Eradicating Gray Mold in Cannabis Organically

gray mold cannabis

More than 88 species of fungus are known to attack cannabis gardens, all of which can cause considerable damage to plants. No pot cultivator—commercial or homebrew—desires disease or infestation that will result in damage to flowers and reduced crop yields.

Gray Mold = Most Common Fungal Disease

Of these, gray mold (also known as botrytis or bud rot) is the most common type of fungal infection in cannabis plants. It thrives when humidity levels are high and temperatures are cool to moderate.

“Under these conditions, gray mold can reach epidemic proportions and completely destroy a cannabis crop within a week,” wrote J.M. McPartland in the book Hemp Diseases and Pests.

This disease targets the tops of flowers during the final weeks of the plant’s lifecycle and is more likely to attack larger, denser, and more complex flowers. Indica strains grown in gardens featuring high humidity and poor ventilation are a prime target for gray mold.

Pot gardeners can identify gray mold on their plants from the trademark wilting yellow fan leaves that result. Another telltale sign is when pistils shift from their regular red or orange to a dirty brown. Because more mature flowers are more susceptible to gray mold, the danger of the disease entering a garden increases as harvest approaches during the second half of the flowering stage.

Gray mold is the most common type of fungal infection in cannabis plants and thrives in humidity levels and cool temperatures.

The best solution to gray mold is preventing its appearance in the first place by ensuring proper humidity levels (40-45 percent, depending on the strain being grown) and sufficient air flow. But hundreds of thousands of gardens suffer gray mold and a wide range of related fungal infections every year. What options are available to them?

Enter PathogenZERO

Instead of relying on toxic products containing chemicals such as myclobutanil (marketed as Eagle 20), an increasing number of cannabis cultivators are choosing to go the organic route. One of the most impressive fully organic products available to help pot growers battle disease and infestation is PathogenZERO.

The result of more than three generations of Northern California cannabis cultivation experience, PathogenZERO offers gardeners an environmentally friendly solution to more than 150 types of disease and infestation—including common fungal infections like gray mold and powdery mildew.

This safe and fully biodegradable product requires no masks or protective gear; it is completely safe for cultivators, trimmers, and patients who smoke it. Because it is non-toxic, gardeners can use it with confidence, knowing they are optimizing potency and yield without harm to the environment or consumers.

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