How Cannabis Can Strengthen The Immune System

cannabis for the immune system

Cannabis is a magic plant that comes with a series of effects on man, both good and bad. There are, however, indications that cannabis can strengthen the immune system. In trying to understand the impact of cannabis on the immune system, a brief light on what the immune system means will help.

Cannabis and the Immune System

The immune system is a term used for a collection of cells and organs in the body that helps destroy infections and other foreign agents in the body system. It is a critical part of man that keeps a man going during stress and helps eliminate poor functioning body cells. The endocannabinoid system affects almost every cell in the body, including the immune system. Furthermore, one should also know that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties, which performs an immunosuppressant and an immunomodulator’s function.

This simply means that cannabis can suppress the immune system’s function. An active and healthy person does not have to worry about stimulating the immune system. However, people with autoimmune disease or other underlying health issues will need help strengthening the immune system. A healthy person does not need to be bothered about energizing the immune system. However, people with a condition such as autoimmune disease and other health issues can derive tremendous help from the use of cannabis.

Here are ways cannabis can help strengthen the immune system:

1.      It Can Minimize Pain from Inflammation.

Inflammation of any part of the body triggers severe health challenges such as chronic peptic ulcer, arthritis, etc. One of the top causes of inflammatory diseases is an autoimmune disorder. Interestingly, the healing power in cannabis can help reduce pain and other health issues associated with inflammation. Cannabis stands out as a potent anti-inflammatory agent that helps neutralize inflammatory pain diseases like arthritis.

Cannabis can significantly handle many forms of pain, which reduces discomfort and energizes a struggling immune system. The effect of cannabis on the endocannabinoid’s receptor produced in the body helps bring down chronic pain from inflammation.

2.      It Can Strengthen Mental Health.

The consumption of cannabis can bring about many positive effects. Interestingly, mental health also benefits as one can experience improved brain function, strengthen the nervous system, reduce insomnia, improve mood, and relieve anxiety, stress, and pain. Cannabis also enhances the muscle and relieves pain from stroke and heart attack.

These and many more health benefits can be linked to the composition of cannabis. Cannabis is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids alongside many minerals like vitamin A, iron, and zinc. These are potent stress boosters that help strengthen mental health. When you have a strong body and a healthy mind, the body will develop potent antibodies to combat diseases and fight germs. CBD capsules canada pills can be taken as a dietary supplement to strengthen the immune system and reap other health benefits.

cannabis leaf for immunity

3.      Cannabis and Cancer Treatment.

Cannabis provides impressive relief for cancer patients alongside the side effects of chemotherapy. There are also indications that THC, one of the compounds of cannabis, can shrink cancer tumors and severe the blood supply to such cancerous cells. People also use cannabis because it encourages apoptosis without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues. This is an advantage compared to chemotherapy, which destroys healthy cells alongside the cancerous ones. However, one needs to remember that there are many compounds from cannabis, but THC has been proven to strengthen cellular immunity. This mail order marijuana Canada store sells different types of weed at affordable prices. You can trust their dispensary for all this cannabis related!

4.      Cannabis can Fight Neuroinflammatory Conditions.

The development of cerebral schema, head injuries, or other health issues does not just come out of the blue. Insufficient blood flow to the brain most of the time is responsible for this. How effective the immune system is, is crucial in either fighting or advancing such neurodegenerative or neuroinflammatory conditions. People with a weak immune system are at a high risk of such illness.

Cannabis can induce body tissue to trigger neurodegeneration and neuro-inflammation. These are essential processes that are vital to keeping neuroinflammation at bay.

The immune system combats diseases in two ways: the first is via humoral immunity and the cell-mediated exemption. For the immune system to be effective, one needs to maintain the right balance between defense mechanisms.

Luckily, the endocannabinoid system can help achieve such balance, which one can stimulate through cannabis, which brings about a more robust immune system.

cannabis for immunity


The immune system plays a vital role in the health and wellness of humans. If the human system is not healthy, one can support it by using supplements from cannabis such as CBD oil or THC. It helps gear up the immune system to protect the body, fight germs, and provide an optimum defense for the body system. In summary, you can improve your immune system and support your body to live a healthy and happy life through the use of cannabis.

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