The Most Creative Strains of Cannabis

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Can cannabis help with creativity?

Creativity is an inherently esoteric phenomenon of the human psyche. Wait…what does that sentence mean? I guess I was being too creative… Essentially, creativity is something that’s hard to put a finger on. Creativity is hard to describe in a dictionary-definition sort of way. As a result, it’s highly doubtful that just one region of the brain helps nudge someone into a creative state. Instead, it’s probably a whole-brain issue when someone is stuck in what is commonly referred to as “writer’s block”. Fortunately, cannabinoid receptors are the second most common type of neuron in the brain. Thus, when you ingest cannabis, you have the ability to change your entire brain at once. That’s why “getting high” is always an all-encompassing conscious experience. By targeting the right cannabinoid receptors in different ratios, you can get a wide-range of different effects. Different cannabinoid ratios and terpenes can cause what is known as the “entourage effects”– responsible for pushing you into a distinctive state of consciousness. It’s a complex landscape to navigate. However, we’ve been through it and are here to assure you that cannabis can make you creative; you just need to find the right strains. Below, we show you the most creative strains of cannabis.

What are the most creative strains of cannabis?

That question, amongst many others, is why we created the WoahStork Strain Genie. The Strain Genie has used a bit of his magic (i.e. some sophisticated algorithms) to create six activity groups that encapsulate the cannabis experience. One such activity group is Create. Strains in this category have a chemical makeup that is particularly conducive to creating a creative subjective experience. Below, we’ve included a description we use to describe our most creative strains of cannabis.

Voila! Looking for a bit of artistic inspiration for finishing that masterpiece you’ve been working on? Need a quick study break, yet don’t want to lose mental focus for the next three hours. Well, you’ve come to the right place. The StrainGenie has chosen these cannabis varieties to help provide you with a cerebral high that keeps you alert and focused. Predominantly Sativas, these strains could either help you brainstorm for that team project or bring out your introverted side so you can focus on a personal art or music endeavor. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy these strains, though! If you’re thinking about watching a movie in the theaters, visiting an art museum, or listening to a new album, these strains will help you resonate with all the aesthetics the world has to offer. Many of these strains are packed with alpha and beta-pinene, which has been scientifically proven to increase alertness and memory retention. While the typical stereotype is that cannabis impairs short-term memories, it seems that these two pinene terpenes help combat the negative aspects of THC. Known as the entourage effect, the terpenes interact with THC and the CB receptors, which can alter how they affect your experience.

If any of the following keywords appeal to your current desires, you’ll definitely want to pick a strain from the Create activity group.

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Anytime you’re browsing WoahStork’s strains, look for the orange icon with the light-bulb on it. This will signify that that strain is one of the most creatives trains of cannabis! Take Sour Jack for instance. Sour Jack is a Sativa that ranks as one one of the most creative strains of cannabis in our database. It also keeps you energized, so you’ll not only be inspired to create, but you’ll also have the energy to follow through on it. For these reasons, Sour Jack also has the unique ability to help nudge someone out of a negative state. That’s why it’s been so useful in helping with anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, stress, and fatigue. Classically, people resort to Indicas to help with these sort of ailments. However, sometimes the right jolt of inspiration is more potent than any sedative.

Other strains that top the list for the most creative strains of cannabis include Tangie, Jack Herer, Lamb’s Bread and Thai.

Tangie is a recent find for the WoahStork team. We ordered some from Deliver Bud just the other day! We were surprised by the ability for Tangie to keep us awake and “in the zone” as we worked through some creative content. Tangie is a reboot of the insanely popular Tangerine Dream that was prolific throughout the 1990s. It’s a cross between California Orange and Skunk. It smells of tangerines and leaves you feeling fresh, crisp, and ready to tackle your day. It’s a strong candidate for a “wake and bake”.

Jack Herer is an undeniable classic. Named after the famous grower and advocate, this strain has probably crossed paths with just about every single cannabis smoker. Made up of mostly hazes, this sativa is known for it’s heavy-hitting energy with a creative twist.

Lamb’s Bread is a descendant from a Jamaican landrace. Made famous by Bob Marley, this strain has an aroma that can fill a room within 10 seconds of opening. Lamb’s bread brings one into an introspective head-space, which makes it great for creativity. However, it doesn’t clam you up so it’s still appropriate for more social, creative gatherings. We’d highly recommend it for a day-trip to a museum!

Thai is a hard strain to come across. However, the search is worth it once you stumble across this super cerebral and creative Sativa. Popularized in Asia, this is a heavy hitting strain and was originally used as the ingredient for Thai Sticks. This strain will keep you energized, ambitious, and ready to tackle your next masterpiece!

WoahStork’s dispensary partners have all these strains in stock! You’ll be able to sign up here and then gain the ability to order online from dispensaries in your area. If you’re looking for the most creative strains of cannabis, we recommend any of the above or checking out our Create activity group and seeing what catches your eye! Happy strain exploring!

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