Litt California — Los Angeles Dispensary Spotlight

“When you get Litt, you know you’re getting the best California has to offer”

A quote to live by from Litt California dispensary owner, Len May. Len started Litt California in 2015 to provide Californians with local, 100% naturally cultivated medicine because we wanted to offer accessible, healthy cannabis solutions to patients who need it fast. Len believes in getting the most out of life, and he deeply cares about what people put into their bodies. Thus, Litt’s core purpose is to help others with the amazing medicine we all know and love: cannabis — the California dream.

Len was an activist for Safe Access for more than 20 years. As a result, he has seen hundreds of people get the relief they desperately require from medical marijuana. However, he was also appalled by the hypocritical legal obstacles currently in place prevent  people from obtaining the medical marijuana they truly need.

A second obstacle Len noticed was that there are no guidelines to quality and consistency of medicine in California. Often times, it’s unclear if there are pesticides in the medicine that effectively counteract the plant’s medicinal properties. Furthermore, extraction processes can often times leave significant amounts of chemicals in the final product.

Determined to keep cannabis unadulterated, Len took it upon himself to cultivate a 100% natural medicine. Leveraging their alliance with WoahStork, Litt takes it one step further by determining the effects of each strain and disseminating that information to their patients. After noticing that numerous patients were disabled by their pain that prevented them from traveling, Litt decided to establish a delivery service — bring patients their medicinal relief to their doorstep.

Litt California Dispensary
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What sets the Litt California Dispensary apart from the other organic caregivers in California? Their cultivation process and medicine is truly Grade A. They cultivate high-quality cannabis using sophisticated hydroponic techniques, giving them meticulous control throughout the entire grow process.

Litt uses 100% food grade nutrients and the result is a wonderful plant that bears an intoxicating fragrance that not only tastes good, but is easier on the respiratory system.

Their cultivation process is focused on two factors that distinguish the brand as a healthy choice:

  1. Reducing heavy metals and providing pesticide-free buds.
  2. A smoother, longer-lasting, and better tasting flower.

Litt also assures the efficacy of their efforts by making sure every batch is lab-tested for pesticides and cannabinoid/terpene content.

WoahStork asked Len what he would like changed about the industry, other than full federal legalization, and he expressed a requirement for generic testing and labeling.

Everyone needs to know what they are consuming

Len used an example that stemmed from past days, stating that there was a time when products in supermarkets didn’t have nutritional labels. Comparing that to today, consumers are discouraged from buying products that do not have a label on them. This is the same ideology that Litt values. Thus, they make sure that all their products are labeled correctly for the patient’s benefit.

When asked about what Litt’s best selling strain is, Len came back with multiple answers. He stated that it was a tough question because it depended on what the patient desired for effects and taste.

If  the patient was looking for pain relief, their organic strain of OG Kush, or Sour Kush (an indica dominant hybrid) is fantastic. For stress relief, help with depression, or chronic pain, Len recommends White Widow.

Litt also carries extremely unique strains such as Chocolate Thai, as well as the original Cannabis Cup winner, Northern Lights. Their 100% organic CO2 extracted Litt Oil is extremely popular, with patients loving the ease of using a vape.

itt California dispensary
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Len told us that his favorite part of the job is when a patient tells him how much his recommendation helped them to cure their ailments. Litt leverages partners such as WoahStork, to get more info about strains and what will be

Litt leverages partners such as WoahStork to get more info about strains and what will be most ideal for the patients. Len also reported that he regularly works with leading doctors in the industry, such as Allen Frankel.

Personally, he has a fondness for Northern Lights since he tried it in his hometown of Philadelphia — it completely blew him away. He also loves Kosher Kush for the balanced effect it offers.

Litt offers free delivery, 7 days a week to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Culver City, and the San Fernando Valley, Monday-Saturday 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm; Sunday 12:00 pm – 8:00pm. They offer a free gram of oil or preroll and 20% off your entire order for

Litt offers a free gram of oil or preroll and 20% off your entire order forfirst-timee patients! They are also known for their special of 2 top-shelf eighths plus a preroll for $60! Tag #WoahStork when you order from

They are also known for their special of 2 top-shelf eighths plus a preroll for $60! Tag #WoahStork when you order from

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