The Most Common Cannabis Question: Which Cannabis Strains Should I Buy?

which cannabis strain to pick

Nowadays, it is not a secret to anyone that Cannabis can help to get rid of many health conditions. The governments of many countries, being too conservative, do not let enough research regarding marijuana usage in medicine to be conducted.

However, more and more often, a medical worker can prescribe CBD products as the method to relieve pain, to combat anxiety and depression or get rid of eating disorders. Hopefully, in the near future, the curative effect of this substance on the human organism will not be kept in secret anymore, and everyone will be able to use it.

The versatility of Cannabis products nowadays is impressive. For those who just start their adventure with Marijuana, the number of different kinds of it might seem too overwhelming.

One of the most common questions people ask is which cannabis strain is the best. And the top experts from have the answer you seek.

What Is Cannabis Strain?

Not everyone knows that by the term Cannabis, people mean a huge number of its varieties. There are many different sorts of it. And each kind has a different effect.

Like almost every plant, Marijuana has different sorts. And by the word strain, one means the sort of Cannabis.

Entering the dispensary, you can notice that there are three categories of Marijuana: namely indica, sativa, and hybrid. The first type has a very relaxing effect, while the second more energizing. The third king of Cannabis is the mixture of both.

Which King Should I Choose?

In order to receive an answer to this question, you should know which effect you want to get. There is no unique type of Cannabis that is the best for everyone. Each user is different and has their own preferences.

One’s tastes in Marijuana are like the tastes in food. Sometimes. There is no clear explanation of why we like a certain type of product and dislike the other. But with time, you can discover the strain that is the best for you.


Each of the three kinds of Marijuana includes smaller strains. When it comes to Sativa, there are at least five subtypes of it.

Sour Diesel

This type of weed has a very characteristic strong smell reminding citrus. The taste is citrus-like and a bit spicy. Its effect might be too strong and overwhelming for the beginners. Therefore, it’s better not to choose this strain for your cannabis debut.

Durban Poison

This sativa variety comes from South Africa. It is known for its spicy anis-like smell and taste. Many people claim it boosts their creativity, sociability, and overall mood.

Maui Waui

Like most sativa kinds, this one has a very energising and clear heading effect. Its smell is comparably less strong and is more earth-like.

Lamb’s Bread

This type of weed is extremely famous. It was Bob Marley’s favourite sort of all time. Coming from Jamaica, it became popular worldwide. Its smell is also very strong and spicy. Also, many people claim it enhances one’s creativity.

Super Lemon Haze

This type of Cannabis has a weaker effect on the human brain than the previous sativa types. Therefore, those who just start marijuana consumption can begin with super lemon haze.


Not every user would like to get energized and more concentrated. Sometimes, people want to combat anxiety and stress. The relaxing Indica will be a better option for those who want to achieve a soothing effect.

This strain also has its subtypes, and you can discover them below.

Blue Dream

The very name of this type of Indica tells you that the effect will be relaxing and soothing. It has great potential to be used in medicine. It has a sweet berry-like pleasant smell and taste.

Grand Daddy Purps

This type of Marijuana is also used in medicine. This strain delivers to the user the feeling of euphoria and total body relaxation.

Afghan Kush

This sort of Marijuana also has a very relaxing and calming effect. You should not use it if you have to drive or to work the whole day. But if you suffer from insomnia or stress, Afghan Kush might help a lot.


The effect of this strain is much more unpredictable because it sheerly depends on the percentage of sativa and indica in it.

Girl Scout Cookies

The innocent name of this sort of hybrid does not mean that there will be no effect from its consumption. Having a sweet and earthy smell, it will make your full body relax and help to get rid of haunting thoughts.

Golden Goat

This sort is very sweet and potent. It provides its user a delightful rush of euphoria. Many people also admit to having the sparks of creativity after it.

The Last Thing

This article is aimed only for adult readers who are aware of their health condition and the law of the region they live in. The consumption of both CBD and THC may be illegal in the area where you live. Remember to get acquainted with the law of your country before choosing the strain of Cannabis you need.

If you are truly looking for personalized medicine and a way to get the perfect strain for you, consider a cannabis DNA test, which can match you to the right cannabinoids and terpenes.

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