This Is The Best 420 Deal in LA

In honor of the holidays, WoahStork has teamed up with Litt California to bring you the best 420 deal in Los Angeles.

Litt is a small batch artisan cultivator who uses a strictly controlled hydroponic system to produce the highest THC potency that also delivers a smooth desired medicinal effect. Litt aims to impress all cannabis consumers who enjoy consuming a carefully cured medicine.

We are proud to offer you the ability to order Litt’s artisanal-cultivated cannabis online.

We’re even more proud to extend to you what we feel confident is the best 420 deal in Los Angeles.

With this promotion, you’ll get:

1) A medical marijuana recommendation online

2) $110 worth of high-quality, responsibly sourced cannabis

3) A $25 credit for future purchases.

For only $100


How to get your free medical marijuana recommendation.


  1. Confirm you are within the delivery radius for Litt CaliforniaOnline Marijuana Recommendation
  2. Head over the HelloMD and schedule an appointment for an online medical marijuana consultation with a doctor.
    1. You will pay HelloMD $49 for the appointment.
  3. Create a WoahStork account and upload your ID & your HelloMD PDF.
  4. Order delivery from Litt California on WoahStork
    1. You will get $25 off your next two orders from Litt at the time of delivery!


It gets even better…


Litt California is also running a 420 special on WoahStork!Litt California delivery

For only $75 you get the following

  • 2 Top-Shelf 1/8ths
  • 20mg Honey Straw
  • 25mg 100% THC Powder


Since you’ll get $25 off your order from Litt, that total only comes to $50


you’ll still have a $25 credit for your next order!


This is a $110 value of high-quality, repsonibly sourced product. You simply can’t beat this deal.


Get Started Now!


Extra Details

WoahStork will notify Litt California of your $50 discount by way of subtracting $25 from your total for your first two deliveries. The discount will not show up at checkout, but as long as you uploaded your HelloMD recommendation to WoahStork, the offer is valid.

Litt’s $75 420 special will not show a discount at time of checkout, but Litt will honor the promotion at the time of delivery.

WoahStork is in no way affiliated with HelloMD. Please read HelloMD’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before acquiring your doctor’s recommendation.