The Higher Path: Dispensary Spotlight Los Angeles


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“We are the dispensary you can bring your mom to” – The Higher Path

This quote from The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks, CA encapsulates everything that their location, decor, service, and product selection speak to. WoahStork held its weekly “Dispensary Day” at The Higher Path this past weekend. We were incredibly impressed by their focus on professionalism and high-quality selection. We couldn’t be happier to have them as part of the WoahStork family. Below, we’ll show you around, let you e-meet some of their staff, and make some product suggestions. However, there is nothing like the real thing! The Higher Path is currently accepting pick-up orders through the WoahStork platform. So, make an order online, earn some reward points, and check out their amazing store when you pick up your order. You’re sure to leave with a strong feeling of hope future of the professional cannabis industry.

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We got a chance to sit down with Ariana Bean, one of The Higher Path’s assistant general managers. Coming from Boston, she first got into the world of cannabis when it was first decriminalized and used it frequently for recreational purposes. Having a limited amount of knowledge about cannabis, such as the difference between Sativa or Indica, she wanted to learn more. Adriana dreamed of moving to California to learn all she could about cannabis and pursue her passion for music. Four years ago, she made the leap. In her pursuits, she came across a local dispensary, From the Heart, dropped off her resume, got a call back, and became a receptionist there. Unfortunately, two and a half years ago they closed down and were taken over by The Higher Path Pre-ICO. Ariana, along with her co-worker Amy transferred over to The Higher Path where they become assistant managers. Ariana and Amy both praised The Higher Path owners, Jared and Collin, for their ability to provide them with a rich educational background on all things cannabis, including why and how your brain reacts to different strains of cannabis.

higher path waiting room photo
The beautiful, clean, and safe waiting room inside The Higher Path

Ariana immediately noticed the difference between The Higher Path brought and other collectives in the area. The amount of care put into each patient, teaching them about which cannabis product is right for their needs, is unparalleled according to Ariana. After spending a day there, we couldn’t agree more! The Higher Path, according to Ariana, wanted to make their main focus on helping patients and supporting the community, not just “moving pounds of weed”.Seeing as they have a focus on healing, The Higher path focused on CBD when they opened. In what was a fortunate turn of karma, the CBD craze happened a year after. The Higher Path strives to push the knowledge of the chemistry of cannabis to patients.

When we asked Ariana what her vision for The Higher Path is if/when CA goes recreational, her eyes lit up. She said there’s so much she wants to do. She was particularly vocal about how recreational legislation would allow for The Higher Path to host their own music and arts festivals. Coming together with other dispensaries is another hope. The possibilities are endless, she said. As always, though, anything The Higher Path does goes right back into the business. She wants to help all patients distance themselves on the negativity that the “stoner culture” can carry with it, and make patients feel like they’re not doing anything wrong. While The Higher Path doesn’t have any plans to open additional locations, they do have extensive plans to expand upon their current location. Their path forward includes potentially adding a juice bar, providing an outlet for patients to acquire cannabinoids in their raw form, and hosting yoga and cooking classes! The Higher Path is also looking to have a doctor on-site in the future.

Their attention to detail and community outreach is impressive. The Higher Path displays patient artwork throughout the lobby, they order fresh flowers from local florists, and even host a monthly comedy night appropriately called “Lit Comedy”.

Ariana also spoke to her thoughts on what she was excited for regarding the future of the cannabis industry. Regulation was the first talking point. There is often time such a wide variation within any one strain that what is labeled as one strain at one dispensary can actually be quite different from another dispensary. Branding was the second focus. Now that people are taking pride in what they’re growing, they can proudly brand their strains to ensure quality and consistency across dispensaries. The same could apply for dispensaries. For instance, they could now have “The Higher Path OG Kush” instead of just regular OG kush. Doing so would allow collectives to distinguish themselves from each other not only on their image, but now from what products were exclusive to their dispensary. The last thing Ariana would like to see for the future of cannabis is a more informative dosing procedure. “Right now there’s so many specifics that we don’t have a reliable variable we can go off of,” she says when discussing the topic. With cannabis, there’s no true scientific dosing, yet. For example, patients don’t know to translate bong hits to joint hits. The oil-extraction method of cannabis is undergoing a dosage revolution and, perhaps, we could see a translation to flower form as well. A large amount of patients, who are very sick, are coming to The Higher Path to acquire cannabis for the treatment of their medical ailments. Dosage is a critical component of their treatment. Having a form of “medical clarification” for patients is intensely crucial for this industry.

mason jars full of weed
A closeup of some of the strains available at The Higher Path including one of the best-selling Indicas: Gucci

On a daily basis, The Higher Path sees about 100-200 patients a day, Saturdays being their busiest. On other days, there’s always an afternoon rush, an evening rush, and a “just-before-we-close” rush. The Higher Path has a stellar menu. Their best-selling indicas include Gucci and Cookie Monster. Gucci is a strain more on the lighter side; Gucci combines Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. Perhaps its ascent to becoming a customer favorite is partially due to its ability to act as an aphrodisiac. Their best-selling Sativas are unique! For instance, their SF Dragon’s Breath has attributes of an uplifting Sativa while skipping out on the side effect of anxiety. As far as hybrids go, top-sellers include the classics like Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. Cannabis in its raw flower form is still the most popular items on their menu. However, in line with trends in the industry, concentrates and CBD products are are gaining popularity amongst their patient base. Ariana says that some patients that come in don’t even smoke, but are just interested in purely CBD products.

Patients that come into The Higher Path for medical ailments usually report anxiety, insomnia, migraines, bad joints, bad backs, physical pain, cancer, MS, Crone’s Disease, and a long list of others. The Higher Path also services artists, such as dancers, writers, and actors, looking for Sativas to battle insomnia, help get their creative juices flowing and fend off ADD as they memorize lines. The Higher Path does their best to provide personalized strain recommendation by asking questions, understanding why the patient is feeling what they’re feeling, and getting a grasp on their expectations.

photo of the higher path bud counter
The counter at The Higher Path feels nurturing, clean, and organic.

Ariana says that her favorite part of the job is when patients come back to her, with a distinct glow on their face, saying that their life has been completely changed based on product they were recommended by The Higher Path staff. In particular, she recalls a heart touching story of a granddaughter who came in looking for something for her grandfather whose intense pain kept him from even walking. After using a topical Ariana recommended, the next time the patient stopped in it was when she and her grandfather were out and about, looking for new shoes. Ariana also takes pride in training new employees, watching them understand all the knowledge of cannabis that is being shared with them, and then going on to share that knowledge with patients. Ariana told us that her favorite strain is AC/DC. Smoking often gives Ariana anxiety, however AC/DC keeps her calm, cool and collected. She is also a fan of SF Goo.

Our visit to The Higher Path was inspiring. As a company focused on providing a professional and educated experience for cannabis users, it was refreshing to find a storefront whose value complimented our software. With white-glove service and a friendly team that genuinely cares for you during your entire stay, it’s hard to find a better LA Dispensary experience than what you can find at The Higher Path. Their stance on educating their patients on cannabis, as well as their commitment to the community in which they operate is something other dispensaries should definitely take a note from. We give The Higher Path our full-hearted recommendation. We agree…this is the dispensary you can bring your mom to.

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