Strawberry Cough Strain Guide: An Energetic Sativa

Strawberry Cough Strain Guide

What is Strawberry Cough?

Strawberry Cough is a potent and delectable sativa blend with somewhat shrouded genetic origins. Known for its sweet strawberry aroma and impactful sensations, this blend has captured the attention of even the most seasoned of cannabis aficionados.

This blend’s musky sweet berry flavors and euphoric after-effects will leave you wanting more. Users have also noted that this blend has proven superior for managing stress and providing balance in your life.

A Little History Lesson

Strawberry Cough, oddly enough, was discovered by accident as a clone strain, yet despite being an accidental creation, went on to become High Times “Strain of the Year” in 2005.

The strain itself is thought to be a cross between Strawberry Fields and an old favorite, Haze. In 2000, Kyle Kushman, a former High Times Editor, claims he received a clone from a fellow breeder that claims it was grown next to a strawberry garden in Connecticut. This strain was called Strawberry Fields and later on crossed with the Haze plant to become what we know today as Strawberry Cough.

Later on, Strawberry Cough was used for countless cross-breeding and cultivation projects.

Strawberry Cough Genetics, Grow Information and Effects

Lineage: comes from the Strawberry Fields and Haze strains. 20% Indica and 80% Sativa.

Time to Flower: between 7 to 9 weeks

Yield: High

Grower Difficulty Level: Easy

Height: 30-78”

Preferred Climate: Warm with temperatures ranging between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing: This strain should be protected from the cold and does best in an indoor environment. If grown outdoors, warmer night temperatures or colder day temperatures may prevent the plant from producing high-quality buds.

Feeding Overview: This strain is low maintenance, requiring only basic nutrients with no additional care or special treatments required for a high-quality yield.

Aroma / Aromatics

Strawberry Cough is known for a pungent, yet sweet creamy strawberry infused aroma. However, this sweet fruity smell is sharply cut with notable aroma from the Haze strain in the backnotes.

Flavor / Taste

This strain offers a robust, forward facing flavor noted with flowers and berries. Described by many as “fruity and light” this strain offers an uplifting and mellow experience enjoyed by virtually everyone that experiences it.

Predominantly strawberry, this blend’s aroma will have you reminiscing about grandmas strawberry patch, while undernotes and hints of skunk and earthy smells peak through.

While the front of the flavor is overwhelmingly of berry and earthy notes, the aftertaste is a little spicy and herbal, lingering long after the smoke has dissipated.

As the name suggests, this potent blend often leaves even the most experienced of cannabis users with a little coughing after inhalation.

What to Expect / How will it Affect You

WoahStork has placed Strawberry Cough in its “Energize” activity group, so you’ll definitely get a spark of energy after smoking this strain. Many users also report breaking out into a “giggle fit”. However, as with any medicinal compounds, natural or synthetic, the way in which Strawberry Cough will impact you will be highly dependent on the individual.

Each of our bodies, systems, and the way in which our body processes things is as unique as we are to each other.

That said, the following are commonly noted by users:

  • An uplifting, spiritually positive experience
  • Increase in energy
  • Cerebral and borderline “trippy” feeling
  • Strong and impactful
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Head-centric, impacting the mind and perception more than bodily sensations

Users often note that the “high” hits fast, settling in at a pace that may leave individuals feeling slightly uneasy for a moment. However, once this sharp and abrupt onset occurs, the high mellows into a) a potent energetic experience, perfect before a hike or b) a nice comfortable social session perfect for deep conversations or sharing jokes, relaxing with a book, or artistic or other work that requires a dash of creativity. It’s euphoric and mentally focused effects also make it a great option for social situations.

Others have noted that Strawberry Cough can provide focus and an energetic mindset for rocking through otherwise mundane sets of tasks on the to-do list.

While not overtly known for strong pain relief, this particular strain has been anecdotally noted to alleviate headaches and migraines.

Duration of High / Side Effects

The high from Strawberry Cough may last up to 3-4 hours, so brace yourself and make sure you don’t have to drive or work anywhere, or operate heavy machinery. Given the intensity of the high, a small percentage of users that “overdo it” may experience some form of temporary paranoia. Remember folks, getting high might be fun, but being too high isn’t. Use responsibly.

THC Composition

Of course, we all want to know what the THC composition is. This strain generally has a THC percentage ranging between 15-20%, with a high record THC reading tested by pH Labs coming in at 22.98%.

That said, this strain is a full spectrum cannabis with a plethora of cannabinoids aside from THC, lending to its superior ability to help with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Flower and Bud Structure

The appearance of buds from this strain are nothing short of breathtaking, boasting a multitude of various shades of greens, earthy yellows and patches of bright orange pistils shining through.

Tiny hairs twist and curl among glistening frosty leaves, densely covered with a film of trichomes, taking on an almost crystal-like appearance.

This strain’s flowers are also not to be dismissed, being both sizeable and clunky, with ridged, densely packed leaves. In fact, the flowers of this plant are so impressive that they won the title of “Best Flower” in the 2013 Cannabis Cup.

What Others Have Said about it

Below we’re taking the liberty of paraphrasing what some of the users of this strain have to say. For privacy reasons we’re removing the names of the individual reviewers:

“The most dominant effects I experienced were overwhelming euphoria, happiness and an uplifted spirit. Scent and flavor came off as berry, skunk, and a little bit spicy. Definitely will make  you cough” – Anonymous

“After a 20 year hiatus from smoking I came back to cannabis scene ready to test a number of herbs to find the perfect fit. I eventually hit GOLD with Strawberry Cough. Stunned is the only word I have. This stuff is impressive and I can’t speak highly enough about it.”

“Genetics can vary a bit so each session might be a little different in my experience, but overall a win either way. Fruity and berry aromas, with the smoke giving off a nice sweet hint. Gives the lungs a ‘tickle’ when inhaling so be careful or you’ll end up coughing a bit. I use this mainly for social occasions.”

Closing Thoughts

No matter what your level of experience with cannabis is, Strawberry Cough is a “must try” for everyone. This unique, fruity strain is the perfect way to start out an evening, depress social anxiety, or get some creative work done.

Order Strawberry Cough Online

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