Herbs To Compliment And Optimize Your Cannabis Use

herbs to add to cannabis

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way in the world of cannabis use. There’s still a long way to go, but at least our feet are on the path to widespread legality for medicinal and recreational marijuana use, just like how we’ve had access to other herbal blends for centuries. With further research and an increase in budding interest, we’ve come much further than secretly rolling joints in college dorm rooms and smoking like thieves in the shadows.

For millennia, human beings have been experimenting with herbs across the world. Our ancestral drive to seek out healing from the earth resulted in the genesis of some of the herbs, minerals, and vitamins we use as health supplements to this day. From general health to illness prevention and treatment, we have a large network of naturally growing allies that are holistically beneficial.

herbal herbs to add to cannabis

Somewhere along the way, cannabis was demonized and still has yet to fully escape the throes of that demonization, even with presence overwhelmingly positive evidence. But, you’re among the enlightening, those with a heightened sense of things; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Perhaps you know the positive effects of cannabis, or maybe you’re here because you’re curious. Either way, we’re going to explore some herbs that complement cannabis when used together.

Crafting Cannabinoid Herbal Concoctions

Once called alchemy, let’s take a peek at the practical application of an esoteric definition that embodies the seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Cannabis and other herbal blends work well together in many different ways, which will require some personal research and exploration, but we know a few that every educated cannabis user should have in their lifted lexicon.

  • Beverages:
      • Cannabis infused beverages are on the rise. Breweries are releasing cannabis-infused beers, there is a cocktail movement, and there are thousands of different beverages combinations. Tea, one of the most popular and easily built combinations, is a wonderful starter beverage. In case you didn’t know, sage is a wonderful herb that’s a natural antiseptic and loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It’s a bitter herb, so when combined with your preferred strain of cannabis tincture and a little honey, you have a tea that deliciously balances bitter and sweet; all the while adding a medicinal element that only cannabis can provide.

herbal herbs to compliment cannabis

  • Tinctures:
      • Tinctures are also incredibly popular. They’re made by soaking herbs in alcohol and insolating the concentrated result (tincture). This makes cannabis-infused tinctures a realm for trial and error and experimental creativity. All you need is cannabis, high-proof alcohol, and whatever other herbs you wish to blend into a tincture. For instance, lavender is a relaxing aromatic herb that relieves stress. Combined with valerian root, another herb in the anti-anxiety/sleepy realm, you’ve got yourself a tincture that’ll make a perfect addition to the aforementioned tea.

herbal herbs to compliment cannabis

  • Smoking:
    • The first combination that most don’t think to count is tobacco and cannabis together. If you want to take your herbal smoking combination in a different direction, try chamomile. A sprinkle atop your cannabis in your preferred smoking implement will suffice. Chamomile is an excellent anxiety reliever and, just like in chamomile tea, it promotes relaxation and acts as an effective sleep aid.

herbal herbs to compliment cannabis

    • Bonus tip: Many also add Calamus root to their joints. This ancient practice is used to help create a more calming effect.

Cannabis and Common Sense

We’ll never end an article about responsibly using cannabis without the commonsense warning not to haphazardly start smoking, brewing, eating, or cooking with any odd herbs sprouting from the ground. Bodies are inherently different and reactions are variable per person. Read, research, then relax. The herbal world is full of gifts, but it’s your responsibility to give that world the respect it deserves before accepting its gifts. Once you do, your exploration will be that much more mindful and meaningful.

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