Strawberry Cough StrainLife

strawberry cough strain pairing

Everyone loves to laugh, right? Enter strawberry cough, which our Denver WoahStork team tried this week. It definitely left us feeling a bit humorous, and boy did this sativa-based strain have us laughing for hours. Having a stressful work week (don’t we all) with long hours, we picked this strain up from the super friendly staff at Native Roots in downtown Denver.

After a hard day’s work, a good Strawberry Cough smoke sesh is always the perfect recipe to wipe all the stress away. The sweet scent of strawberries had an enamoring quality that was enhanced even further as we experienced the ‘cough’ portion of the inherent namely experience. We became giddy with laughter in a mix of coughing, laughing, tears, and ear-to-ear smiles.

After our hysterics, we decided to head down to Comedy Works to see how the professional laugh-inducers of Denver would fare with our strawberry snickers. Housing the talents of greats such as David Spade, Adam Coralla, and Amy Schumer; Comedy Works is the go-to spot in Denver for a good time. All the stress built up over the week simply melted away as we laughed for hours.

strawberry cough strain pairing

The atmosphere was tremendous as we experienced a more sophisticated laughter from the masters of the mic.After the show was done, we were super hungry and heard that Sexy Pizza was the right choice to curb our munchie attacks for the night.

strawberry couch strain pairing

Their Sexy Sheikh pizza  hit the spot with the perfect ratio of pepperoni to jalapeños. After one bite, we all looked at each other and laughed without a spoken word. It was the perfect treat to cure our munchie fever.

Strawberry cough is undoubtedly one of the best strains for a stressful week as well as for a blissful outing with your posse of friends. Order strawberry cough online with WoahStork from a nearby dispensary!

Head on over to Comedy Works at 5345 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Come have some Sexy Pizza at 1018 E. 11th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218

At either of these places? Tag #WoahStork and win a t-shirt!