Joint Pain Treatment with Medical Cannabis Topicals

joint pain relief from medical cannabis

If you’ve been dealing with joint pain and none of those steroid-based creams or treatments you’ve been using seem to work, cannabis-infused balms, salves and topicals may be what you need for their healing and pain-relieving properties.

Cannabis-infused products for pain management are effective for localized pain treatment.  They’re fast acting because they can bind to the body’s CB2 receptors in the skin for relief. (More on how they work in a bit)

For example, topicals can help if you’re dealing with knee or back pain. On the other hand, you can also try oils and creams; they’re effective as topicals in treating arthritis-related joint pain, too.

What Is A CBD-Infused Topical Cream?

A CBD-infused topical cream, as its name implies, is a topical cream infused with cannabis. Just like topical creams, it is applied directly or topically to the pained joint (or any pained part of the body). As it is topical, it does bypass the digestive system, immediately going to the body part where it is needed.

CBD-infused topical creams are a becoming popular choice among joint pain sufferers because they can ease the pain, relieve the symptoms of arthritis and reduce inflammation.

Cannabis topicals can bring joint pain relief

Based on an animal study, transdermal or topical CBD offers the promising therapeutic potential for arthritis-pain along with related inflammation and behaviors except for the side effects. Although human research must be undertaken to confirm the benefits, such initial study offers promising benefits of topicals to humans.

How Does It Work?

Joint inflammation, pain and swelling are some symptoms of arthritis that affect not only the elderly but also the younger generations. Cannabis topicals are shedding light as a potent remedy against inflammation that leads to joint pain.

A study published in the journal Rheumatology showed how cannabis is able to fight inflammation. It revealed that arthritis patients with front arthritis had an abnormally higher rate of CB2 receptors in their joint tissues.  Cannabis works by fighting inflammation through activating these CB2 receptors.

So using a CBD cream or topical, you can activate these receptors. There is no wonder. A CBD-infused cream works on a peripheral basis, so it doesn’t enter the bloodstream but directly binds to receptors in the affected area.  This manner of action also means no psychoactive effect for you.

Following up with the effects of topical cannabis, one study, while is still in progress, points out that saturating the patients’ CB2 receptors with cannabinoids will also aid in joint damage repair aside from offering pain relief.

[But for a whole body pain, you can try a soothing cannabis massage using CBD oil that can be superior to any other types of massage products. It can target the CB2 receptors found in the skin to reduce pain associated with inflammation.]

Aside from topical creams are CBD salves that can relieve a sufferer from muscle and joint pain.  These products can be bought in dispensaries where cannabis is legal. Search for them in WoahStork’s online cannabis marketplace.

Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Topicals to Treat Joint Pain

Treating joint pain with topical applications is helpful. While at first you won’t notice that it is doing much, you can experience a gradual and major change in mobility and pain with its regular saturation in your skin.

For the best results, you should try treating joint pain with topicals to apply daily.  At first, you might want to start with regular strength variants for mild arthritis.cannabis topicals for joint pain relief

But if you have severe arthritis joint pain, you might want to use an extra strength balm, which is designed specifically for patients with severe cases, for immediate relief.

Definitely, CBD-infused products offer promising benefits to patients with a medical marijuana card suffering from regular joint pain and inflammation that leads to joint swelling and damage.

Final Thoughts

Current joint pain and arthritis treatments come with side effects due to their active compounds and administration routes. On the other hand, CBD topicals, balms and salves can ease pain and inflammation except for the side effects.

Topical applications bypass the digestive system but go straight to the joints to treat pain topically and with higher and constant plasma levels.   Thus, they render better results and offer higher efficiency in treating a localized pain.

Nevertheless, cannabis topicals can help in easing joint pain and may actually offer long-lasting improvements regarding joint health.  So if you’re one of those suffering from daily pain, turn to cannabis as it might be the right solution for you. Talk to a medical marijuana doctor for the right product today.

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