Mango Strain : WoahStork’s Relaxing Indica

mango strain

What makes the Mango strain so unique?

This week’s featured strain is the 100% indica Mango strain. In the era of hybrids, finding a pure indica is a rare occassion indeed! If you ever want to experience what a true indica is all about, the Mango strain should be at the top of your “strains to try” list! WoahStork’s Strain Genie provides strain recommendations for any occasion by having users pick different activity groups to help make a decision about which strains to purchase.

WoahStork’s Strain Genie provides strain recommendations for any occasion by having users pick different activity groups to help make a decision about which strains to purchase. The mango strain as expected, has a dominant presence in WoahStork’s “Sleep” activity group.

mango strain

The original Mango strain most likely descended from an Afghani around the 1960’s. The Mango these days is a cross between the old-school Mango and KC 33. There’s no surprise as to why the name was given to this fruity strain — it has some incredible similarities to the actual mango fruit.

Have you ever tried eating a real mango before smoking any cannabis strain? The fruit is known for its excess amount of the terpene myrcene. Myrcene helps bring out the couch-locked indica feel when paired with the right strains of cannabis. Thus, It is no surprise that the Mango strain, which also has a high myrcene content, is a heavy indica. This is what makes the Mango strain so great for insomnia and nighttime relaxing. Eating a mango before ingesting the mango strain could provide a maximally relaxing experience.

Terpenes are a class of organic compounds found throughout many plants. Marijuana itself has somewhere around 200 different terpenes. They all interact with THC in what is known as the entourage effect. The terpene of the week is myrcene, which is the terpene that causes the indica-like couchlocked experience. Other plants contain myrcene, such as bay, wild thyme, parsley, and you guessed it, mangoes! So what does myrcene actually do?

THC is the predominant psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, which acts as an agonist to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Binding to these receptors, the THC activates your brain to release chemicals. Myrcene helps by increasing the rate at which THC can activate your brain. This causes changes in the endocannabinoid system, which does many things including regulating your sleep. As a result, myrcene causes a sedative and relaxing effect. In fact, most marijuana strains have some amounts of myrcene. Indicas such as the Mango strain have excess amounts of myrcene, which is what gives them their couch-locked effect.

What should I do after ingesting the Mango strain?

Although the mango strain may be famous for its couch-locked effect, the right dosage can induce a state of relaxedness that makes for a great, chill night out on the town. The LA WoahStork crew ventured out this week to try this strain, and the night was nothing short of magical. Keep in mind that heavier doses will put you right to sleep!

Being up night after night working round the clock isn’t very nice on the body, so a nice indica to help us relax was a must-have. After each exhale, we were brought further and further into a sedative state. However, remembering that we hadn’t eaten anything for dinner yet, we set forth to find our culinary delight.

We had been told to stop by Poquito Mas for their Chile Relleno style dish, which interestingly enough, is made with fresh mangos– perfect for accelerating the effects of the mango strain due to its high myrcene content! One bite and we were hooked. The flavors of the pepper combining with the sweetness of the mango had our taste buds satisfied. Another all-time favorite of ours would be their steak burritos — a definite tummy pleaser.

mango strain

After finishing our amazing meal, our relaxed moods compelled us to find a lounge where we could sit and chill. We stumbled upon The Library at the Redbury in Los Angeles and were drawn by the mystical red exterior into what was inside. Located on the second floor, The Library offered the perfect environment for us to chill at. A very cozy lounge, books are strewn about the shelves and even a card catalog cabinet is nestled in a corner right next to the bar.

mango strain

There’s even a pool table and a digital photo booth. Walking outside, we were greeted by a gorgeous courtyard, complete with fire pits and a large glass wall overlooking the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. A must-try is their Old Hollywood cocktail, a twist on an Old Fashioned made with Bulleit Bourbon whiskey, house-made fig-almond syrup and a dash of walnut bitters.

If you’ve had a long week, or even have trouble sleeping, WoahStork recommends Mango to help you relax the night away. Make sure to tag @WoahStork if you find yourself at Poquito Mas or The Library to win a t-shirt!

Poquito Mas is at 16545 Ventura Blvd (at Hayvenhurst Ave), Encino, CA 91436, United States

The Library at the Redbury is located at 1717 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Review the mango strain and extend your personalized taste-profile if you’ve tried it!

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