Juicy Fruit Strain of Cannabis: WoahStork’s Elevating Hybrid

What is the Juicy Fruit strain of cannabis?

juicy fruit strain

The phrase Juicy Fruit probably conjures up memories of that Wrigley’s gum pictured above. Juicy Fruit gum is the one that is oh so delicious with fruity goodness at first chew but loses its flavor within five seconds. The Juicy Fruit strain of cannabis packs a much longer punch…

As the name suggests, the Juicy Fruit strain is packed with a fruity aroma that is reminiscent of fruit punch, as well as a fresh lemony scent. As soon as you break apart this bud in the grinder, your nostrils will flare up with curiosity. The indistinguishable scent will soon become apparent.

The flower from the Juicy Fruit strain is a light green color filled with hues of purple, long orange hairs, and frosted buds, making it also quite attractive to look at. Juicy Fruit is a cross between two landraces: the Sativa Thai and the Indica Afghani.

Sensi Seeds is said to have created this rare strain, and they refer to it as Fruity Juice. They state that the strain is a 55%/45% Sativa/Indica hybrid, confirming that it is indeed a balanced hybrid. Originating in 1995, this plant is the result of generations of testing until two special Thai and Afghani strains were found. The result is the Fruity Juice strain, which has a dense nug profile and staggering potency of about 20%.

What kind of high can you expect from the Juicy Fruit strain?

Since Juicy Fruit’s parents,Thai and Afghani, are known for creativity and relaxation respectively, Juicy Fruit is perfect for inspiring your next social adventure. The Afghani undertones will keep you at ease, free of social anxiety. The Thai dominance will keep you creative and looking for the next source of entertainment on your night out!

The two parent strains mix together quite nicely to provide this well-balanced hybrid that nearly every smoker will find something to enjoy. On the first hit, expect to be overwhelmed with a borderline psychedelic head high that will bring a sense of euphoric joy. After a few minutes have gone by, the full-body Indica relaxation will start to level out your high.

Juicy Fruit certainly has the potential to provide a burst of daytime creativity. You will feel elevated enough to enjoy the day to your most. The Juicy Fruit strain is great at all times of the day. Whether it starts off your morning adventures, offers you an afternoon break, or kickstarts an evening out with friends, Juicy Fruit is sure to help you attain your goal of getting “lifted”.

juicy fruit strain

The Strain Genie selected the activity group Elevate for Juicy Fruit. Since the strain is great for socializing and providing an upbeat, yet calm sensation worth sharing with friends, we recommend it for your next social outing. Whether you find yourself leading the conversation, or if you are caught in a giggle fit in the back of your seat, Juicy Fruit has got something for everyone to love.

The taste is as expected! Juicy Fruit will exhibit a flavor that some say will remind you of a pina colada and vanilla. Others also report a taste of dark berry or plum. The Juicy Fruit strain is great for treating depression, stress, anxiety, and may even help with alleviating pain and nausea.

I ordered Juicy Fruit on WoahStork. Now What?

It was yet another great week for the WoahStork team in Los Angeles. We had a successful run at the 420 Games, where we, and all attendees, showed everyone that cannabis consumers can be highly active! The 420 Games were instrumental in helping to bring light to the world of cannabis and its benefits. Afterwards, we decided it was the right time to celebrate and what better way than to pair up our night with a bit of cannabis? We were recommended Juicy Fruit to try, a hybrid that would remind us of pina colada and vanilla.

juicy fruit strain
The Juicy Fruit strain of cannabis should leave you feeling elevated– ready for a night out at Avalon in Los Angeles, CA

After a few exhales, we were taken over by a desire to socialize, so we headed to one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, Avalon. Visited by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, and the Entourage cast, this club in the heart of Hollywood was once known as the Palace Theatre.

Housing a huge dance floor and a full stage up front, Avalon is ideal for both live bands and DJs. We went on a Saturday, where the Avalon EDM experience is branded as “Avaland”.

The juicy fruit we had was perfect for the setting. It not only had us socializing but also dancing the night away. Avalon’s set up is clever, having a second room with comfortable couches and a second DJ.

Our night turning out perfect, we wanted to keep the party going and figured the best way was to plan our upcoming adventure to none other than Coachella music festival. Hosted on the Empire Polo Club grounds, This annual music festival hosts the best artists in the world, ranging from Madonna to Radiohead.

This weekend-long festival is the epitome of perfection, bringing good people, music, and vibes. This year’s lineup for Coachella 2016 brings greats such as Guns N’ Roses, Calvin Harris, A$AP Rocky, and Ellie Goulding. The WoahStork team will be there on the first weekend, come say hi!

Our experience on Juicy Fruit was one to remember, leaving us happy, euphoric, and in the mood to party! Definitely recommended for going out and for social situations! We definitely plan on ordering a ton of Juicy Fruit from WoahStork before heading to Coachella. We’ve dubbed it the ultimate festival strain!

Be sure to check out these locations and tag  #WoahStork when you’re there to win a free T-Shirt!

Avalon is located on 1735 N Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Coachella is held on the Empire Polo Club grounds, you can find out more info at https://www.coachella.com/

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