Can CBD Help with Depression?

cbd for depression

Millions of people who suffer from depression struggle at finding a viable long-term solution. While there are antidepressants that can be effective, they often have various side effects and can lead to withdrawal symptoms. With the stigma of medicinal cannabis changing, many are starting to consider the antidepressant effects of cannabidiol (CBD).

While the mainstream opinion used to state that cannabis may cause depression, this may only occur in excess amounts of THC. Just like too much water can drown you, too much of anything is not good. As cannabis continues to become more accepted in the public eye, informed patients will see that cannabis should have a healthy balance of THC and CBD.

How Can CBD Help With Depression?

CBD has many benefits, as it has balancing effects on the endocannabinoid system. From a scientific perspective, CBD helps the body maintain the desired temperature that we need to stay healthy. It is almost unsurprising that CBD is calming in a subtle way. While it will not give a psychoactive head buzz like THC, CBD can bring your body into a state of equilibrium.

CBD for depression
CBD has very little side effects, there are typically no withdrawals, and it is essentially impossible to overdose. For patients that are looking for natural solutions to depression, CBD can be very effective.

While there is much to learn, CBD interacts with the body in multiple ways. Rather than being intense in a specific way, it functions more passively through multiple pathways. Depression can arise in many ways and mood disabilities can be quite volatile. CBD is a great way to keep your endocannabinoid system properly regulated, without causing too sudden or chaotic changes to your mind, body, and spirit.

CBD helps your body maintain a healthy thermodynamic balance, known as homeostasis.

CBD does not seem to act like a pain killer that numbs the issues a depressed person is facing. To understand how CBD might work, let’s work with the assumption that depression is caused by a single chemical imbalance in the brain. A typical solution from a doctor might be to continually intake medication that would produce more (or less) of that chemical to keep a healthy balance.  CBD, on the other hand, seems to help provide a healthy thermodynamic environment that allows for your body to come to a balanced state on its own. As a result, CBD can be quite versatile, when a more targeted medication may not be effective.

CBD has many anti-inflammatory effects, helping with physical pain. These properties also affect mood disorders, depression, bipolar, stress, anxiety, and even neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s. Due to its safety and versatility, high-CBD cannabis has the potential to act as a health supplement as well as regularly prescribed medicine. Rather than needing a very precise dose determined by a doctor, patients can have the freedom to try and learn what works best for themselves.

If you are looking for CBD products that might help with your depression, we suggest turning to RxCannacare — a Southern California CBD company that provides a wide range of products. We suggest their CBD Vape Juice for those looking for help with depression.

CBD vape juice from RxCannaCare
CBD Vape Juice from RxCannaCare

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