White Widow Strain : WoahStork’s Elevating Hybrid

white widow strain

Named for its frosty white trichomes, White Widow reminds us of a snowy Christmas tree. Dating back to the early 1990’s, this strain is a classic hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 60/40. This strain won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, so we highly recommend that you give it a try! If you already have opinions, be sure to leave a strain review at WoahStork.

The WoahStork Strain Genie placed White Widow in the “Elevate” Activity Group. That means it’s one of those strains that are perfect for elevating your mood and encouraging a jovial composure. Anytime you want to socialize, bring a smile to your face, or just feel “high”, then the White Widow strain should nudge you in the right direction.

White Widow Strain

White Widow was first grown by the seed breeder Shantibaba in the Netherlands, soon after he founded the Green House Seed Company with Arjan. Shantibaba currently owns Mr. Nice Seeds and the CBD Crew. The White Widow strain is a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica. For more information about the origins of White Widow, check out this in-depth article.

The aroma of this white goodness is pungent at first, but then leaves you with a sweet aftertaste, due mostly to its rich terpene profile. Beta caryophyllene is the most prominent, which gives it a peppery smell.

white widow strain

Alpha pinene also contributes to provide an earthy and piney aroma. Limonene adds a bit of a citrus flavor as well. Myrcene, alpha humulene, and many other terpenes also contribute to White Widow’s rich profile. As a hybrid, this strain will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and relaxed. This makes White Widow great for stress, depression, and pain.

White Widow is a parent of many other strains, including Blue Widow, Great White Shark, K2, Lady Widow, Misty, White Rhino, and White Russian. If you have come to love White Widow, then give some of these other strains out a try as well.

About WoahStork
WoahStork brings you the Strain Genie, which helps guide you to find strains based upon activity groups. The experts at WoahStork unanimously agree that White Widow belongs to the category Elevate. This energetic yet relaxed buzz is great for socializing, as you will feel engaged in the conversation. The sativa aspects provide a slightly psychedelic effect, which will excite your curiosity. The indica side of it will leave you calm and collected. These two combine together to provide a perfect strain for kicking back with friends on the weekend.  Be sure to give White Widow a try by seeing where it is near you and ordering it online through WoahStork


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