Kosher Kush — WoahStork’s Blessed and Sleepy Indica

What is the Kosher Kush strain of cannabis?

With Passover closely approaching, many Jewish smokers may wonder if there are any strains that are kosher. Fortunately, the Kosher Kush strain is the first to ever be blessed by a Rabbi.

Technically, to be legitimately Kosher, the batch you ingest would have to also be blessed by a Rabbi. But, we’ll take what blessings we can get…

Whether you are Jewish or not, Kosher Kush certainly has something for everyone to offer — it won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2010 and 2011.

One thing that makes Kosher Kush so impressive is its ridiculous THC potency, often testing as high as a whopping 32%. With this kind of strength, you can be guaranteed that Kosher Kush will deliver a powerful punch of euphoria.

The Kosher Kush strain of cannabis will put you in a pleasant mood before casting you off into a deep sleep.

As an Indica, Kosher Kush is great for nighttime use, as it will leave your body relaxed and ready for a good night of sleep. As such, Kosher Kush is great for treating insomnia, stress, and pain. This strain can also give you the munchies, making matzo ball soup tasting better than ever before!

Kosher Kush was Blessed by a Rabbi

This strain got its name because it was originally cultivated by a group of orthodox Jewish growers in LA. Abandoning the original name, “Jew Gold”, they later decided on Kosher Kush, as it is a bit more politically correct. Kosher Kush is really an offshoot of an OG Kush cut.

The aroma of Kosher Kush is strong, pungent, and earthy. Its buds are filled with frosty white trichomes and abundant with orange hairs. Due to its incredible THC content, users can often times experience side effects such as dry mouth, paranoia, and anxiety.

First-time patients should be cautious since this strain packs a heavy punch of THC.

Kosher Kush is certainly a blessing. Let WoahStork help you find some Kosher Kush today! The Strain Genie recommends this strain for sleeping, so you can be guaranteed a good night sleep with Kosher Kush.

The Strain Genie recommends this strain for sleeping, so you can be guaranteed a good night sleep with the Kosher Kush strain.

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I ordered the Kosher Kush strain on WoahStork. Now what?

We recommend Kosher Kush as a night-cap, reserved only for the hour or so before bed. As with all strains in our Sleep activity group, these are not the most ideal “Wake and Bake” strains; trying to stay up for more than an hour or two after ingesting them will leave you groggy.

We recommend smoking the Kosher Kush strain in glass (to make sure everything stays Kosher) and cuddling up with a good book in bed.

The latest book to make us say “Woah” is The Universe Is Virtual: Discover the Science of the Future, Where the Emerging Field of Digital Physics Meets Consciousness, Reincarnation, Oneness, and Quantum Forgiveness.

The Universe is Virtual is a mind-blowing graphic novel, perfect to flip through after ingesting the Kosher Kush strain. The science in this book, combined with the sleepy Kosher Kush will help put you right to sleep.


While it might seem intimidating, this graphic novel is a must-read for any of you philosopher stoners out there. If you’ve ever looked around and asked yourself “What is this? What am I in it?”, then this book will quickly become your New Testament.