How CBD Drops Can Be Used For PTSD

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Our life is a mixture of experiences. But the wounds of traumatic events stay deep and unhealed in an unconscious corner of our brain. Objects, things, people connected to these events tend to remind us of these happenings and trigger these unhealed wounds. These disturbances could build up into stress and overtime into depression or other mental ailments. PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental ailment common among people who experience or witness traumatic experiences such as losing a loved one, serious accidents, natural disasters, violent personal assault, etc. Statistics suggest that about 3.6% of adults in the United States alone suffer from PTSD in any given year. The statistics also suggest that women are three times more likely to suffer from such disorders as compared to men.

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Individuals diagnosed with PTSD suffer from recurring flashbacks or thoughts about a traumatic incident, along with negative thoughts, or feelings that relate to the incidence. They experience intense stress build-up due to this occurring. The patient floods with emotions of reliving the moment over and over again in their minds that leave them sad, lonely, scared, angered. It also causes them to detach from their social environment of friends and family. They could experience a strong negative emotion towards anything or person that reminds them of the situation and have intense reactions in such environments.

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PTSD is a common mental ailment among veterans who carry their life`s experience of difficult moments with them. But PTSD could happen to anyone irrespective of age, gender, or profession. PTSD diagnosis occurs by exposing individuals to similar situations that act as a trigger to their condition to understand their response to it.

How to know if a person has PTSD?

Mental health professionals often lookout for symptoms that indicate the possibility of PTSD.

  1. Rejecting or refusing to face reminders of the traumatic event: Individuals who refuse to face situations similar to that of a traumatic experience that disturbs them suffer from PTSD. They try to negate the incident by avoiding situations that remind them of it. Individuals tend to resist any open dialogue or discussion about the events and keep their feelings bottled up.
  1. Thoughts of self-harm or other negative feelings: Individuals with PTSD often suffer in silence from anger, fear, guilt, and shame of the events that provoke ideas about self-harm or self-hatred. They tend to show less interest in many activities and start to detach from family and friends.
  1. Outbursts and intrusive thoughts:  Nightmares, panic attacks, emotional outbursts, self-destructive behavior post a traumatic event are common symptoms of a person who has PTSD.

The various ways of treating PTSD

PTSD falls under the category of mental ailments that require intensive cognitive therapy. It helps the individuals realize and confront the source of counterproductive behaviors and thought patterns, and take necessary action against them. It promotes healthy thoughts and improves behavior. Treatment options such as Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Stress Inoculation Training, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing are available for coping with the symptoms of the condition. In a few cases, medications to aid and catalyze the therapy, such as sleeping doses, are useful. These are suggested by physicians for improving the chances of recovery.

While these methods have proven to show great results, the introduction of CBD to treat mental ailments could be a revolution in the sector of psychology medicine. Its natural interaction with the body helps trigger the right chemicals, and bring balance and bliss to the user. The treatment is faster and safer.  With more research, we will be able to understand its effectiveness in comparison to existing treatments.

How CBD is revolutionizing treatment options for PTSD

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CBD is a beneficial cannabidiol component of the cannabis plant that can lead the way to good health and wellness. Unlike THC, which has psychoactive effects, CBD is a purely healthy component that can help treat various ailments. The scope of research on CBD oil and its various benefits is rapidly expanding, and people from all over the world are showering interest in this compound. Currently, it is used to treat chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and epilepsy. Women are more likely to suffer from such health problems and CBD can be a source of their treatment. It has a massive impact on the seniors and there are also many CBD Benefits For Women Over 50. The possibilities for CBD oil in treating mental ailments are far better, and it could be a safe substance to introduce to individuals suffering from mental health disorders.

Why is CBD so special?

What makes CBD click as a potential treatment option is its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body. The system is the center for triggering various emotions, memory retrieval, and consolidation. CBD products such as that available on Cherry Vita CBD, when consumed, interacts directly with the CB receptors of our system and alters the chemistry to secrete the right hormones that bring balance and harmony to the individual. It increases the secretion of the happy hormone or dopamine and transfers the body to a state of calmness and ease. It interacts with the receptors in the brain to alter memory processing by blocking retrieval of memory from the traumatic experience.

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CBD drops flushes hormones that promote happiness and positivity in the body. It controls anxious behavior related to traumatic events and helps the individuals face the situation without panicking. It takes the person to a comfortable and relaxing mindset where the memories of the events may not trigger restlessness, anger, or fear. For the initial days, CBD helps block the memories with hardly any details recognizable and makes them feel less intense. It also improves the sleep cycle and helps users enjoy a good night’s sleep without fearing nightmares.

What Does the Science Say?

A review from the year 2017 aimed to understand the effects of CBD on memories of fear. The results of the study indicate that CBD not only helps eliminate the reconsolidation process of painful memories but also helped reduce the intensity of acute response to the situation after a few usages. A study from 2011 shows that veterans suffering from PTSD often turn to Marijuana usage and consider it a common option next to alcohol.

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The effectiveness of CBD to counter anxiety dates back to a study published in 2012. It aimed to understand the relationship between CBD use and predator threat stress and other implication for PTSD. The research, conducted with rat subjects exposed to cats, involved CBD dosages offered every one hour. Rats receiving repeated CBD dosage showed far less anxiety over seven days as compared to the rest. A study published in the Journal of Dual Diagnosis is yet another proof for the effectiveness of cannabinoids in the treatment of PTSD as it proves that CBD can enhance sleep and reduces nightmares in PTSD patients. 

The most recent study from 2018 presents confirmation of the effectiveness of CBD for treating PTSD in individuals using human trials. This result is a step closer to achieving a full-scale CBD based treatment for PTSD. 

Among the various reasons that make CBD special for PTSD treatment is the fact that the substance can help alter both emotional as well as cognitive behavior at once. CBD poses far less threat compared to existing medications as it eliminates the fear of addiction and abuse. Broad-spectrum CBD oils help deliver various benefits for PTSD patients, including relief from anxiety, improved appetite, physical and mental relaxation. With more clinical trials in process, CBD based treatment options for PTSD will reach mainstream medical practice soon.

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