White Widow StrainLife

white widow strain

This week the WoahStork team sampled White Widow in Santa Monica, CA. As we inhaled, the earthy and piney flavors were rich and abundant followed by a smooth, sweet aftertaste. The euphoric onset allowed for a feeling of adventure as we got on our bikes, giddy with excitement. We stuck to the bike path that connects Venice and Santa Monica. As we rode on, the fresh air and smoothness of the roads seemed to mirror the inner experience that the White Widow was inducing. The sense of slight wonderment and full-bodied engagement was a great way to begin our experience.

white widow strain

We came upon a lounge cleverly called The Bungalow where a crowd was gathering outside. Feeling frisky, we decided to mosey on inside. The Bungalow is a gem in Santa Monica and perfect for our pairing with White Widow. Their open setup allowed for a feeling of freedom as we sauntered to the bar, where we discovered much to our delight; they make top-notch cocktails. It seemed as if up to this point, the White Widow contained a magical quality that attracted positive happenings.

white widow strain

We enjoyed the opportunity to socialize with a number of Santa Monica’s interesting and relaxed locals. On a whim, a pair of them challenged us to a game of ping pong. To our surprise, we thoroughly enjoyed the matches we played with them under the spell of White Widow.

 We felt a strong full-bodied connection with ourselves and could also focus without anxiety on the game at-hand.

Overall the effects of White Widow were well-suited to socializing, feeling a deeper connection within one’s own body, and provided for a physically euphoric onset. WoahStork gives White Widow a whole-hearted recommendation. You can find the strain at dispensaries near you and order your White Widow cannabis online for either pickup or delivery.

Experience our multi-faceted bliss and take a trip to The Bungalow, located at: 101 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

We encourage the experience so much that when you visit them – Take a picture and tag #WoahStork and we will enter you into a drawing for a WoahStork t-shirt!