Skywalker OG Strain Guide: A Chill Hybrid

Skywalker OG Strain Guide


When you smoke Skywalker OG, you’ll wish you could use the Force to bring your munchies closer to the couch. That’s because the earthy spice of this strain gives way to a powerful couchlock.

With one of the highest THC levels of any cannabis strain, Skywalker OG is a powerful relaxant. Those with extreme anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and chronic pain tend to use this strain to ease their symptoms; recreational users generally take a hit or two before bed due to its coma-inducing effects.

Whether you’re smoking for pain or for pleasure, it offers the powerful high you look for in your cannabis. Its flavor combines spice and citrus with deep, dank aromas, for a warm and comforting experience.

The Origins of Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG began in California, where growers combined the famous Asian Kush strains and European Skywalker varieties. There are a few controversies as to whether this strain was created independently, or bred as a Kush variety. Regardless of the reasoning behind its creation, this Indica strain is now a worldwide favorite.

Grow Information


A blend between OG Kush and Skywalker strains.

Time to Flower

This strain takes two months to grow, with harvest generally taking place in the month of October.


Outdoor growers can expect over 20 ounces per plant. Indoor growers can also look for a high yield, although less than that of outdoor plants.

Grower Difficulty Level

Skywalker OG can be difficult – but not impossible – for amateurs to grow. It’s considered an intermediate-difficulty strain.

Preferred Climate

As a California-native strain, the strain prefers dry habitats with plenty of sunlight.

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing

While this strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, outdoor growers will see higher yield. Unfortunately, as Skywalker OG is somewhat challenging to grow successfully, outdoor growth is only possible during warm seasons.

Feeding Overview

While this variety doesn’t need frequent watering, it does require quality fertilizer for best yield.


Skywalker OG gives off the classic aromas associated with cannabis, alongside earthy, grounded scents. Sweet-bitter citrus spice notes accent the warm, comforting smell for a refreshing finish.


Inhaling Skywalker OG is like wandering through a forest: dark and earthy flavors, with some sweet spice and bright citrus notes lighting the way.

On the exhale, it offers tastes similar to Sour Diesel. Those who enjoy Sour Diesel might appreciate the novelty of the inhaled flavor combined with the familiar diesel exhale.


Skywalker OG is known for inducing couchlock. Because this strain is a crossbreed with OG Kush, its THC content is exceptionally high – up to 30%. One or two hits are generally sufficient for extreme relaxation.

Due to the strength, we recommend beginners start with 0.05 grams; even experienced users shouldn’t go beyond 0.15 grams. Take care when choosing how many hits to take: it’s a creeper and can take 15-30 minutes to fully take effect.

As you inhale, you’ll feel your muscles and eyes begin to completely relax. Your mind will lose some or all of its focus (mental effects vary by user) as you begin to drift into contentment and weightlessness.

Duration of high

The high that comes with this variety can last two hours or more, depending on your tolerance. However, many users find it prompts deep sleep – so you might find yourself affected by the high for longer than two hours. It’s often recommended to take a hit or two at night if you suffer from insomnia or chronic pain, to relax the muscles and induce a good night’s sleep.

Side effects

Unfortunately, too much Skywalker OG can counteract its positive effects. Side effects include nausea, vomiting, and anxiety.

Even normal dosages cause extremely dry and bloodshot eyes and high levels of the munchies. Before taking a hit, we recommend you gather your favorite foods and beverages in an easy-to-reach spot. This strain’s extreme relaxation effects will keep you from going to get them once you’re high, so it’s helpful to have everything close.


As mentioned earlier, Skywalker OG has some of the highest THC of any strain. This is due to its crossbreeding with OG Kush. Unlike OG Kush, however, it can have up to 30% THC content.

Because of this, it’s a highly-recommended strain for those with severe pain or sleep problems. However, it’s not a strain that should be used to calm mild anxiety (unless you enjoy recovering from anxiety with hours of couchlock).


The strain boasts a tough aesthetic, with indica-type dense nugs shooting off the plant in spiked glory. Its shape and texture look similar to desert yucca, succulents, and cacti. Lush greens and light-nearly white highlights provide artful dimension to the buds.

Like flames, amber threads engulf the buds. These orange hairs serve as a warning to those interested in using this strain: it may be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous.

What Users Have to Say About Skywalker OG

Check out some of the first-hand experiences of users who have given this awesome strain a try. We’ve removed their names in order to protect their identities:

    “Don’t go taking a hit of Skywalker and think you’re going to get a lot of work done. This weed is amazing, but its not going to help you be more productive. Its everything you could ask for from an Indica – STRONG stress relief, melts away anxiety, relaxation on point, and helps with sleep.” – Anonymous

    “Picked up based on a recommendation from a friend to help with chronic pain. Strong relaxing high. Left me glued to my couch. Basically couldn’t move for an hour but man was it worth it. Super relaxed and happy feeling. Highly recommend.” –     Anonymous

    “If getting in a deep and relaxing sleep is what you seek, this is your stuff. Potent and relaxing. Makes you super lazy and puts you in a perfect mood to drowse off. Honestly never felt so good at night.”  – Anonymous

Closing Thoughts

If you’re craving extreme relaxation and euphoric weightlessness, Skywalker OG is a perfect choice. One or two hits of this powerful bud will calm your body and mind for hours. With its spicy-earthy inhale and diesel exhale, it offers a warm and familiar flavor blend for all tastes. This is the perfect bedtime strain for a restful night of sleep.

Order Skywalker OG Online

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