Using CBD To Treat Epilepsy

cbd for epilepsy

Epilepsy causes seizures for millions of people, stemming from abnormal brain cell activity. As one of the most common neurological disorders, it is surprising that there are not a wide variety of effective treatment options.

The cannabinoid CBD has a significant amount of medical research suggesting its efficacy in treating epilepsy. If the studies themselves are not enough, there are countless anecdotal stories of cannabis successfully reduce seizures. Even children such as Charlotte Figi have found relief when nothing else worked.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s parents had a problem, and no doctors seemed to be able to find any solutions. By the time their little girl was five years old, Charlotte would have dozens of seizures daily. With so many seizures occurring, it was becoming difficult for her brain to develop properly. Mr. and Mrs. Figi were frantically looking for a solution, or at least something to help.

After searching around on the internet, they had heard stories of cannabis helping with epilepsy, but the parents had to think hard about if cannabis was the right option. After there were no other options, they searched around for a way to access a high CBD strain.

cbd for epilepsy
Charlotte Figi and her mother in their cannabis garden

Fortunately enough, they found a single band of brothers who were working on a new high CBD strain. After the strain proved to be extremely helpful, it was then named Charlotte’s Web in her honor. With proper treatment, Charlotte’s seizures became almost completely gone. Instead of having multiple seizures per hour, she might only have one in a day. The parents and doctors agreed; cannabis had single-handedly turned her life around.

How Does CBD Help?

Research as early as the 1970’s suggested that cannabis had anticonvulsant effects. Studies with mice also showed that cannabis did make it harder to induce seizures with convulsive agents. A study in 1992 even mentions that people in the fifteenth century also used cannabis for its anticonvulsant properties, as cannabis has been used for medicine for thousands of years.

For the 3,000,000 Americans with epilepsy, cannabis can be effective for many to significantly reduce the frequency of seizures.

More recently, clinical trials with humans have been done, which suggest that strains with high CBD help the best. While THC and CBD both have anticonvulsant properties, they work best together. Since THC is known to be psychoactive, many people prefer to use only or mostly CBD, especially with children. AC/DC is a new popular strain that has less than .3% THC with about 15% CBD. Also, many extracts have different ratios of THC-to-CBD, with 1:1 being common. Within years to come, hopefully better dosing standards will be established in the cannabis community.

For more information, please see our dense research article on how cannabis can be used to treat epilepsy. If you’re looking to buy CBD oil online, we suggest checking out RxCannacare — they have a suite of products that are lab-tested and effective for thousands of medical issues, including epilepsy.

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  1. We suggest starting with small dosages (5-10mg) and working your way up to higher daily doses of 200mg. Be sure to take careful notes in a daily diary as to how many seizures, their frequency, and dosage.

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