Purple Kush Strain Guide: An Indica For Sleep

purple kush strain

What is Purple Kush?

Purple Kush stands out as one of the few pure Indica strains available, and for its rare combination of physical relaxation and mental clarity. The scent is sometimes described as “purple”– a sweet, earthy aroma with notes reminiscent of grape-flavored candy or even fine wine. Some find the strain especially useful for relief of pain, stress, and for help getting a good night’s sleep.

A Little History Lesson

Purple Kush has something of a confused pedigree. The fact that the strain has been renamed several times does not help—neither does the existence of several sub-strains or variants. The standard story is that Purple Kush was developed in Oakland, California from a cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, and the taste and aroma profile does bare a family resemblance to both those Indicas. However, there are other stories, other explanations. The mystery associated with this strain’s history might well be part of its appeal.

Purple Kush Genetics, Grow Information and Effects

Lineage: Purple Afghani x Hindu Kush. 100% Indica

Time to Flower: 8 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Grower Difficulty Level: Moderate

Height: 36” max

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing:

This indica variety can be grown either indoors or outdoors. The strain is remarkably resistant to both pests and diseases, but somewhat vulnerable to getting too wet. Careful pruning helps to keep the plants from retaining too much moisture, especially when grown outdoors. Outdoor yields tend to be somewhat lower than indoor yields, and outdoors it is hit or miss whether the plants will receive the cooler temperatures necessary to trigger the characteristic purple colorations. Hydroponic set-ups can work well, as long as humidity levels are kept low. Indoor soil mediums may be simplest.

Purple Kush does not grow true from seed. Anyone wishing to grow Purple Kush—as opposed to growing a related but unpredictable new variety—needs to start with cloned plants.

Feeding Overview: Needs heavy feeding to develop its full flavor profile.


Aroma / Aromatics

Purple Kush is somewhat variable, but generally has a sweet, musky, grape and berry aroma that has been compared to the scent of grape-flavored candy.


Flavor / Taste

On the tongue, Purple Kush reveals a fruity, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy musk that has been compared to the taste of fine wine, both more organic and more fruity than the scent alone.


What to Expect / How Will It Affect You

Purple Kush is strong and relaxing, with very little of the stimulant effect you get in some strains. The experience can feel floaty or numbing, definitely a good thing for anyone with aches and pains. Some users report “trippy” effects, alongside sleepiness and euphoria. While this strain won’t have you glued to the couch lost in space, it does produce a nice mellow clarity and generally isn’t going to be a good time if you have to go play football or something. However, if you need a boost to your otherwise dull day at the computer, many individuals report a clarity and creative boost that makes the day that much more enjoyable.


Medicinally, this strain has a good reputation for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as giving users a much-deserved break from chronic pain. It has also been used to treat insomnia and nausea. That being said, every individual’s body and physiology works a little differently, and it is important to get expert help before attempting to treat yourself for anything serious.


Duration of High / Side Effects

The effects of this strain last roughly three hours. Fortunately, highs from this all-indica strain have very little paranoia or anxiety, except at very high doses. You will likely get the munchies, but enjoying some extra food is hardly a negative for most people. The most serious side effect most people report is a dry mouth, or sometimes dry eyes. Keep hydrated before, during, and after your high in order to minimize any unpleasantness.


THC Composition

The THC concentration of Purple Kush can be anywhere from 17 to 27%, while the CBD concentration is anywhere from 0.07% to 0.1%. The entire endocannabinoid profile gives a relaxing, happy, but clear-headed experience.



PK flowers are medium-sized and tightly-packed. The plants grow low and bushy. The characteristic purple color comes out when the growing plants are exposed to colder temperatures just before harvest, producing a striking contrast with the still-green sugar leaves and the bright orange pistils of the flowers.

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While cannabis strains are not cultivated primarily for their looks, the striking appearance of this variety is definitely part of the appeal.


Purple Kush Strain of Cannabis


What Others Have Said about Purple Kush

Let’s hear what some users have to say about PK—to protect privacy, we’ve removed the reviewers’ names and, in some cases, paraphrased their words:


 “I’d buy this again in a heartbeat! Really, really nice. I got it for pain, but would also recommend it for anyone looking to relax at the end of a long and difficult day.”


“Purple Kush indica weed starts off slow but always gets me high. Just make sure you don’t have to do anything for the rest of the day before you smoke!”


“I smoked a bowl of this and my body went straight into a relaxed state. It felt lovely.”


“Where do I begin….let’s recap. I loaded up a bowl, took a deep pull and this bud went right to the head. Almost immediately I was put in a relaxed and mellow state of mind. What I can describe as a warm lovely feeling and came on fast but gentle and continued to bring the goods. As time progressed I started to feel the sativa effects kicking in and began to contemplate the universe and how high I actually was. Shit is real man.”


“Easily one of the best indica strains I’ve tried. If you’re having a dull day, take a hit of this and you’ll     get a full body buzz and feeling of happiness that will gently overcome you. Totally get the rave around this bud now.”


Ready to add your name to the ever-growing list of satisfied PK users? This strain is readily available and highly reliable, producing an easily predictable experience with every session.


Closing Thoughts

Purple Kush delivers a mellow, relaxed, full-body high, without fogging the mind, making this bud a clear winner among artists and those that need a little lift to their day but still have things to do.

It’s ability to reduce stress and pain, help with sleep, and enhance the enjoyment of the senses makes this strain what many people imagine when they think about cannabis.

If you’re in need of a daily mood booster that never fails to deliver, Purple Kush is well worth a try.


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