Sensual Delights Abound at the Edibles List Awards in Los Angeles

ediblesImage provided by Edibles Magazine

Edibles Magazine celebrated the best edibles of 2015 with an award ceremony at Casa Vertigo in Los Angeles.  The exclusive industry-only event was attended by some of the biggest players in the U.S. edibles market including Dixie Edibles, Incredibles, and KushyPunch. Awards were issued based on region and category. Winners include Dank Tank who took home the prize for best Hybrid vape concentrate to Garden of Weeden Best Dried Fruit snacks.

Andrew Chavez Manages regional sales for KushyPunch chewy edibles. Pictured at the Edibles Magazine awards in Los Angeles.Andrew Chavez, Regional Sales Manager, KushyPunch

Cannabis legal advocate and Executive Director of Los Angeles NORML, Bruce Margolin delivered an inspiring keynote address to attendees. Of utmost importance, he discussed upcoming 2016 legislation that will directly impact cannabis business entrepreneurs.  Margolin urged the audience to contribute to the Jack Herer Foundation, who received a portion of proceeds from both the bar and silent auction.  Learn more about how you can get involved with current action alerts on the NORML website.

Bruce Margolin of LA NORML

Members of the cannabis industry roamed the event space sampling and savoring hundreds of mouth-watering marijuana infused products ranging from the highly-acclaimed Dank Tank vaporizer to the potent Pirate Candy Chocolate Pirate Puck, pictured below. The Pirate Puck measures two square inches and packs a whopping 120mg of THC.  Pirate Candy infuses their chocolates with a proprietary multi-strain Rick Simpson Oil formula. Keep an eye out for their new CBD Living water as well.

Pirate Puck candy featured their pucks and CBD Living water at the Edibles awards.

Edibles enthusiasts may be looking for new and novel ways to administer cannabis.  Ali Fakhri (below), brand ambassador for House of Jane and Seed Series co-founder, shared some unique products that are very enticing including cannabis infused coffee, teas, and medicated creamer.

Ali Fakhri of Jane's Brew

The delights experienced extended beyond the taste buds.  From the perspective of a product marketing expert, the branding exhibited at the event was outstanding.  One might expect impressive displays of creativity from cannabis companies, but we witnessed some serious eye candy – Sprig Soda, Zasp and Yummi Karma (pictured below) exemplify beautifully packaged innovative products with crisp, clean design.

Krystal Kitahara and Chelsea Kitahara from Yummi Karma Krystal Kitahara and Chelsea Kitahara from Yummi Karma

While the event overall was an amazing experience, highlights of the herbal treats include Goodies by MaGooch empanadas and Mitch Koulouris’ Something Edible Belgian chocolate truffles.

Jenny Rocky from Magooch, pictured with her husband and co-founderJenny Rocky from Magooch, pictured with her husband and co-founder

Members of WomenGrow including Lisa Sweeney, LA Chapter Chair, were a strong presence, supporting B. Le Grand, Edibles Magazine founder and the award winners.

White Buffalo attends Edibles Magazine Awards. Women Grow supporters Courtney Freeman, White Buffalo President, left, and Casey Day, CBD industry professional and educator of Venice Cookie Company right

We look forward to attending next year’s event and send a hearty congratulations to the 2015 winners.

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