strain was originally called Diesel #1 and was created by an east coast breeder named Weasel before making its way to California and being renamed Headband by a California breeder named Loompa. This rumor also claims the strain is actually a cross between Chemdog (Chem 91), Massachusetts Super Skunk, and Northern Lights.

Regardless of the true origins, there is no question today that Headband is not only one of the most popular, but also one of the most widely available strains on the market today.  

Headband Genetics and Grow Information

Lineage: Most agree that Headband is a crossing of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, though some argue that it is actually a cross of Chemdog (Chem 91), Massachusetts Super Skunk, and Northern Lights.

Hybrid: 60% Indica slightly dominates over the 40% sativa

Breeder Information: Exact origins are debated. Some claim it originated from Reserva Privada in Colorado, Another rumor credits Humboldt Country in California for its creation, while a 3rd rumor states it was developed by an East Coast breeder named Weasel.

Certified Crosses of the Strain: Purple Headband (Headband x an unknown “purple” hybrid), Blueberry Headband (a cross between ’76 Blueberry, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, and Headband’s parent strains: OG Kush and Sour Diesel), Sour Headband (Headband x Sour Diesel), Blue Headband (Headband x Blueberry)

Time to Flower: The Headband strain flowering time is usually between 7 to 9 weeks

Yield: 3 to 6oz per square foot (considered a high yield)

Grower Difficulty Level: Difficult

Height: 30 to 78 inches

Preferred Climate: Headband thrives best in a moderate to warm climate with temperatures ranging from 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing: With proper care, Headband strains can flourish both inside and out. However, when grown outdoors fall temperatures must be taken into account due to its fairly long flowering time. Headband will do best outdoors in areas that maintain a temperate climate in the fall months.  

Feeding Overview: Due to the OG lineage of the Headband strain, staying on top of your feeding regiment is crucial to maintaining a healthy plant. Take measures to assure you aren’t underfeeding or burning your plants.

Stretch: Greater than 200%

Aroma / Aromatics

Headband is a notably pungent strain. These nugs will quickly fill the room with intense and funky citrus aromas, mostly reminiscent of sweet lemon peel but with a slight grapefruit edge as well. Behind the pleasant citrus notes lies a skunky and earthy backbone with a distinct note of diesel fuel, likely stemming from its Sour Diesel parentage.

Flavor / Taste

Much like the aroma, the lemon is most prominent on the palate and will linger in the air long after the smoke has cleared. The earthy and diesel notes from the nose are replaced by a pleasant pine taste that plays nicely with the citrus. Though the smoke is thick, it is also quite smooth with a pleasant creaminess and hints of sweet cream and vanilla hiding under the initial hit of citrus, making this a quite pleasant smoke overall.

What should I expect with this strain – How will I feel?

First and foremost, you will begin to feel the pleasant halo effect or slight pressure around the temples on your forehead that this strain derives its name from. This sensation is caused by blood flow to that area and will sometimes be accompanied by a slight tingling sensation.

This halo effect makes the Headband marijuana strain particularly good for releasing tension in your head, which can often be the cause of headaches or even migraines. In addition to helping relieve headaches, Headband is also a great strain for other types of pain such as muscle spasms, body tension, soreness, or chronic pain.

On to the mental and other physical effects of the high, Headband tends to produce an overall happy and relaxing high. Perfect for winding down after a stressful day or taking a leisurely day off. Some report a mild to medium couch-lock effect paired with a soothing body high that makes you feel warm and comfortable.

In some cases, especially when consumed in higher doses, mild hallucinations or “eye floaters” are reported.

Potential Medicinal Benefits May Include Alleviation of Symptoms Associated with:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Body tension

The possible negative side effects associated with the Headband strain are few. Mostly, as with most marijuana strains, you’re bound to feel a bit of dry mouth and red or dry eyes. This can be managed with eye drops and proper hydration. Some may also experience slight dizziness or brain fog. In addition, the relaxing nature of this strain may leave you feeling glued to your couch, and while most find this sensation calming and pleasant, a few find it unsettling which can lead to paranoia.

Side Effects May Include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry, red eyes
  • Dizziness and difficulty concentrating
  • Couch-lock
  • Slight paranoia

THC Composition

The Headband weed strain packs a hell of a punch, clocking in with a whopping 20 to 27% of THC! Even though most Headband weed will fall on the low to medium end of that spectrum, this is still leaps and bounds higher than the average Indica hybrid, which usually sits around 12%.  

Due to the abnormally high THC levels, Headband is best enjoyed in smaller doses to start until you’re sure how your body will react as this one is sure to hit hard even for experienced users.

Paired with the THC is a small percentage of CBD, usually around 0.07 to 0.2%.

elevate your mood

Flower and Bud Structure

Headband nuggets are tightly stacked with dark or light emerald green spearhead calyxes. Occasionally, plants grown in a cooler climate will show a slight eggplant purple undertone. The pistils are usually a brick red or rusty orange color, which pops against the green backdrop.

Due to the high THC content, these buds glisten with a beautiful white frosting of trichomes, making the use of a grinder imperative in order to fully enjoy this sticky and beautiful treat.

What Others Have Said about it

Though the legendary Headband’s genetics and history speak volumes, it’s always useful to hear what the cannabis community at large has to say about a strain. We’ve read through countless reviews online and collected the best snippets to give you a balanced perspective.

*We’ve removed names to protect the privacy of the reviewers

“No doubt, Headband lives up to its reputation and never fails at giving me that gentle feeling of embrace as if I was wearing an actual headband. Each hit brings on an intense head high and a slight halo shaped pressure around your head. I use it to enhance focus and for a gently uplifting experience. My advice? Give this unique blend a try.” – Anonymous

“Nice bud. Produces a lot of kief for me. Def has that headband aura effect everyone talks about. Feels like a slightly warm light pressure around your head high. Spiritually uplifting, mood enhancing and euphoric. I find it relaxing but not to the point where I’m locked down on the couch or anything. Can def still function and handle daily tasks.

“One of the strains I keep in rotation for reducing the edge of anxiety, stress and mild depression. Just seems to give me a nice relaxing calm without being overly drowsy.” – Anonymous

“Well rounded strain that’s good on any number of occasions. I’ve noticed it has two different highs to it depending. One that you get when taking low doses that brings on a mellow, lightly relaxing, lightly mood improving creative vibe. At higher doses it comes on with a deeper relaxing feel, warm headband pressure and a greater level of anxiety relief. Last batch I had offered up a nice pine, and lemon zest aroma and falvor with musky notes.” – Anonymous

“Unreal. Love this bud. I take it in two ways: low dose when I’m up in the morning getting me ready to face the day ahead in a peaceful mental state with a light energy and overall good mood. The other time is when I am winding down after a long day’s work. Gets me lethargic, mellowed out and ready to relax and rest.” – Anonymous

Order Headband Online

With WoahStork’s online cannabis marketplace, you can order headband online. Whehther you want to find this elevating strain as a flower, concentrate, or edible, WoahStork can help you out.

Closing Thoughts

For those seeking a fully relaxing high for body, mind, and soul, Headband is sure to hit the spot. With its happy yet soothing effect, this strain is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of positive and soothing vibes.

Those suffering from frequent headaches, migraines, depression, muscle spasms, or insomnia, may find that the Headband cannabis strain offers just the relief they were looking for.

Enjoy this high THC powerhouse on a day off or relaxing evening at home, or use it in smaller doses during the day to help manage chronic pain or depression. Whether your needs are medical or purely recreational, this sensational strain is not to be missed.  

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