GMC Dispensary : WoahStork Spotlight

Each week, the WoahStork team reviews dozens of dispensaries in Los Angeles and chooses one to host a “Dispensary Day”, where we showcase our patient intake and order management software to dispensary staff and patients. This week, we were honored to spend a day with the GMC Dispensary on Melrose Avenue.

“I love interacting with patients. However, I don’t see them as patients, I see them as friends.”

-John from GMC

The GMC Dispensary is a Pre-ICO, top-notch shop located on the famous Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, California. By the time you take your first step into GMC, you’ll realize how appropriate it is that their brick and mortar sits amidst the boutique clothing stores, art outlets, and dining establishments that make up the iconic underground neighborhood. GMC’s interior is brilliantly decorated and exudes a sense of professionalism and safety. The aesthetics are just the first step. The beauty of the store extends to the top-shelf medicine available on their shelves. With a concentration on a top-shelf strains and high-quality sourcing, GMC has an equal eye for bud and decor! As they say on their WoahStork profile, you can only really experience Melrose Avenue, if you visit the GMC first. We couldn’t agree more.

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GMC has been open and thriving for over 3 years. With a focus on professional image and management, GMC is playing a major role in breaking the cannabis stigma. Their down to earth and helpful owner, Eric, also places a strong emphasis on creating a friendly vibe. He sourced all the amazing artwork that floats around the cozy dispensary from his father. For first timers looking to make their first foray into purchasing cannabis through a dispensary, GMC certainly provides a comforting experience. Eric built GMC on a foundation of caring for patients, not only to sell products. This philosophy is immediately evident in the passion that the entire staff shares. Budtenders go through a thorough evaluation of what each patient needs and explains what a recommended strain will be doing.

GMC Dispensary
GMC’s counter, from above, featuring an overhandling jelly-fish like chandeleir.

When we held our weekly Dispensary Day at GMC this past week, we had the pleasure of spending time with their knowledgeable and friendly staff. It felt as though the GMC dispensary takes a more cooperative approach to staff, where all members participate in management responsibilities as need. Part of the GMC family was the budtender: John. We took aside some time to learn more about John’s history in the cannabis industry and the ways in which GMC stands out from the crowd. John has been in the cannabis industry for about a year now. He joined GMC after his brother, previous GMC employee turned actor, left his position. He immediately adapted to the environment, learning all that he could about cannabis. He was determined to use that knowledge to help guide patients towards the products they need. John prides himself on developing a relationship with at least 90% of his patients. We can back up John’s claims: all the new patients coming into the store seemed to know him and consulted with him on their next product.

GMC, which stands for Grateful Medication Compassion according to their website, is known for being a “first stop” for visitors embarking on a day of shopping and dining on Melrose.

GMC is one of the best dispensaries in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and on or around Melrose Avenue.

With no current plans to open additional locations, GMC aims to focus on their current location. They aim to be the largest dispensary in CA (and also the best). GMC makes it a priority to keep donations at a very low rate, so that patients never feel like they’re getting overcharged for their medicine.John reports that GMC sees about 100-200 patients a day, with peak times between 6 and 8pm.

The best-selling strains for GMC include: Skywalker, White Gorilla, and Blue Dream.

According to GMC, their best-selling product is their pre-rolls, and with good reason: they’re made from actual buds, not just trim and shake! John told us his favorite strain would most definitely have to be Maui Waui, since it gives him an uplifted and euphoric feeling, gets him creative without any couch-lock, and permits him to go about with his daily activities, uninterrupted.

GMC Dispensary
GMC’s top-notch selection of a cannabis flowers.

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Patients coming into the GMC dispensary report a variety of medical ailments, from insomnia, eating disorders, HIV, nausea, and cancer. John usually probes patients for their underlying reason for seeking cannabis as medicine. Based on their response John and his fellow staff make a suggestion that suits their needs. John would prefer that all cannabis shops focus on the quality of their product and reinforcing the “quality over quality” principles that GMC sticks to.

Needless to say, WoahStork’s visit to the GMC dispensary was nothing short of amazing. Patients browsing WoahStork for top-notch strains will certainly find GMC. After ordering online, patients’ short stops at the storefront for their pickup order will be nothing short of a truly LA experience.

You can order from GMC online through WoahStork now.

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GMC Dispensary
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