Northern Lights Strain of Cannabis : WoahStork’s Classic Chiller

What is the Northern Lights strain of cannabis?

This week, we feature one of the most famous Indicas around– the Northern Lights strain. Popularized in Seattle, Northern Lights has been one of the most popular “indoor” strains for decades. Since Seattle has fairly poor weather, indoor grow-rooms became the predominant method of growing in and around the area.

Northern Lights is particularly good for growing indoors, as it has a short grow time and produces short and bushy plants that are quite resistant to mold. Smokers will find a lot to love in Northern Lights— it boasts potent and resinous buds. 

northern lights strain
Indoor grow operations like this gave birth to the Northern Lights strain of cannabis.

While the exact lineage of Northern Lights remains unclear, it seems that it descended from an Afghani landrace in the late 1970’s near Seattle, Washington. Legend has it that a grower named “The Indian” bred 11 plants on an island near Seattle and numbered each 1 through 11.Today, only 3 out of the 11 original phenotypes of Northern Lights prevail. Northern Lights #1 is a phenotype which was started in Seattle and perfected in Netherlands stays true to its Afghani origins. Northern Lights 2 is apparently a Hindu Kush and Thai cross that is predominantly

Today, only 3 out of the 11 original phenotypes of Northern Lights prevail. Northern Lights #1 is a phenotype which was started in Seattle and perfected in Netherlands stays true to its Afghani origins. Northern Lights 2 is apparently a Hindu Kush and Thai cross that is predominantly Indica and has many Kush characteristics. Also known as Oasis, NL 2 is said to have a smell and taste similar to onion and garlic. Finally, Northern Lights 5 is produced by Sensi Seeds, which is the most potent and has a shorter flowering time.

What kind of high can you expect from the Northern Lights strain?

WoahStork’s Strain Genie, which has a strain recommendation for any occasion, placed the Northern Lights strain in the Chill activity group. Rightfully so. Northern Lights is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and happy, perfect for a night in. It is no surprise that Northern Lights landed a Cannabis Cup hat trick– taking home top prizes in ’88, ’89, and ’90.

northern lights strain

Northern Lights is great for treating fatigue, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Also, any patients with multiple sclerosis should give Northern Lights a try.

Northern Lights has a very faint smell, which is surprising when considering its potency. The taste of Northern Lights is rather sweet with a bit of spice. The aroma after breaking apart the bud will release a musky citrus flavor mixed with pine. Others describe it as having an earthy undertone with an aroma of juniper. The smoke of Northern Lights is quite smooth, perhaps even buttery. The effects of this

The effects of this Indica will definitely leave you couch-locked, yet this strain may not be a pure indica, as it does have some sativa-like effects. A psychoactive and euphoric head buzz will also come upon you in combination with the body high. Expect to feel a strong head high come on at first, but be patient! The Indica dominant effects of Northern Lights will take a few minutes before your body is hit with the narcotic body high that makes this strain so famous.

It is very common to see Northern Lights crossed with other strains. For example, there are many other phenotypes of Northern Lights which take the original Northern Lights and cross it with other strains. Northern Lights is the parent of many other famous strains, including Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Shiva Skunk, and Super Silver Haze.

Today, it is often difficult to find the true Northern Lights. However, WoahStork can help you find dispensaries that carry this classic strain. Most varieties of Northern Lights these days are a cross between NL 2 and NL 5. Let the Stork help you get your hands on this all natural pain reliever today!

I ordered Northern Lights from WoahStork. Now What?

The WoahStork team is always out and about. Somewhere between visiting dispensaries and taking meetings, we forget to chill! We decided to change that and take a day out from our weekend to indulge in some self-pampering. Stopping by our trusted favorite, The Higher Path, we expressed our need for a day of TLC. We were recommended Northern Lights. We concurred and rolled it up.

northern lights strain
The Northern Lights strain of cannabis makes hanging out in a cafe, sipping on some Boba (Bubble Tea) heavenly!

As big fans of Asian-inspired beverages, we decided to stop by Boba Bear, a dessert lounge in K-Town that offers a selection of boba tea, crepes, and hookah. The lounge environment is perfect for groups of friends to come and relax, chat, and have a good time. Boba Bear offers board games upon request– perfect for a chilled out Sunday evening. Boba Bear really goes beyond just serving food and drinks to bring your social circle closer together. The combination of boba and hookah is a match made in heaven.

After our chill session at Boba Bear, we wanted to relax even more. We decided to take it to the next level with Wi Spa — a 24/7 mega spa in the keart of Korea Town, Los Angeles. We spent hours in the expansive jimjilbang. We explored five different heated rooms, a TV and wifi-outfitted lounge area, the library and computer room, got a snack at the restaurant then dozed off in the sleeping room.

northern lights strain
After smoking some Northern Lights, kick back at WiSpa and chill.

The body scrub and massage is definitely recommended. The best part of Wi Spa is that you are free to leave whenever. Take as much or as little time to get the healing you need. The feeling of relaxation that Northern Lights blessed us with, combined with the paradise that was Wi Spa was complete bliss. We took our tour through all the sauna rooms and then some, and didn’t leave until we were 100% stress and tension free — ready to get back to work.

Our experience with Northern Lights was completely relaxing. The onset of relaxation and happiness couldn’t pair any better than with Boba Bear and Wi Spa. A whole day of de-stressing was exactly what we needed. If you find yourself at either one of these places, tag @WoahStork and you can win a t-shirt!

If you find yourself at either one of these places, tag @WoahStork and you can win a t-shirt!

Boba Bear is located at: 414 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Wi Spa is located at: 2700 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

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